From the Desk of John Rourke – October 17th, 2014

My desire to have a place out in the country – a weekend getaway – is pretty much driving me crazy. I have been planning on sitting down with my wife to discuss finances and goals – but so far this week it hasn’t happened. I want to have some time with just the two of us without the kids fighting and causing distractions.


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Saw some information where an underground shelter was built using a concrete septic tank. Looked like a fairly  inexpensive method. Will see if I can find more information and publish it here.

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You may have noticed I have decreased the number of advertisers. I decided to not renew a few for various reasons and this trend may continue. I want high value advertisers that treat my readers right. If you have a problem with one of my sponsors I want to know about it.

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I can’t just write about how much of an idiot our Vice President is – I have to show you. Biden says 161,000 people died in Joplin from tornado’s:




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18 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – October 17th, 2014”

  1. John, just to let you know that I look fwd to seeing/reading your posts daily. I really think the posts “From your Desk” was an excellent idea. Thanks for all your hard work helping keep us informed. Like many out there, I may not always reply but I am most always reading and always enjoying. Keep it up!

  2. Rourke,
    Ditto! Your efforts are very appreciated. I’ve still got 10 acres in western NV just waiting for you. I just travelled to Ohio this week and really paid attention. This wonderful country that I have sworn two oaths to protect is rapidly descending on so many fronts.

  3. Rourke- hope you and your wife get the time and the consensus so you can have a
    piece of country property.
    We have extra acreage here- but who wants to move to NYS. Its a beautiful state but maybe this election our Gov. will be defeated.Arlene

  4. Rourke,

    My wife wanted some time for just her and I to start working on a business plan for our retreat property/future farm. So, we sent the kids to grandma’s for the night and sat down with the laptop and worked on it. We got quite a bit done actually and that was a big relief to her. She sees our farm as a future family business. I still see it as a family retreat for when SHTF. Slowly we’re coming to agreement somewhere in the middle – a place where we can ride out an emergency if need be, but also have all the infrastructure needed to have a milk cow; raise some chickens, cows, hogs, & bees; have a garden and an orchard, etc.

    Stick with it. You’ll get there.


  5. John, I too seem to have the itch for a few acres to get away to if things get ugly. I have a son in college in TN and have the opportunity to check out some land atop the Cumberland Plateau. The place is beautiful and not hard to find remote isolated tracts that would be suitable for defense and laying low. I have seen some advertisements for 5-10 acre tracts for less than $3000.00 an acre. Haven’t had time to put my eyes on it though. Just a thought. One can get to the area from the Upstate in less than 4 hours

    • Thanks Jim – I am hoping to find some land a bit cheaper. I have in Chester County and surrounding areas but it is not that plentiful.

  6. John – with you here! I too am looking for a little ploy of land to get away to, develop some gardening space, water, etc. place to get out of the city. Thanks as always and Keep Looking UP

  7. “Biden says 161,000 people died in Joplin from tornado’s:”

    A city with a population of just under 50,000 had 161,000 people killed…I just up off the floor from laughing!
    I can’t decide if Biden is really that stupid, drunk or if he is serious. What a moron!

    I really can’t see this guy getting a job in the private sector, not even as a Walmart greeter.


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