From the Desk of John Rourke – October 10th, 2014

My youngest husky – 5 month old “Jake”, puked round worms the other day. Pretty damn gross if you ask me. He had been acting fine with no issues. This was on a weekend so my only option was to call the local 24/7 animal hospital. I had performed some research prior to calling and of course they said he needed to see a vet. I asked I could use something over the counter meds from Tractor Supply – and  they said “yes” however they would recommend seeing a vet as well. I went to Tractor Supply and they had a great selection.

So far so good. An appointment has been made for a follow up. Oh – Tractor Supply sells all kinds of other medications such as penicillin.

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Amazing to me that the Tea Party/Conservative movement uses the Constitution, the American flag, and Patriotism as representatives of what they stand for. What does the Liberal/Progressive movement use?

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Getting ready to go through some serious budgeting for the rest of this year and 2015. Goals exist and plans on how to get there need to be made.

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Been watching a new TV show called The Strain. I love it. Kind of a mix between X-Files and, well – kinda like X-Files. What is The Strain? Vampires of course.



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  1. Tractor Supply is a great source for “farm type” medical supplies.

    You don’t really need a vet visit for round worms. They usually are given to the puppy by the mother through nursing and are the easiest to get rid of. Since you know your pup has worms, pick up and remove all feces as quickly as possible to lessen the chances of reinfestation after treatment. It may be wise to reworm your dog in 6 months to be sure he hasn’t reinfested himself. All you really need to do is get Pancur which comes under lots of brand names (and is the safest) and give a dose along with a second dose 7 days later to kill the eggs that hatch after the initial kill of the first dose. No need to worm for everything unless you know the pup has other kinds of worms. Hookworms, etc. are rare and the medicine is stronger and more toxic.

  2. When I was a wee lad, I picked up a case of enterobiasis or pin worms (sometimes called thread worms). Of course those were the days when kids had to play outside as there was no television, no internet, and games involved physical people. As he did with his horses, a pinch or two of Copenhagen worked wonders – and like your dog, I puked until worms came out both ends – or at least one end. Dad followed up by dosing me heavily with garlic, a cure for worms handed down through the ages. Having earlier tried a surreptitious pinch of dad’s tobacco, he had to hold me down this time. I can vaguely remember being ever so ill – not from the worms but from the cure.

    I was young at the time and probably would not remember this now but for a class in parasitology way back when.

    Mom reiterated that I should not eat dirt or anything on the floor and especially from the barnyard ground. She reinforced proper hygienic sanitation measures i.e., hand washing after wiping, etc.

    In a grid down situation there is nothing funny about carrying a worm load. At the very least, worms rob your body of hard to replace nutrients.

    Rourke, the democratic party stands for the people of course. For what else could they stand?

    See and contrast with the Tea Party platform Both platforms start out similarly but how they end, is hugely different.

    Best wishes,

  3. Rourke- in all our years of having dogs I have never heard of a dog vomiting worms. Did your dog get into any dead animals that could have had the worms?
    Usually round worms are expelled in feces after worming and it may be diarrhea
    looking. PLEASE get a fecal sample in a couple of weeks to bring to the vet to make sure he doesnt have hook worms or tape(thats a flat white worm)
    YES Tractor supply and Agway has exc. meds etc. Arlene

  4. give the beast a little DE (diatomaceous Earth) regularly in his food-also available at TS. . . . I feed it to my hogs, chickens goats,etc. . . .helps with the worm problem

  5. “Amazing to me that the Tea Party/Conservative movement uses the Constitution, the American flag, and Patriotism as representatives of what they stand for. What does the Liberal/Progressive movement use?”

    The Communist Manifesto, The American Flag with O’s face where the stars belong, and mob-mentality of course.

  6. “Amazing to me that the Tea Party/Conservative movement uses the Constitution, the American flag, and Patriotism as representatives of what they stand for. What does the Liberal/Progressive movement use?”, slogans mostly, often descriptive but yet simplistic. “Power to the People”, “Hope and Change”, “Solidarity” and the like. Many come from dubious sources. Obama’s “Forward” has strong Marxist origins. They use symbols as well (I think with great effect) to sway the unknowing to their side. Google a search for stores that cater to Liberal enthusiasms and prepare to be shocked at the imagery they pawn off to willing simpletons. Clenched fists, Solidarity in it’s original style of the former Soviet bloc. Images of Che Guevara stuck to every object that can be shipped UPS. Even the red hammer and sickle of socialism available and is likely one of the best sellers. If you can find an American flag at all, it’s been perverted into some pathetic progressive clap-trap.

    Given all this it’s difficult to understand how the left doesn’t lack voters, somethings wrong somewhere.

  7. Praziquantel works for round worms, sold as “Fish Tapes” by Thomas Labs. Have to use it about once a year on the one mutt, she’s never turned up her nose to anything found rotting in the woods. Albendazole or Mebendazole work too, and are more commonly used in humans too if required. Bought some mebendazole from overseas, alldaychemists, individually sealed blister packs of 12 each. If folks are forced to start eating undercooked roadkill or out of dumpsters, might be good to have around. Best of luck to you and Jake.

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