From the Desk of John Rourke – October 23rd, 2015

If you are visiting this website you likely already know the truth about Hillary Clinton. Her testimony in hearings were very telling and she was totally busted flat out lying. There should be outrage across the country.

There isn’t.

Check out this sample. It is very telling.

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Chicago PD is one of my favorite tv shows. Great combination of storyline, suspense, and action. Third season has been especially good.

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Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

– Ronald Reagan

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Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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  1. We are outraged at Hillary and at the Democrats who refuse the see the truth.The Rep. did a superb job at the hearings today. Fox news was
    outraged .
    After watching it I stacked some firewood to release my emotions-productive rage !!!
    Rourke I will look forward to reading your next book. Going grey-you have a great idea for the book.
    How about intense earthquakes rocking the world and America ? I believe it will happen eventually. Be well everyone- Arlene

  2. I cannot believe that the Democrats are willing to hold up Hillary as ‘the best we have’ that is qualified for the job. The best ? The Very Best ? Some one in our office told me that he thought Bernie Sanders is just being offered as ‘the reasonable Democrat canidate’ and his reasoning makes sense to me.

    I hope Hillary doesn’t win. Most of the Clinton terms were just scandals, both personal and public. I know the press are just licking their chops for this – More News !

  3. My Lady and I have watched Chicago PD from episode 1, and rarely miss a show( it is set to be recorded automatically any time a new episode is on). I must watch to many cop shows as I figure out many things or see things that later turn out to be important( and point them out when I see them). Must give credit to the shows writers !! I believe that lessons can be learned from some of these shows if one is aware and not just watching just because its on.

  4. I was so disgusted with what little lies I did hear. I couldn’t listen anymore. My last thought was please tell me this is all just the set up or lead to when they bust for lying. In fact I saw a post come through facecrook one time from her campaign group talking about billary for women. Pfffffttt…the comments that followed Slammed! I really and truly don’t think there were maybe 2 positive comment on that post and the reply to those were massive slams again. The media is pushing more of this/her lies than anyone else. They have nobody worth any value and they know it.

    @Arlene… I could almost vaguely see you using an Axe to smash those wedges. 🙂

    Excellent quote Rourke.

    Have a good weekend everyone. Consciously tell yourself to relax as you do whatever your doing and enjoy the now…as you move forward.

  5. well I enjoyed the hearing did we learn anything new about the attack no what we learned is that the GOP will do anything to discredit Hillary Clinton even using the deaths of four americans where was all the concern when 911 the illegal invasion of Iraq the list just goes on and on I hope one day America will want to wake up and see what really happened maybe Donald Trump will be next on the GOP hit parade.

  6. Hillary is a reflection of our society, that’s all. Do we really expect to find honest, upright, industrious, self made men and women to lead us out of the abyss. Look at the tax offices, law enforcement, military leaders, school administrators, and then name the people you would trust to do anything other than serve as a door stop. Thot so! Almost all Americans are on the same level with Hillary, they just don’t have the power to use and abuse as she does. And also most Americans are so dumbed down, (stupid, call it what it is) to even figure out how to prep or prepare in any way for what is coming. Yes, I know, there are exceptions, but not many. thanks for your time.

  7. #1 Liberal Left Democrat candidate = Treasonous liar.
    #2 Liberal Left Democrat candidate = Self Proclaimed Socialist…not Democrat, but Socialist.

    I think that pretty much sums up how far our country has fallen. Arlene is right to start stacking wood if these are the cream of the crop of what our current administrations party has to offer us for leadership.

    Lets not forget to get out there and get people to open their eyes and VOTE! Join in on Rourke’s challenge to talk to as many people as you can about preparedness and remember that if the #1 Democratic candidate is elected we may be needing to use those preparedness supplies sooner than we would like to. I would rather rotate through them for the rest of my life, than have to depend on them in two years.

  8. Cole, perhaps you didn’t learn anything new but I did. 1st was that in all of 2011 H sent/received well over 700 emails on Libya but suddenly and with no legitimate explanation why there were only just over 60 for all of 2012. 2nd, in the 8 months leading up to the attack there had been no fewer than 600 requests for improved security from personnel stationed in Benghazi. All of which H claims she never saw or was informed of and that she left all the security decisions to as yet unnamed and anonymous “professionals”. Then there is this. At 11:12 pm of the night of the Benghazi attack (1 hour after informing america that an offensive video was the trigger) she sent an email to her family informing them that it was a terrorist attack, then she called the president of Libya to inform him that Ansar al-sharia had taken credit for the attack. The next day Hillary contacted the Egyptian prime minister and told him specifically that she and the Obama adm. knew the video did not cause the attack, it was a planned terrorist attack. Yet for 2 weeks after she repeated to us and the families of the fallen that it was a spontaneous attack caused by a video.

    Now you and many others can rationalize this any way you want, and I’m sure you will. It’s understood that some prefer the lie to the truth. People believe what they want to believe, even to the point of playing the fool.

    You needn’t worry though, few are paying attention to any of this, few care. She is likely to be our next President, we always get what we’ve earned.

    I understand explicitly where I fit in to all of this and to this country’s future. H made that clear in the 1st debate, people like me are the enemy, I’m the problem, I’m what’s wrong in this country. None of this will matter, no election will fix this. Our government is Inattentive to its duties, corrupt in its dealings, anonymous, can’t be fired and they get paid whether they do their jobs or not……… Congratulations…….

  9. Maybe it’s just me, but Hillary appeared very relaxed and REHEARSED for the hearings. She appeared to already know the outcome and the atmosphere she would encounter. Although there were new details such as the fact that over 600 emails had been sent requesting help, I was very disappointed.

    It is very unfortunate that this country will most likely end up with another D….ed democrat for president. Obama has gutted this country’s military and destroyed the economy. Of course, the democrats will all disagree with me and point to the current economic indicators…all of which are skewed to be favorable to the current administration. I fear that with Hillary or Bernie Sanders, our country will leave the current slippery slope it is on and take a rapid slide into a totalitarian state. Face it, Hillary feels she is entitled to the office of presidency and she will do anything and sacrifice anyone to get there. She is an evil vindictive soul less woman. She does not care for anyone else. Once there, if you think Obama with his approach of “my way or no way” has been a constitutional nightmare, just wait for Hillary.

  10. John Gault- I agree. I learned many new things re Benghazi.The fact that
    a Senator requested over 20 times for help and that poor Ambassador Stevens (her friend -if she treats her friends this way God help her enemies) He requested over I believe it was 600 times for assistance.
    We each must do all we can to get a Republican in the White House.
    Capt.Michaels= were you skypping me chopping that wood-smile !I hope it doesnt go on Facebook=grin. (I dont use Facebook myself)
    Since we have a log splitter we no longer have to chop the firewood but there was a time !!! I did have fun Sat taking the grand kids to a local Pumpkin Patch farm . (our pumpkins were all very small this year.
    Rain here which is needed.Prayers to all of you in the wake of Hurricane Patricia. Arlene

  11. I just finished reading “The Second Revolution” by Gary Hansen. I wouldn’t classify it as a “great” book, but is one that will hold your interest and it moves along quickly. The Second Revolution, for those of you who may not have read it, is set in the US. Under suspicious circumstances the president has died and the vice-president has been put in office. He has championed a new tax law that is revolutionary. It removes all business taxes but replaces them with sales taxes and a major increase of taxes on the rich. In addition, the rich and business owners are prohibited of passing on wealth and family businesses. Also, there is a major taxation on all guns.
    Congressmen and women who oppose the president seem to end up dead. The bill fails. The president reacts with an executive order shutting down all gun sales and a “temporary confiscation of all weapons” until the murderers are apprehended. This leads to violent confrontations and eventually to a mini-revolution. The interesting part of the book is the theme that seems to be wrapped around our current administration and also includes inference of what we can expect out of Hillary should she be elected. It is not a handbook on how to. But it will bring up visceral feelings especially if you are the type to get completely submerged in a book when you read it.

    It’s not a great book that will end up on the Best Sellers List, but is a good read and probable story that will get you thinking of what you need to do to protect yourself and your belongings.

  12. I fear if hillery or any of the democrats get in we will see in the streets of America what is going on in Syria, and any of the other countries like it. In the 1860’s we did not have a Civil War but I fear we will have one if any of the socialist that are running get elected.

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