From the Desk of John Rourke – October 13th, 2014

Negativity runs through our society like a fire through a match factory. Listen to conversations all around you – someone is always criticizing something or somebody. They will talk on a subject as if they are an expert and could do better though they likely have no training or expertise. People talk about other people and what they do, how they look, and every aspect of their life.

The reality is this negativity is often done due to an inner struggle with how much value one believes they bring to the table. By putting down others they feel they lift themselves up. The truth of the matter is the more they are negative the deeper in the rabbit hole they descend.

I am as guilty as anyone – but I  am self-aware and work to be more positive every day.

Sorry for the psychology class.

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FYI – my old “yippy” dog is almost back to normal health after being attacked by my large husky.

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I can’t figure out how the guy in charge of the CDC can justify that stopping inbound flights from Ebola infected countries will make the situation WORSE. Just doesn’t make sense.

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When I was a kid I loved comic books. This was back in the 70’s and early 80’s. The movies made nowadays are just incredible with their special effects. Spiderman, Avengers and Batman are a few of my favorites. Recently a  new TV show came on called Gotham. Really enjoying it so far. It is a police drama taking place in Gotham City back when Bruce Wayne is just a child.


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  1. Rourke, didn’t the pass something around 2011 saying if this country had an epidemic they could quarantine to stay in their homes till the emergency was over? I also believe there was something about confiscation of firearms in this plan.

  2. For many, being overly critical of others has become an obligation or duty, and a crutch that supports their own crippled ego. It’s almost as if acknowledging other’s sins absolves them of their own….. it doesn’t…

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