From the Desk of John Rourke – October 15th, 2015

I did not watch the debate Tuesday night however I read about it and talked to people who watched it. It really is a sad day when an admitted Socialist is having so much success and actually could become President. I wrote a post the day after the Presidential election in 2008 that I did not think another Republican would be elected President – ever. I stand by that.

I hope I am wrong.

Before I get inundated that Democrat vs. Republican – they are one in the same – I understand the perspective but respectfully disagree. I would agree our political system is broken and full of corruption. I still believe that there is a chance that we could get the right candidate elected to make a difference. The American citizenship would have to get behind this candidate and put pressure on the Senate and House. Likely? No.

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Picked up some oxygen absorbers yesterday. Have to pick up some buckets and plan to Mylar pack a bunch of food this weekend.

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I have wrote numerous times about the tension between Russia and the US. Fly-bys, territorial disputes, Ukraine, sanctions, “word wars” between Putin and Obama, tightening bonds between China and Russia, and now of course Russia attacking US-supported troops in Syria.

It appears Putin is drawing a “red line in the sand” and daring Obama to cross it.

No better motivation is needed for me to step up my preps. One of the reasons for my recent surge in Mylar packing food.

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Prepper Press just came out with a new book – Oathkeeper. As of this writing it is available for the Kindle for free.

What is it about? Here you go…….

“Until recent times, Calumet County had never been known as a place of killing and violence…”

A peaceful valley in the mountains of Colorado becomes a battleground pitting the federal government against a rural sheriff’s department. Beleaguered Sheriff Bear Ellison finds himself outnumbered, over-matched, and increasingly isolated as he is forced to decide between risking his life protecting a local hero, or reneging on his oath and handing him over to federal prosecutors.

I just downloaded my copy. Check it out!

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Arlene sent me info that there is some significant solar storm activity going on for the next few days. FYI.

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Been some discussion with Irish-7 about the PMR-30. Here is mine. Review being written now.

IMG_20150919_204647 (1)

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8 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – October 15th, 2015”

  1. I don’t see why Republicans can’t get elected. Trump is the GOP front runner, and he’s almost indistinguishable in his policies from Sanders.

    Now getting a non-socialist from either party to win, like Rand Paul for example, that’s a different story.

  2. The Democratic debate was ridiculous with Hillary refusing to answer a lot of the questions or skirting them to the point of absurdity…

    Oh… And apparently only black lives matter to the dems. At least Carson and Trump agree that all lives matter.

    The debate was very insighteful to me in regards to how the other side thinks of the world. These liberal kids (I’m 27, almost 28) have a lot to learn about being an adult. Most will be conservative by the age of 40 is wager.

  3. I watched the dem debate, it was hard to sit through. By the end it was clear that one of our political parties is now all in on socialism and apparently a large segment of our population cheers it on. I don’t begrudge the people their right to choose this country’s course, it’s just that they choose so poorly. The next census should tell us a lot. Electoral college votes are awarded by population, illegals are counted along with everyone else. It’s said that 5 of California’s 55 electoral votes are do to the population of illegals. States that openly accept illegals have a growing influence. We are now at the point where our own influence in our politics is being drowned out by the flood of illegals. I sympathize with those who come here to better their lives but still…. It’s becoming more obvious that the time of a meaningful course correction has already passed us by.

  4. I heard a few excerpts through Mark Levin. Again…not so much the idiots from CNN, the Clow News Network. It’s the amount of stupid people still following them, Zombies.

  5. I chose NOT to watch the so-called debate, (CNN endorsement of Clinton) because my BP is high enough. Second, I have had to deal with Communists in my prior military service, to know enough to NOT associate with nor elect them to office here in this Republic. Communism has never “worked” historically in ANY venue it has been established and will never work on the face of this Earth. People will always BE people, even if they are devout, slobbering Party members.
    Really looking forward to the review on the Kel-Tec PMR-30, as I’ve got a large supply of .22 Magnum already on hand from previous storage expeditions and needs, and need a solid .22 magnum handgun to contemplate my rifle in same caliber.
    Just trying to continue our prepping normally and keeping our spirits up for our family and loved ones, as we know things are going to turn ugly sooner than we all think.I am thinking that we will be experiencing famine here in this country physically as well as spiritually, and I hope and pray that “feeling” is as wrong as can be.

  6. The debate was a nonevent for me. My wife won’t let me watch anything she considers “trashy”. She knows I would start screaming expletives at the tv.

    However, considering the issue you brought up John, about Russia, when linked to the fact that we also have rogue states who line up with Russia such as Iran and to some extent North Korea, all bent on our destruction, yes, I’ve started pushing on my prep’s also.

    I just started on a new book. “A Borrowed World”, available on Kindle, is about a man who was brought up in the coal fields of West Virginia. Prepping wasn’t something that was done for emergencies such as we think today. It was a way of life. You canned, learned to use your hands, knew various mountain skills all to be able to survive. He grew up and moved away, married and is in the process of raising a family. But these skills stayed with him. The events pop while he is on a trip to a conference 200 miles away from home. Now this is where it gets interesting. The events were the attack by ISIS sleeper cells in this country against the already eroding infrastructure. This traps him away from home and he and his coworkers must decide whether to walk home or take the “offer” of a safe haven from FEMA. What would you do?

  7. Oren, I would rather die walking to my home than be a hostage of a FEMA
    Capt.Michaels -Mark Levin on Fox news is succinct and correct.One of these days I will read one of his books.
    The news showed the masses in distress when the airports computers werent
    working.Wait until the Drs and hospitals records will not work sometime-what a fiasco .Make sure you keep track of your own health
    records .
    Good point Rourke about buying ammo and guns and magazines NOW while they are cheaper and available.
    While gas is cheap its a good time to stock up on extra as well as heating fuel . Arlene


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