From the Desk of John Rourke – October 14th, 2014

Just started reading one of my favorite books – Day After Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne – for the 2nd time. This is a zombie apocalypse story written in a unique format – a handwritten journal detailing the events as they happen. If your a fan of The Walking Dead – you would like this book.

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Time to start stocking up on some of the small 1-lb cylinders of propane for my small propane heaters. I often use them in the winter when I am working in the garage. Also need an adapter so I can use my larger 20-lb. canisters with it. Good article HERE on propane and refilling the small cylinders.

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Noticed recently several people saying they were not voting for a candidate because they “just don’t like them.” Poor reason not to vote for someone. Don’t vote for them because of their beliefs, their record, their platform – or because someone else is better. Simplemindedness is partly how we have gotten where we are today. We needed educated voters not robots that punch a ballot.

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Absolutely love the weather right now in South Carolina. Ranges from a cool mid-60’s on some days to the low 80’s on others – but always cool at night. I have started back running and have done so several times at night around 10pm. I am hoping for a harsh winter though at least as far as snow goes. I miss the New England winters from when I was younger growing up and love it when it snows.







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  1. How is the ham radio education coming along? I attended my second class last night. I found this better for me then reading out of a book. As it turns out on the first day of class the instructor gave us a handout and said study this and you will pass. Last night I found out that hand out is the test. So I don’t think I will have a problem passing. I would suggest contacting any local ham radio clubs and see if they offer any classes. My class is free, just have to pay the $15 for the exam.

    • Psylow – Not much as far as the HAM education going. I am still learning more about my radio’s but my local HAM club is setting up a class I am planning on taking. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Rourke, sometimes a half bad apple that you voted for is better than a complete bad apple that got in because you didn’t vote.

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