From the Desk of John Rourke – October 12th, 2015

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was very relaxing. Spent some time cleaning up in the house. Mylar-packed pasta and rice. Need to order up more bags and oxygen absorbers. Overall just had a stress free weekend.

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There may be only a few posts next week. I am involved in some projects that are going to occupy a ton of time. Will do what I can.

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If you are a fan of the Tremors series of movies – Tremors 5: Bloodlines was recently released and I watched it this past weekend. Burt Gummer continues going after subterranean monsters with a flare for adventure and humor. Honestly – this was the best one yet.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Have a great week everyone!!!


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  1. Rourke-Happy you had a good weekend !
    Your prep list was exc. Question: Can someone tell me the best type of inverter for just a computer or cell phone .There are so many to choose from I am confused.
    You asked about putting back supplies. I just socked in enough birdseed for the winter on a great sale at Tractor Supply. Ordered large cases of cat and dog food from so I dont have to lug them through the ice and snow this winter. Local grocery store -we got in extra TP,bread to freeze,
    and lots of canned soups-all on sale.The old credit card is getting wear and tear-smile -but its a good feeling to be ready for winter.
    I have been drying apples and tomatoes from the garden and stacking lots of firewood. Arlene

  2. Does anyone know anything about the “Citizens United ” ? I have seen controversy about it on e mails but I dont know what it is .Thanks.

  3. Arleen, if you want ideologically biased and scewed opinions about CU then you should follow the links provided by gg58. Nothing personal gg but “motherJones”? If on the other hand you just want to know what it was all about and why SCOTUS ruled as they did then

    I will keep my own opinion to myself other than to state the obvious. Money, influence peddling and out right bribery has been cheating us out of our influence on our politicians long before CU. If nothing else CU merely balanced the scales, but unfortunately neither end of the scales is weighted by us.

    • John
      None taken . It was a start and I do not disagree with your opinion, but trying not to provide mine on this one. I am as you put it ideologically opposed to the CU .. their basic purpose in general… as you imply is to fix something that is broken. The links were a place to start.. there are many many views .. skewed or accurate depends on what you read .. I doubt seriously the actual purpose is in the public view… I mean is it really a good idea to ask for another enormous organization hidden in mist.. to combat something else that that is large and hidden in mist. IMO that is not a correction but at best a band-aid at worst a deliberate obfuscation. Me whining doesn’t fix it .. also as you imply we are not in control of either … is there such a thing a a conservative libertarian anarchist ? I just can’t come up with the right list of ists and isms to say what I am or am not .. done rambling .. as as I said .. no offense taken.. I am just PO’d in general at the whole mess.

  4. On a different note, Rourke, I purchased a PMR-30 in June. I had a desire for this firearm for over a year, enticed by a few videos and the boasting of some Facebook friends. I really, really did NOT want to add another ammo caliber to stock, as with my system each container holds rounds for each weapon we own. But, the gun is a hard find around here, and the price was 80 bucks lower that I had seen advertised, so I jumped on it. I also bought 300 rounds of .22 WMR. At the time, I did not realize that Magnum was far more scarce than Long Rifle. I ordered 4 additional magazines from MidwayUSA. Although they are 30 round mags, I could NOT fit more than 25 bullets in any of them! My first trip to the range was a huge disappointment! I fired 4 shots and the weapon jammed. No biggie! I shot another 16 rounds and the front sight flew off! We were fortunate to find it in the gravel in front of my firing position. I wrote to Kel-Tec on their Facebook page. They did not give me a lot of satisfaction, so I logged on their website and told Customer Service of my ordeal. They offered to put a different type of front site on the weapon, if I disassembled the pistol and mailed them the slide. In the mean time, I purchased an Allen wrench SET, largely because no vendor sold JUST the .050 wrench to tighten the sight in place. I hate to send it out for repair, as it may take weeks to get it back. Then again, I am not positive that the sight is exactly in the center. I would hope that they measure it during initial assembly. I never did get a holster for it. Perhaps I’ll explore the website you provided. How available and expensive is .22 WMR down there? It is costly ($19.99 for 50) up here for CCI. Cheaper Than Dirt was selling ARMSCOR and Colorado Buck for about the same. I did luck out when Target Ammo had a brief sale of Hornady .45 grain Critical Defense. It was only available one day, but they did allow us to order 5 boxes at a time.

    • Irish-7,

      A couple things about the PMR:

      1. The magazine MUST be loaded correctly or it will not function reliably. This took a little practice but now not a whole lot of problems.

      2. It loves the Critical Defense ammo. CCI Maxi-Mags has been good but not perfect. It also loves Federal ammo – I believe a lightweight bullet – Gold box. Can’t remember. I have shot a few hundred Critical Defense without a single jam. Same goes for the Federal. The CCI Maxi-Mags have not been perfect but I also was learning with that ammo early on.

      The problem with the sight should never have happened – I agree. Kel-Tec hopefully will take care of you.

      Also – I usually load 20 rounds in my mags. I have fit 28 but never 30. The wall of the 22 Mag case is thin and trying to stuff more than 20 rounds can start denting the cases.

      I just ordered a holster off ebay. WIll let you know if it is good.

      Thanks Irish!

  5. Thanks for the gun tips, Rourke! Initially, I had trouble getting more than 15 rounds in the PMR-30 magazines. I glanced back over the manual and reloaded using Kel-Tec’s method of tapping the mag every 5 rounds to seat the bullets. Even then, the most I squeezed in was 25 rounds. Overall, I bought CCI, Colorado Buck, ARMSCOR and Hornady Critical Defense ammo. I only fired one magazine of CCI before the site flew off, so the other brands remain untested. There is a note in the gun case to use either Federal or CCI and to AVOID ARMSCOR. I asked a service representative from Kel-Tec why they recommended NOT using ARMSCOR. The rep told me it burns “dirty” and leaves considerable fouling inside the pistol. Anyway, I really wanted to SAVE the Hornady Critical Defense rounds for potential crisis/disaster situations and use the Colorado Buck, AMRSCOR and CCI for marksmanship training. Some of the CCI rounds are 30 grain “Varmint” bullets. I assume that is a hunting recommendation.

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