From the Desk of John Rourke – October 15th, 2014

Every so often a publishing company will send me a book to review. One example is Scott Hunt’s Practical Prepper’s Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness. If unfamiliar – author Scott Hunt is Engineer775  on YouTube. I have been reading through it – impressive. Water, food, shelter, power, medical, security, community – it’s all covered with down to earth information and suggestions. I have visited Scott’s property – this guy knows his stuff.

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Jake – my 5+ month old husky has a check up today. Let’s hope he gets a clean bill of health and no signs of worms.

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Amazing how watching the movie “Contagion” today versus when it came out a few years ago is so different. With the current Ebola outbreak the movie takes on a level of seriousness that just wasn’t there before.

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I have totally lost track of my inventory of supplies. I have previously used an Excel spreadsheet but have not updated in quite a while. Looks like a full weekend project for sure.


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  1. Another ebola case at the Texas hospital. The nurses Union is saying nurses werent given the proper equipment .Now maybe 70 people were exposed from Mr Duncan.Folks if ever you see a person with red eyes and a nose dripping blood-run in the other direction.These are symptoms of Ebola.
    Rourke-thanks and I hope you find your inventory. Arlene

    • Thanks Arlene – I continue to hope that this issue gets resolved and remains with minimal people infected….but seems like some of the decisions being made are not helping.

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