From the Desk of John Rourke – October 13th, 2015

The wifey picked up 31 large mason jars yesterday for $20. Great deal. Now we just need to fill ’em.

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Holy crap this is funny. Vanity Fair features an “interview” with Hillary Clinton where she admits to not being human and was created in a garage. A robot. It is suggested there may be a second email server – in her spleen!! Wow! I knew it all along.

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Did anyone watch the 60 Minute interview with Obama recently? Yeah, me neither – just bits and pieces. Watch this excerpt as Steve Kroft asks the President about Putin challenging Obama in Syria. I can not believe Obama’s reaction and answer.

I kept expecting Obama to wave his hand in front of Kroft to say “I am the greatest and no one challenges me” with some kind of Jedi-mind trick.



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9 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – October 13th, 2015”

  1. Rourke- Its great news that you may be offering other payment avenues other than Pay pal for the Patriots.
    Your wife did get a good buy on those canning jars !! Arlene

  2. Yes, I read part of the transcript and the comments about Third presidency. Pretty uncomfortable to say the lest. If he wants “it” to happen the emperor will get his new clothes if he tries that. Or of course if they SCOTUS tries to make good on banning rifles, aka made up word “assault rifles”.

    Paul Ryan wants to be speaker of the house if…..he has no opposition or people standing up to him. Paraphrased, but his words. Also, apparently bummer would like to see Ryan speak. *BeeP* NO!! No, no, no NO!

    Bummer is a delusional, psycho path, narcissist, and racist radical muslim. Just like his followers. Blind, dumb, and evil.
    This summarizes it up perfectly:

  3. In his own words, “if you think that running your economy into the ground…is leadership…” He’s right, it isn’t leadership, you just were hoisted by your petard, Obama.

  4. The interview with Obama is just more evidence that the man is delusional. He lives in a world of lies and he believes his lies. Someone this psychotic cannot be reasoned with. His perception of reality is the only reality he will accept. This is why he has always had the approach of “my way or the highway” and he attempts…no he actually does…go around our gutless Congress constantly.
    Folks, don’t even think we still have a republic or that our Constitution is still in effect. This administration, as well as a number of the previous ones, have taken our republic and destroyed it while we sat back and watched in ignorance and/or apathy. This president in particular has literally spit (didn’t want to get too gross) on our constitution. Yet we have allowed him in office twice. And now, there are candidates, especially on the Democratic ticket, that will finish the job of the destruction of this country. I will not be surprised if Obama engineers a crisis of some sort that is so heinous that he will attempt to declare martial law and suspend the elections to allow him to “finish his fundamental change” of the US.
    Nuff said. I’ll get off of my soap box.


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