From the Desk of John Rourke – October 22nd, 2015


For a limited time the Kindle edition of Air Rifles: A Buyers and Shooters Guide is free on Amazon. Just picked up myself.

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It appears that ebola might be making a return. Hopefully the CDC and agencies involved will be able to contain it.

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kindle-fire (1)Speaking of the Kindle – I am getting ready to order a new Kindle Fire 7″ model. I have the original Kindle Fire and it still works good but the technological advancements in the current models – well, I want one. At only $49 and free shipping it is a great deal.

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Here is a Challenge: This challenge will in just the smallest way help this country and your fellow-man. Over the next two months get someone on board that isn’t right now. Talk to them about current events. Converse about the coming “harsh” winter. Talk to them about saving money by shopping sales, buying in bulk, and storing enough to last well past the next time it goes on sale.

Give it a shot. Make a difference.

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  1. re Ebola According to the books I have read on this subject.Ebola
    can often hide within certain hosts and not make itself known for years
    and then suddenly re-appear in old or new hosts.Imagine this inf. is being kept as quiet as possible. Arlene

  2. The Ebola issue is worse than reappearing it is apparently “re-occuring”. Looks like these are some previously “cured” patients. There appears to be a reinfection stage? Once you get it apparently you always have it. The gift that keeps on giving, ugh.

    A point on the challenge…you have to discern between those that are “open to possibilities” and those that have “sold their souls to the system”. I used to think that anyone could be shown the way to better themselves but after years of spreading the knowledge I have realized that there are many that have so fallen for the love of the government propaganda that trying to help them is like talking to a brick wall. Sad but true.

    • Good point Hoss. In my own world I see it the same way you do. There are those I wouldn’t waste my breath with. I think there are those out there that would be receptive and worthy. If everyone can convert or enlighten just one person towards preparedness it would make a huge difference.

  3. Of course ebola is returning, they want Hillary to run. I bet you it will be around long enough to grab some headlines and distract people like us, so Hillary can coast into the top job. Then it will go away. Like last time.

  4. I’d have to say manipulation of the highest order to distract the masses by catastrophe is more than just likely .. I go so far as to suspect engineered shootings to foster the acceptance for a gun grab.. Like dogs herding sheep.. yup..

    On the challenge .. been thinking about this .. I’d love to have some offline conversations .. It’s easier than writing a book.. here..

    For what we do … we are not likely to convert someone who is not our typical meme.. for lack of a better word.. So who would you look at ? “conservative politics, 30-60ish, older or no kids, rurally leaning, independent, sympathetic to defense, etc etc etc” predominantly .. I don’t want to make anyone mad .. so I’ll leave some of it off .. because there are always exceptions to every rule. Anyway their politics are already mostly there or you are wasting your time.. “If you try to pet a dog and he growls, ears and tail down. Find another dog.” It’s easier than trying to convince that specific dog and less damaging to you and your time.
    another one liner .. “You can use a stick to beat someone into doing something.. maybe several someones. but they’ll leave when you turn your back or betray you” It makes more sense to put a flag on the stick and lead hundreds .. If you turn around and no one is following .. then change your message. That being said we “discover” each other in places like this from people who are already looking for something. Find someone you like being around and thinks a lot like you and make a friend.. invite them along on hikes, or setting up solar panels drink a beer or cook some stuff around the fire, go to the range, hunt, fish, garden, can, bees whatever .. be a friend and they will want to be around you and spend time. Just live your life and meet new people .. not all that easy if you are not social or or are naturally quiet.. There is only ever two things to talk about .. stuff you know and stuff you don’t know but want to.. remember the dog thing .. If they don’t WANT to talk .. talk to someone else.. I am working with two guys now .. new to the ideas… and put em together one day to see.. and they got along like they were already friends.. Is it working .. yes .. the one said, you know I think you got the right idea.. the other is younger but coming along slower .. still impressed with money and jobs. I had a third .. and he was “perfect” except he was only good with it if I did most of it for him .. so I said “NEXT!”.. still friends, no burned bridges, but not investing more time until he comes to me. Most of you guys and gals here know more than I do about a lot of this I bet .. prepping I mean .. and I appreciate the insights.. I will say that, if we want to do and be more for our country its going to take some co-ordination of effort and there is where a lot of the info goes offline I think .. some of it already is maybe ? done rambling. feel free to holler if you want to . goingray58 at google mail..

  5. Ah the Challenge….sorry, normalcy bias is in full swing. Even with the flooding in SC, the comments I hear are more to the tune of…not here. It was localized. With the less than active year for hurricanes on the east coast, nothing there to prod people to prepare. There is a forecast for a wetter and colder winter, but most people think that means cold dreary drizzle.
    I remember the winter of 1973 when the SC midlands go wacked with 24 inches of snow. Yep, that’s right, 24 inches. I saw the empty grocery shelves and the mob almost beat the K-Mart manager to death for running the Coleman gas from $1.41 to $10.00 a can. And then the impact of hurricane Hugo. I sat thru the 125mph sustained winds on the outskirts of Orangeburg, SC. Fortunately, although we went 2 weeks without power, I was prepared, unlike the snow of ’73. I had the Coleman fuel, I had a generator to run my water pump. We had a semi-block party for the three neighbors and ourselves to cook the perishables first. It helped to be able to have friends over during that time. I also spent a very long weekend in an extended stay hotel in New Brunswick, NJ thru a blizzard that dumped 36-40 inches of snow over night. Luckily, I saw the weather reports and got ready for it. I had groceries in my room, unlike the others who were trapped.
    The bottom line of this is that most people will do nothing until the event has either hit or is on the immediate horizon and it is too late. I’ve tried to talk to people and they would rather take the little money it takes to prepare and instead spend it on a movie or a trip to Disneyworld. They simply cannot justify expending a little energy in a …god forbid…a garden. They might get sweaty or sunburned and not to mention the aching muscles. There are so many things someone can do to get their family a little safety margin. But they just don’t believe it. This is why, after I talk to someone once, and a soft reminder once, I stop. I add them to the list that won’t be welcome if the SHTF. It’s hard, the wife does not understand, but that’s just the way it is.

    • you’re not wrong though Oren.. You better bring something with you supplies and a skill we don’t have enough of .. yup.
      It is hard .. it’s supposed to be .. but necessary .. you know my way or the highway at that point

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