From the Desk of John Rourke – October 23rd, 2014

Last year I went to the Uwharrie National Park on an off-road trip with some friends. I drive a stock Jeep Wrangler 2-door and was told we were going to stick to the easy trails. Well – once we started out it wasn’t bad but soon the one-way trail turned a lot rougher than I wanted to take my daily driver. You know what? NO PROBLEM! Took it slow and was just amazed at what I was able to go over and around with the decent clearance and short wheel base.

This is a video I took showing some vehicles taking on a part of the course I managed to go around:

I know I am not the only Jeep fan out there. Next year I am going to upgrade the tires and that would be pretty much it. I have no desire to jack it up sky-high. Minimal and inexpensive mod’s are all that are planned.

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New Guest Post Writing Contest starting soon. Announcements coming….

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Prior to going to Georgia my brother sent me an email going on and on about a couple of flashlights he had bought. Both he and I have a serious flashlight obsession. I had never heard of the brand “FEIT” before. When I checked them out in person on my last trip I was highly impressed and will order a couple soon. I loved both their large 500 lumen model as well as the smaller more compact light. What I really like is the way the light can go from super bright flood light to a narrow penetrating beam with ease. Review coming in the near future.


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  1. You were smart not to do anything outrageous with your daily driver, if you ‘break’ something, guess what…you’re out of a vehicle, same goes for vehicle mods, unless you go full bore with conversions (meaning gears, bearings, etc.)your $$$ worth of ‘looking cool’ mods and big tires will cause a lot more trouble down the road. I used to live very close to the Rubicon in the Sierra’s, so yes, I wanted my FJ40 to look like something out of 4-wheeler, but few working stiffs can afford that, so stay stock (or semi-stock) and learn the limits of and how to drive the vehicle you have. Also carry a good road-box (tools) and how to repair said vehicle.

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