From the Desk of John Rourke – October 19th, 2015

There are multiple reports from different weather tracking agencies that this winter will be cold and wet. Given some of the record rains we have had probably not too difficult t make that prediction. This past weekend had snow falling in different parts of the country already.

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As drone technology becomes more popular it appears they are now going to have to be registered with the Federal government. I certainly have mixed feeling about this. The government is too involved in our daily lives so not sure that this should be added to the list.

A new device has been designed to deal with unwanted drones – the DroneDefender. Rather than shooting buckshot it fires high intensity radio waves to jam the drones communication. Pretty interesting.

drone-killer (1)

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Mylar packed more rice and pasta this past weekend. Feels good to take steps towards the safety and welfare of your families security, doesn’t it?



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  1. Wow this drone stuff is getting more sci-fi like by the day.
    Great deal with E.Ess.If we didnt need a new snow plow ..I would go for it -but the plow is a priority for us.
    I am wondering if the Gov. is doing some of these shootings in order to
    push the anti gun agenda-seems like there are just too many recently.
    Does anyone have any inf. about that idea? Thanks. Arlene

    • Arlene – I know many believe that these shootings are false flags and government organized. I do not subscribe to that thinking. We are approx 330 million people in this country and there are going to be nutty, crazy people that do nutty, crazy things – unfortunately.

  2. Reference the weather question: If this winter is really, really out there in the Syfy Zone then January could be the time the grid goes down or is taken down via false flag. That way the government employees would get their wish of a fast die off without them having to do a lot of paperwork or make the effort to rescue people. I mean really, imagine a major Noreaster and associated sever cold front everywhere east of the Mississippi and North of, let’s say, Atlanta and a major blizzard in the Northwest that is headed for the midwest and gaining momentum. In one night most everyone in these areas would freeze to death. That’s a shivering no kidder folks. Is that going to happen? Tell you more about in the Springtime. thanks for your time

    • tax….not sure where you live, but I worked inside the beltway of Atlanta for about 3 years for a major engineering and consulting firm. It takes very little to snarl Atlanta. There are videos and photos of the parking lot on the interstates a couple of years ago for a “minor” snow storm of 3 to 6 inches. Prior to that, I was working on the north side of town in Norcross. Our office runner came in literally in a run. Announced that there was 6″ of snow on the way right behind him. Since we were already leaving work, I decided to do a quick bug out. By the time I left the office, it was snowing. The office was fronting interstate 85. I got on the interstate, turned on the radio and listened to the traffic report telling of the shut down of 85…it was marching right behind me.
      Atlanta is not a prepper community. Most people live day to day…not destitute…office workers used to eating out and stopping by the grocery store for the evening meal if they decide to eat in. Atlanta could experience severe shut downs, hunger and deaths if a major storm such as experienced anywhere in the northern tier of the US. It seems to me, they have had their warning with the Weather Service forecasting the winter weather. Let’s see if they take heed.

  3. I took notice of the Weather forecast for this winter. I guess the purchase of a wood stack from someone who was moving was the right deal. Paid $400 for enough seasoned, split wood to fill my wood shed that is 10ft x 20ft x 8ft high. Filled it to the roof. Had to rest for a week afterward. I now have a stray cat living on top so I guess I now have a “mouser”.
    Checked out the generators and filled the gas cans. Dosed them each with Stabil gas treatment. Closed in a section of the chicken house to allow the new hens a place to get out of the weather. I’ll put in oil filled radiant heaters later as the temps drop. Even the 6 ft black snake that hibernates about in the overhead of the chicken house enjoys the heat during the winter. He’s the other mouser.

  4. HERF guns have been around for a while – small portable emp weapons. Have often wondered what kind of critter you could gin up with a marine radar unit, instead of the microwave oven guts that most diyers use.

  5. Oren, since I’m overtly “anti-snake” I have not given consideration to allowing the native slithering things to be “mousers” or “ratters”. Thank you for pointing out a deficit in my thought processes. We went to the local shelter and picked up two of the “meanest-non-adoptable-TomCats” and brought them home and turned them loose on the rats in the ivy. Sheer killing machines, and we are THRILLED with their predation, as they are with being here. Haven’t noticed ANY sociopathic”non-adoptable” behavior from them at all either.
    Made a deal with a good friend who has a side business of trimming trees for green split wood that needs seasoning. We get it free(stacked too!) delivered! I’ll take a bunch more.
    Pounding rain right now, reminds me of the El Nino SoCal events we had back in 1989-92. IN the state we now live in, it’s causing some here to re-think their preps(LACK of preps actually) and get better situated. Glad we are having the rain, our water table needs it.
    Separated 2500 more brass cases for reloading, cleaning same as I write this.

  6. Oren, what a great deal on firewood.Hers seasoned wood is going for $200-
    $225. per cord w/o delivery. We cut and split our own which takes massive amounts of time and muscles power but we dont have to go to a gym-smile !! (sometimes a massage therapist or the chiropractor)
    I read that years ago people kept black snacks in their cold cellars to keep rats away. I dont care for snakes although I once held a friends pet boa to overcome my fear . I have heard that some snakes will eat eggs.
    Taxn2P- The great ice storm that hit NYS and Canada took out miles of trees and power lines and the huge metal supports that carried the lines.
    Telephone poles popped like sticks. We went to help and the ice on the roads was 10 inches thick in places. Those with extra food and woodstoves were numerous and assisted those w/o.Many rural people were as prepared as possible. However it took MONTHS for power to be restored. If people have never experienced blizzards or ice then there may be many deaths.Pipes freeze -theres no running water or bathroom use etc.
    Probably many elderly people would die from the heat in southern areas if the power went off in the summer time.
    Those who live in the south should stock up on a few cans of de-icer in case you have a bad winter. ( and some warm clothing)
    From all of natures signs this will be a very hard winter in the northeast. Arlene

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