From the Desk of John Rourke – October 20th, 2014

Saw several types of .22LR at Wal-Mart on Saturday – CCI Mini-Mag 40-grain Standard Velocity boxes of 100 for $7.97 which is a good price but I didn’t want standard velocity. They also had 50 round boxes of Remington Yellow Jackets for $4.99 – too rich for my blood and I have not had a lot of luck in semi-auto’s with Yellow Jackets.

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This past weekend my trip to Georgia was great and time spent in the country was long overdue. Weather was perfect and time with the family was awesome.  Not much like a bonfire at night and hearing coyotes off in the distance. Will post some more pictures soon.


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I just discovered Ghost Pepper salsa. Worried about getting stuck out in the cold unprepared? Just carry a jar of this stuff. “HOT!!”

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Saw this and thought it was hilarious.


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  1. I’ve always had good luck with “Yellow Jackets” I have an older Winchester 190 that always would get dirty with STD.22, trigger group looked like it was dragged thru black sand from unburned powder. yellow jackets burned clean, cycled well and shot true. it was just finiky I guess. My 10/22 TD digests anything well. Can’t find the YJ’s in LosAngeles anymore, need to find some. One these days I’ll find some. Geo.

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