From the Desk of John Rourke – October 1st, 2015


Russia is now conducting military operations in Syria and reportedly is bombing locations where ISIS is not located. I don’t know whether to trust the MSM for the truth about the locales of the bombing raids but I am concerned. Tensions seem to be set to escalate quickly between Russia and the US. Russia has warned the US to not fly in Syrian airspace. Russia supports the Assad government while the US supports the rebels fighting against Assad.

Not a very good equation for success.

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I just finished watching a special – “It Is About Islam” on BlazeTV talking about Islam and its involvement in terrorism and ISIS. While our President has famously said “ISIL is not Islamic.” the documentary did an excellent job covering the history of the radical Islamic movement and their 20 year plan to take over the world. Based on the documentary it appears that the plan’s pieces have fallen into place.

I have received praises for not being a fear monger or preaching doom and gloom – but I speak my mind and try to use common sense, logic, and facts. Look at what is happening all over the world. Radical Islam is a threat to the world. Look at the pure evil that permeates it’s very existence. Maybe its effect on our way of life will be minimal for years to come but it will come to our cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

20 years from now what will our history look like?

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Just saw that Book 3 in the Days of Noah series has been released.  I am waiting for the Audible edition to come out. Can’t wait!

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Wanted to pass this on since I have had such good luck with it.

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  1. Yes, there is an insidious reason bummer only will use the words ISIL. He is a very evil man and I don’t mean just because he’s trying to destroy America. I mean, literally as he’s connected to terrorism. He meets with the muslim brotherhood and supports them. Don’t need any more physical evidence than that. Disgusting and treason.

    I’m concerned about the current situation with Russia to. Only, because bummer and evil terrorist that would throw American lives at Russia in Syria purely to boost his narcissist ego. Syria, backing the rebels? That’s where ISIS started and we have zero business in that country. Not only did we not have any business in the country in the first place, but since that idiot in office started supporting the rebels which turned into ISIS. He screwed that up like everything else he screws up. It’s really saddening and makes one Furious at the same time. We are coming to a tipping point.

    So we’re done and shouldn’t be in there anyway. It’s to late now, it’s time for us to leave our interests over there. That evil man and those bastards in congress approved the Iran deal sealing a lot of countries fates or I should say headed for conflict. Only a few conservatives went against the grain and still voted against the deal. We know who they are and one of them is running for President.

    Amazon Prime..woot woot! Love it. Especially, around the holidays which include Christmas. You still get free 2 to 3 day delivery. The shipping costs alone have more than paid for the cost of the membership and privileges I get. So for me, I only drink Dos Equis, stay thirsty my friends…cough, cough. I mean, stay focused keep pressing on,and enjoy the day. Each day brings a new begining 🙂

  2. Don’t be fooled one way or the other. Syria is a focal point because it is the next step in the U.S. plan to destabilize the Middle East. Iraq (utter fiasco), Afghanistan (continuing fiasco), Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood fiasco), Libya (Gaddafi fiasco)…now Syria. We have been involved with every one of those conflicts and its been overlooked for years. Now, Putin has decided to step in and protect one of his interests…his equivalent to the U.S. and Israel relationship. The U.S. has backed the “Free Syrian Army” which has the sole purpose of bringing down the Assad regime but they are nothing more than an extension of the IS group, Al-qaeda what ever you want to call them. The U.S. CIA created the basis of what is Al-quaeda back when the Russian were invading Afghanistan. The CIA trained and equipped the “Mujahideen” to fight Russia. These rebels evolved into Al-qaeda which has grown into the Islamic State. Russia (and China) are now stepping in to protect their interests by striking the IS fighters, sorry Al-qaeda, sorry, I mean…Freedom Fighters. Call it what it is, the U.S. has made a mess of the Middle East and we are about to reap what we have sown. The very reason the immigrants are flooding Europe is because of out inept foreign policies. Our government has been compromised and is misguided by those that, in my opinion, would like to subvert our Constitution with Sharia Law. It has already been happening in Europe and it is creeping into the U.S. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I do know that we continually ignore the past and that will be our downfall. I see a continual attack on Christians in foreign lands (beheadings, mass killings) and here in the U.S. Christianity is under attack…slowly but surely. The U.S. and the World has given into lusts for power and excessive greed, turning our back on God. Keep prepping and praying.

    • Hoss – “very reason the immigrants are flooding Europe is because of out inept foreign policies.” – I agree. Although I do not believe we need to be the worlds police we should play an active and important role.

  3. I don’t know Rourke, a bit more doom and gloom might broaden your readership and add all new topics of content: “How to prepare for a sharknado”, “What’s the best binoculars with which to watch for Chinese paratroopers”, Surviving an alien invasion”.

    I think I’ve posted this link before but if anyone really wants to know what we are dealing with in ISIS then this will give you that knowledge. It’s fascinating stuff. Read it and you’ll know more about ISIS than 99.9% of the population, including most of our leaders. It doesn’t cover everything, for example there’s nothing on why these terrorist are so sexually attracted to goats. That’s probably on a need to know bases, and we really don’t need to know that…..

    • Thanks for the advice Mr. Gault. I have been worried about the pending Sharknado since I saw that fantastically done documentary – Sharknado 1. Definitely a topic for discussion.

      Appreciate the link. Going to check it out again.

  4. Rourke- exc. post and the picture helped to balance the seriousness of the moment. Smile !!!
    Everyone your posts are exc.
    PLEASE say a prayer for our adult daughter who has a visible lump in her neck.She saw the surgeon today and will have tests soon.Her Dr. believes the “mass” is larger inside . The power of prayer is amazing.
    Thank you. Worried Mama Arlene

  5. Arlene, my wife and I will say a special prayer for your daughter. John I believe dumbama wants what is happening to happen.

  6. The misunderstanding and distrust between Russia and the US could have been avoided if, sometime in the last 7 years, someone had just thought to give a high ranking member of the Russian politburo a reset button that they could press anytime they had a thought on world domination or maybe even had we thought about bringing an aging folk singer to serenade the Russian people, all of this could have been prevented. There are ways to lead from behind, you just have to put them into action….

    Prayers coming your way Arlene

  7. Since our Defense Department and POTUS have now the spine of a marshmallow, I say let the Russians use up their stockpile of bombs on people we really don’t know and really don’t care about. Like the Ukraine, Crimea, etc. Obummer will just wet his pants, shake his finger, Kerry will get on his knees, and Vlad the Impaler will do what he wants. When there is a void in leadership, it will be filled, inaction creates reaction, and Putin is not a thug, he’s an operator, intelligent, and determined. The fact that he slammed us with a “Ferguson” comment, he knows our futility.
    Right now, as thousands of American teenagers are tweeting about Kanye West and the fat ass, Russian teenagers are stripping and re-assembling AK-47s in seconds (boys and girls). Nothing Russia does is without purpose, and their resolve is Absolute, like Vodka. (see The Siege of Stalingrad).

  8. MDG, you think maybe there is something of a conspiracy in our anti gun, anti religion stances, and dumbing down our kids today ?

    • Yes! Whether intentional or just a commodity of libtards in our schools; there is a definite twinkie filled diet of apathy and socialism. I’m retired law (feds) and combat vet, afghan contractor, and while in grad school at Rutgers Camden I was treated (me and a resevere Army Capt.) like our conservatism was a cancer and nothing relevant for the discussions. However a young man named Billy Z. with a Palestinian shamag on who preached revolution was always applauded. I was finally asked to leave when I threatened one of the staff after he made the remark about Americans that died in Iraq were stupid.
      This is not the America I defended. When we have gays putting a gun to our heads to make a cake; and Clockmed is a hero? Drug dealers and thugs are the new Saints and Angels. POTUS says we have to catch up to the 21st century, but quotes facts about the [email protected]@@ George Washington said verbatim that political parties would be the end of us, he feared. When teacher think alternate lifestyles and stomping on the American Flag take precedence over math, science and engineering, we will become the Third World Country Obama wants us to be. When I was at Camp Leatherneck I saw bright, brave young men and woman serving with honor and distinction, and I was very humbled by their skills and technology. Yet five of those young people killed themselves during my time over there. 22 more each day. I came home from the 5 minute Gulf War and we were treated well and society didn’t miss a beat. Imagine being 20 and having no legs and then seeing what people are doing to Our Foundation, Our Flag, and everything we fought for and hold dear, shit on, by people, the media, Hillary, the VA, etc. and no one cares. We will all just fade away. I did 28 years in varying capacities and I’ve never seen a more polarized, addicted, cry baby culture anywhere and at anytime, with my 7 years of America History knowledge and experience…all the while everyone in the world is coming after us with a vengeance. War is Coming…Make No Mistake. all we are really concerned with pop media, celebrity crap, and just how horrible it is to be American and in America. The killings will continue in churches and schools, and cities will burn because WE are afraid to ask the really hard and uncomfortable questions as to what the hell just happened and why? Instead we blame Rebel flags, and, of course the Bush Administration. We have the spine of a marshmallow… and Putin knows it.

  9. This morning I read where the NATO is stating that there needs be preparations for a war with Russia. The British military is alarmed and wants funding to make their tanks ready…this is due to the fact that they have allowed their armor to degrade to the point that they scavenge from one tank to keep another running. According to the article NATO needs something like 30 days to mobilize 30,000 troops with support. Russia needs 24 hours to mobilize 100,000. Meanwhile, our illustrious leaders, not just the useless waste of space in the White House, but our entire Congress, are all sitting on their thumbs. They are too busy worrying about defunding Planned Parenthood (what a misnomer that is), or the stupid Democrats are feuding with the spineless Republicans. Our government is at a stand still and in my opinion is useless. During the last presidential election…I hate to even give it dignity by calling it presidential…Mitt Romney stated that Russia was our number one menace. Everyone in the media and the Democratic party took him to task. Take a look at what is going on. He was and is right. If you aren’t prepping yet, you might want to get started pretty quick. Syria could easily become the trigger. Let the aircraft from the US and Russia get into a scrape. It won’t take anything to escalate. Putin knows exactly what kind of spineless president we have.

    But on a happier note John, I’ll change the recipe for the chili. Can’t afford to kill the grass on the drain field with all the rain we’re having.

  10. The not your fault but some one else mentality has become the norm and I fear our return trip from the present twilight zone is going to be a very bumpy trip.

  11. MDG:
    Your post is stellar. “Clockmed”! is entirely appropriate in this case for this little Islamoweasel.
    I also find NO humor in seeing that the initials of the “Free Syrian Army” and the Free Sh** Army (FSA) are exactly the same. I find no difference (except for geographical) between the two. I also see the handwriting on the wall, in what is coming our way. We are going to see the “Storms of Life” like we have never experienced before in this country. Our current Obamafurher, is an evil man, I also believe, based solely upon his lack of performance in defending the Constitution and this Republic with any degree of enthusiasm.
    I find that those salivating Slaves-to-the-ProgressivePlantation, to be members of both the “Entitlement Brigades” and the FSA. They have sold their birth rights for the mess(literal) of pottage they are being fed by their Massas from the NewSlavePlantation. While I can’t ensure that my friends won’t enslave themselves, I can continue to Fight the Good Fight to ensure my children and grand children will CHOOSE to willingly NOT agree to be Slaves.
    No sociopath ever can nor will “accept responsibility”(blame)for their own actions. The same is evident in the behavior, actions and speech of our current President. Let the facts speak for themselves. He is what he is.

  12. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but you all seem to think that there is going to be an election next year. WRONG! The POS POTUS will find a way to put a stop to it. Martial law or whatever. He has already thumbed his nose at the Constitution and broken so many laws that it is difficult to keep up. Even if there was an election it would be rampant with voter fraud, just like when he won reelection. Busing in people to different precincts and using interpreters to show them how to vote. Wake up already.

    • Mark Owen – The readers of MSO are a pretty smart bunch and for the most part of very much “awake” if they have the interest in current events. When the election occurs in November of 2016 I will mention in my post the following day that all those who believed Obama would declare martial law were wrong. I do not believe in that conspiracy nor the amount of voter fraud you speak of. Is there voter fraud? Absolutely however it does not number in the millions of votes rather in the thousands and that is not enough to sway an election. Take a few deep breaths. Now – if your right……..

      • Well it’s not fraud, entirely, but uneducated numb skulls that vote religiously and drink the Koolaid. After I retired from the government in 2008, I was standing in line at the voting booth in Massillon (assillon) Ohio (Nov 2008). I listened to four old white ladies talking about how excitement Barrack Hussein Obama was, and, that I quote, ” Oh, I would be so afraid to vote for John McCain..why?…We would go straight to WAR !!” Having lost people close to us and my nephew in SF who was with his friend when KIA, I couldn’t take it anymore. I said WTF Lady!!?? We are in two wars and thousands have died and are wounded and many from this State. Do you remember 911? Yeah, it was sort of a big fooking deal. I don’t give a shit about the Bush haters and why we went into Iraq, there was enough evidence of WMDs, and violations of UN war sanctions to put a target on his head. I personally or by base, Shak Isa was hit or fired upon by 96 Scud Missiles (thank God for the Patriots), but we all did get horrible ill. Look at the size of a Scud (Russian B) and a Patriot, and you’ll see the God is Irish. Anyways, this old moron didn’t have an answer, the liberal koolaid had permeated her brain and all she could see was a black demigod, in her eyes, the new JFK. While in Afghanistan in 2012, for the first time since 1982, I didn’t vote, because I was so disgusted. People don’t want a leader with morals and conservation Constitution fiber..the want the Kardashians, and that He She person. Make no mistake 56 million of us voted for McCain (now a Rhino), but 5 years as a POW, he deserved a shot. How can a nation destroyed my Islamic terrorists in 2001, go to war to fight evil for 7 years, and then hand the nuclear button to a community organizer name Hussein? WTF is wrong with Us? I’ll tell you, the balls and fierce America pride that the Greatest Generation God Smacked the world with is gone. WE are not only stomping on the flag, crappin on it, we have dirtied the souls of the millions (including Confederates) of men and woman who have died to keep men free. War is coming, but there with be a lot of blood on the floor here first.

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