From the Desk of John Rourke – October 20th, 2015

Now Hillary Clinton stating that she would consider mandatory gun confiscation.

Something to consider if you decide NOT to vote for the “other guy”.

California has an “Instant Background Check” law for ammunition purchases being pushed. This new law would also require gun owners to turn in all “high capacity” magazines(11 rounds and larger) that are owned.


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I grew up a huge fan of Star Wars. I collected the figures and some of the vehicles. What adventures I had as I envisioned myself a Jedi fighting against the Dark Side. I even had a cheesy hollow plastic light saber that glowed in the dark. Darth Vader didn’t stand a chance.

Anyways, I am really looking forward to the upcoming start of the new trilogy. Bet it will be great.

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I completed the “Days of Noah” trilogy book series by Mark Goodwin. Fantastic reads. I really didn’t want it to end.


I just ordered American Exit Strategy by the same author. Looking forward to it.

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With winter coming now is a good time to pull those generators out and fire ’em up.

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Local gun shop has no shortage of .22 ammo. Prices are excellent as well.



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  1. NYS and Conn. just made their assault officially illegal – but they tried to
    put a 7 round limit on magazines(for all guns) and that was “not constitutional ” said the Judges. Its now or never to vote to keep
    gun rights on the federal level.This upcoming election is critical.Arlene

  2. I wish the world could understand that there is no such thing as an illegal gun. The Constitution says, “Shall not be infringed.” It does not mention magazine capacity, length of barrel, caliber of shell, rate of fire, or the mental condition of the gun owner. It also does not mention background investigations or registration. What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ is so difficult to understand?

  3. In regards to exit America, I’ve also considered this as a option, one of my prepper group members brought this to my attention several years ago… He has set up a community in beiliez, that’s accross the channel for me, I live in southwest Florida, the escape route works for me well, it was very cheep to get set up, all cabins are built by amish settlers who have congested the area, gun laws are favorable , mostly the same as here, no power or running water, and you can’t look like you ha e money, but other than that you can thrive! Here’s my problem with that, when I think of what my family, my forefathers and my friends have given up to defend this land, MY LAND, my country, what does this say about me, my options are many here, and I could live VERY CHEEP ON MOST IF NOT ALL LOCATIONS NEAR ME, but would my father abandon our sacred country so easily, would my brother, I think not, no there’s much more to be lost by my leaving, than my staying, I am sheepdog, and this is my home!

    • While I have thought seriously about life in central/south America, I can not, due to my pension. It is a consideration for anyone thinking of leaving the country. I worked as a defense contractor assigned to the Department of the Navy and my pension is restricted to the USA. While I can spend the money out of the US, it can not be deposited or transferred to an outside bank. If you get a pension for certain government jobs it has restrictions. Also, I just could not stand the thought of giving up on America, and walking away. Sort of like Doomsday, I live in rural Florida and can live pretty good right here. As far as Hilary and confiscation goes. I will not give up my guns to anyone. If I have to hide them until the laws get changed again, I will. I have also picked up a couple of cheap throw away pistols for everyday carry if things get to that point.

  4. Regarding our 2nd Amendment Rights: It is no wonder that we are seeing attacks on our “RIGHTS”. There has been a movement away from God and now an outright attack on Christians in our country. With our founding documents being founded on the principles that our Creator has given us inalienable Rights, and so many turning away from our Creator it leads us to one inevitable conclusion. That being that if you don’t believe in God then you don’t believe that such a being could grant any rights. Also if you believe that the rights are Human rights, and not God given rights, then Humans can take those rights away as well. After all humans are fallen and imperfect beings.
    All of that being said, there are times when drastic measures must be taken for the greater good. When treating Cancer we will cut, radiate, and chemically bombard the body to get rid of the cancerous cells, and often we see people cured of their cancer. The patients have to have hope, and a willingness to kick the living crap out of cancer to do this. They must be committed to going through the pain and discomfort, being diligent for years, to see victory in this fight. On the other hand, for those with Diabetes, it is a fight to prevent any more damage. There is little hope for regaining of sensation where nerve damage has occurred. It is very unlikely that Diabetic Retinopathy can be reversed, and kidney’s removed due to renal failure will not regrow. However if you can bring glucose levels under control then you can at least preserve what you currently have, and hopefully prevent further affliction.
    So where are we then? Those reading this article are like minded in that we all see the problems going on in this country. Many of us are the 3%, but are there any more like us? Will the citizens of These United States of America have what it takes to be ‘CURED’ of the afflictions our Nation now faces? Are we to late to return to our once great ways, and can only hope to preserve the limited freedoms we still have? Or is hope lost, and we have no hope other than to see our country fall and our just sit idly by while our family, friends, and patriots suffer at the hands of those who made empty promises with no intentions of fulfilling them?
    “Faith without works is dead” and if we keep allowing our “God given Rights” to be taken away by fallen and imperfect men, then we deserve what we get. In the case of our 2nd Amendment rights it is not whether I “need a firearm”, or whether it is for hunting. It isn’t “Why should you be able to have a machine gun”, or even “Why do you need a 100 round assault clip magazine” (sarcasm intended). It is my right to keep and bear arms, and it “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

    Regarding the Days of Noah Trilogy: I am reading book two now, and it is a great read.

  5. This is OUR COUNTRY to abandon it when times get rough would be nothing short of TREASON! My father and all my Uncles and most of the older generation shed their blood to have what we have, most of them are gone now. What kind of people would we be if we just gave up and left. Most of my relatives came from France and England before 1900, immigrated to Canada and came to the US. This is a Constitutional Republic and I will die to defending it. Have to leave something better for my children and grandchildren!

  6. “The jury box”. Remember your Right to Jury Nullification. Refuse to convict Liberty minded individuals if this comes to fruitation.ANY law that violates the US Constitution is subject to a not guilty vote.

    I’m not leaving, I swore an Oath.

  7. I just hope all 2nd Amendment supporters who are Democrats read and understand where Hillary is publicly stating she will go. Anyone who supports the Constitution and votes Democrat must be seriously conflicted and in need of med’s. Democrat and Constitution no longer belong in the same sentence.

    As far as leaving for foreign shores….nope. Been there, don’t want to go again. I’ll stay here and fight it out if need be. I have come to the conclusion that ANY law or imperial decree from the White House or any government agency that is not in strict compliance with the Constitution (yes I have a copy), I will simply ignore. More of us ought to take the same stance.

  8. I can never abandon MY country, nor my personal beliefs. Hillary and her disciples be damned. BernieSanders and HIS disciples be damned. Let them them be fodder for the Marxist-Progressive Plantation-Slave System.

  9. I personally believe if they pass a law trying to banish our 2cnd amendment, we will all go through a 2cnd civil war… It will take a couple months, but when they start coming for our guns, it will be the worst thing any of us has ever feared

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