From the Desk of John Rourke – October 26th, 2015

I call frequent visitors to ModernSurvivalOnline “Patriots” because likely you share many of the same beliefs and values. These include love of country, belief in the Constitution, and a defender of Freedom.

Something to consider when I refer to readers as Patriots.

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A fellow group member just picked up the CRKT Chogan T-Hawk and I had a chance to take a look at it. I really like it and am lacking in this department.

chogan (1)

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We all prepare for a variety of things that MAY happen at some point in the future. Think about this: There are things that are so much more likely to happen to you beyond the SHTF scenarios that you should prepare for NOW. A car accident is the most likely event to kill you today. Wear your seat belt. Pay attention. STAY OFF YOUR PHONE!!!

Wouldn’t that suck to plan for something that may happen in the future and then run into the back of a truck because you were texting?

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

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The last few books I have read have really gotten me thinking. Due to a variety of represented scenarios the need for me and my family to relocate to an alternate location is becoming more logical. My plan has always been to bug in for most any situation. I often envision myself within the events of the books I read and in doing so can “learn” and adaptive to my system.

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Have a good week everyone.

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  1. Clear, concise, and very good way to start the week IMO. I was looking at some full size axe’s, because I need one. I think I’m going to go with a wooden one. People report it absorbs the vibrations better and I need a file or something to keep it sharp. Also, from what I’ve read so far. All handles eventually break on wood or fiberglass. So make sure to get a few spare handles while their cheap and accessible.

    Good point about getting ready for a possible collapse and then getting taken out by not being ready for the here and now. Since you brought up the topic of car safety. SP1 covered that a little bit recently. I’ve researched this deeply myself. (Me, research? Naww..)

    I have something similar to this in my pocket at all times. It’s not for the great knife blade either. It’s for the window punch, the seat belt cutter, and it can all be managed in one hand.

    This is what my wife has in the glove box.

    This is both of our vehicles. 1080p and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Just configure time, date, stick it to the window, and plug it into the lighter port or whatever they call them now a days. It automatically runs when the car starts and it turns off when you turn the car off. It took some time getting used to it, because if I drove bad. It recorded that too. However..9 times out of 10. It re-records over so I’m not stressing what it catches. Besides I cannot begin to tell you how it’s helped me. I’ve used the video many of times to show the police after a road rage idiot. I left the scene on my own free will, the road rage idiot..did not.

    Here is the micro SD card to put in the camera. It has a limited lifetime guarantee. Basically, if the sd card dies they will replace it. You just slide it into the camera, it records over and over.

  2. You say you may need to Bug Out Ina SHTF situation. Do you live in a city? I moved to the “Stix” over 30 years ago and I have never regretted it. I bought a 100 year old farmhouse (big mistake, build or buy new) 4 miles away from a town of 1200 and the closest major city is 50 miles away. Yes, there’s a lot of driving involved, but it’s worth it to raise my kids in a small town with good values. The biggest worry I have is a hurricane or a Railroad chemical spill (4 miles away), but that’s it. I have good neighbors and a clear field of fire so I don’t worry about the “Golden Horde” coming my way.

    I wouldn’t live anywhere else.


  3. Always nice to have a back up redundant locations if one can. The Survival Triangle tenants would require having a force factor of three or simply put a primary, reserve and emergency location as applied to a retreat. Most can not afford this luxury, however one could mitigate this by creating an alliance with another group further out.

  4. If you are truly looking to relocate for all the right reasons make sure you look real hard at what you want. It would be truly awesome to have unlimited funds to run your castle in the styx and fly your helicopter to town for supplies. 10 to 1 you are closer to the rest of us. Up where Panhandle Rancher is has some great attributes if you want to live way out by yourself, but you should do yourself a favour and look at northern New Mexico. Specially east of Taos. email me if you want more info. The Eagle Nest/Cimarron/Raton area are prime for preppers and still worth the look. Good luck with the search.

  5. Capt. Michaels, get a book on how to sharpen an ax as most times it is done incorrectly, the front and rear tips of the blade are not sharpened like the middle of the blade and that helps keeping the blade from sticking.

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