From the Desk of John Rourke – October 21st, 2015


This is going to be short. Extremely busy day today though I have had a lot on my mind and trying to sort everything out.

I see all the comments posted on many things here and it is very comforting to have so many like-minded folks come together in one place and frequently. What has been on my mind? I’m nervous. I have been in deep thought about all the things that are going on in this country and in this world. You know what I’m talking about. I have been envisioning a coming collapse/societal turmoil and the repercussions involved. It has motivated me and also has me considering a variety of plans that I really did not appreciate previously.

Time. How much time do we have? Is it all just going to be ok? Will 50 trillion in debt 20 years from now be just fine? Will the constant struggles between countries in this world all end in peace? Will the declining morals within the populace suddenly change and families start staying together and celebrating life? Will Patriotism ever return to where the average citizen gets a lump in their throat when they see a flag being handed to a wife of a dead soldier and the son of the hero?

Unfortunately my hopes are not very high right now.ย Don’t let my post get you down.


Not all is lost and not all bad. I have brothers and sisters out there that visit this site, comment, send emails, and even meet me for lunch here and there.

So – everyone just remember……

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  1. Rourke this is from awesome me to awesome you and awesome readers-smile ! This gave me a loud chuckle- a good balance to the deeply truthful and
    realistic issues you shared.
    I havent been able to watch much news lately. Too intense and sad that our
    President is truly “passive aggressive” to our American values and to Israel.We all must keep on praying and prepping and glean some joy from the blessings of every day.Ex: The beauty of a sunset,enough to eat,desserts,falling leaves, a babbling brook,our faith,pets,
    the hot shower , the look of love from those who are closest to us.
    THANKS ROURKE for all you do and I agree with you these are very treacherous times;likely the end times.
    As the Mt. men used to say “keep your powder dry” Arlene

    PS Theres a scale to measure pain 1 being the least 10 the worst.
    Where do you think we are in times of major disruption?

  2. Everyone in this group is awesome, IMHO…But Rourke, I also feel pressure…I went from a high paying job to unemployment for a couple years (living off our preps) to a minimum wage job…and it scares me that I find myself in a position where I’m living paycheck to paycheck with little chance to rebuild the preps we had(but working on it)…I feel like I’m a slave to the just in time system, and it really bothers me…I try to keep a positive attitude, but some days are harder than others…I’m sure others feel the same way, and all have different comfort levels…But whether I’m as well prepared as others, I still don’t stick my head in the sand…I remind myself that while I may not have ‘stuff’, I do have skills and knowledge that puts me light years ahead of the masses…and those are the things that can’t be taken away from me…

  3. I agree with Grammyprepper, prep but don’t worry too much about things that are beyond your control. The big hurdle is already crossed – you are aware there is a problem. Most Americans are still too busy with Facebook taking duck lipped pictures of themselves to notice. :^)

  4. I think that most of us are feeling it. My solution – prepare, do what I can, and then Keep Looking UP, cause that’s where the real help is! Thanks for being here for us.

  5. Rourke, keep doing what you’re doing here, please. I know I’m not a regular poster, but I check this site daily because the info here seems to be honest, to the point, without trying to be overly “the sky is falling”. I think we all know it is, and all we can do is keep on keeping on. Faith, family, finances, preps is my motto for the future. Thanks again.

  6. Your blog really does help~ adds in a good solid perspective.
    I have also been doing a lot of thinking . . and seriously wondering about time frames . . I really need to wait until spring thaw to make a major change and am really wonder if I may simply need to do radical things to make the change right NOW . .
    and then there is that person I need to somehow include, but who may not quite fit on a few levels . . .
    The tension is up in the U.S. for those who haven’t turned a blind eye and curled up in a hole in the ground!! But when will the next big disaster hit/ when is it scheduled?? Only GOV knows . . .

  7. Agreed. I’ve been Slammed! at work recently like never before. Meh, it’s no fun, but meh. Just keep on pressing as I’m sure you will. Funny you should say a lot of things on your mind. I’ve had so much on my mind lately it’s been directly affecting me at work in ways that are really trivial 101 basics stuff. Stuff that when I miss something, you look back and are like, huh? What in the world?

    For those that have no choice, but to bug in. Keep reviewing your plans. Especially, with these awesome scenarios Rourke has been putting on here. Those have been incredibly helpful and revealing to our group. For those struggling with budget and restocking of supplies. Look at it like this. Yes, it’s uncomfortable and causes concern. However, this is a great opportunity for you to be creative and inventive to building your prep back up or up at all. Just imagine what you will feel when/if it hits the fan. Throwing money at something is not the answer anyway even if your well off. Either way when/if it all crashes, money won’t matter anyway. The survival skills will be invaluable. That means…what you do now…even if it is a little stressful, embarrassing, or humbling. Is nothing compared to what you will need when it hits the fan. There are good websites for reasonable or really cheap prices. However, for example one person in our group. “Trash” day is not trash day. It’s salvage day. If he has time, he’s always scanning, and it’s not going to cause an issue as he’s passing people stuff he looks for something he could use or a part of something he can use. This is how our group got a Fresnel lens out of an old tv and out an old monitor…for free! I have no problems myself causally pulling up to a person garbage, pulling a few items without making a mess, putting it in the back of my vehicle, and driving away. If someone walks out to make contact with me, has happened before. I say, hey do you mind if I grab this. They have always said help yourself. Followed by me saying thank you.

    Be inspired and challenged. Not some fluffy “the glass is half full bologna”.. no offense intended to anyone. But take as it is..a challenge to yourself to be resourceful. It is…far more easier now to get the skills you need now and the resources, before it hits the fan.

    Rourke, if I may recommend, make a move on a piece property somewhere.The peace that having a place to get going to be so great. You don’t have to get several acres you know? You could always look for 1 or 2 acres which will be really cheap, move your supplies onsite, secure the site, and when you bug out. You can always “expand out” after it hits the fan. By then the enforcement of your additional expansion is virtually impossible if not impossible. There’s plenty of land here in Texas ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I doubt it will ever be the same IMO ..
    Yup .. good people and tolerant with similar views and good minds/thinking. You have a site that does not slam anyone for a thought (unusual), and while aware of the bad things takes an positive view. That’s your doing John.. and well done. I have my up and down days too.. I’ll stay steady, work toward my goals, refine as I learn, and if I need it I’ll have what I have and do my best. Here is what I think will happen if bad things do occur.. History if full of people who were unlikely hero’s interested in the right thing more than themselves. No the most skilled, but the most wiling with the skills needed then at that moment. People like Lincoln, Churchill the list goes on. As well as all the unarmed heroes at a local level that none will ever her about. The ones that pop up in battle. Maybe you, maybe m. I don’t know who they are and no one does, and won’t until they are needed because the conditions and who they are make them that man/Woman at that time. It’s a bright flame we came my friend.. don’t worry. Work and share the light.. don’t hide it.. I am not at peace, or satisfied, but I am willing and able and working to do the right things.. that is all that matters.. IMO. I appreciate the folks here and support when I occasionally turn into a whiny B.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You.

  9. Some time ago I discovered that I had developed a medical condition of some seriousness. Treatments began and I was instructed to eliminate stress. I stopped my news gathering, I quit my agonizing over this country’s decline and stopped all debating. Instead I concentrated only on my immediate surroundings and on the things I enjoy. One of those things is prepping and I didn’t stop that. I worried less about what I couldn’t control and was happier dealing with what I could.

    Over time my condition improved and I decided to see how the world was doing since last I had looked. Unsurprisingly it was all still spiraling downward, if even faster.

    I keep hoping that the country will have an epiphany when it will realize it’s heading third-worldish and will save itself. Or maybe some great communicator will emerge and lead us to a better future. Hope is good but reality is what we must deal with.

    I’m giving America till the next national election to get its act together then I’m out, I’m done. I’m shutting all of it out of my life. I’m going Galt regardless of what happens. I’m going to live my life concerned only with my immediate surroundings, with my own little world. I’m going to live like a wolf. A wolf doesn’t concern himself with the protests of sheep.

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