From the Desk of John Rourke – November 7th, 2014

Am I the only one that imagines myself as the lead character in every action movie I have ever watched?

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A Father in India tortured and killed the man that raped and impregnated his 14 year old daughter. And what is the problem?

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I was kind of surprised I did not get more comments on my homemade repeater post. I got s few but I think it is telling in that it is not the easiest thing to do. If it was – everyone would do it. I am not giving up and I appreciate the comments that were left and I really appreciate the ton of comments related to HAM that I have received prior to the “repeater” article – very helpful.

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TRUTH – Ronald Reagan: “Government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”

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This is pretty telling.  Wow.


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Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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11 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 7th, 2014”

  1. What? There is no category for gun-related deaths? I know why, the liberals don’t like the fact that guns kill less than they and their agenda do. Shocking!!!

    Standing by to assist in Repeater testing.

    Agree, what is the problem with a father handling justice on a person who harmed his child? I don’t see any thing wrong with that.

  2. Rourke, real quick,

    1. No. You’re not the only one. But we may be the only two.
    2. Problem? I don’t see one.
    3. I know nothing about HAM yet. On the list but still a way to go.
    4. Reagan still rocks.
    5. Senior beat me to my comment on the graph.


  3. That graph misses out the other major cause of deaths, in that they are categorised under other conditions. More people are killed by medical intervention, drug side effects (even from properly proscribed and administered drugs), and poor care than all the diseases put together. it also doesn’t include all the deaths hastened by medical “care” (such as cancer chemo speeding up deaths in 40% of those treated).

  4. Rourke,

    OK, I confess, I know nothing about HAM radio and I jumped over the topic of your building a repeater. Please understand. I for one am so needing to learn more about HAM radio, that I can’t even aspire to the “ignorant” category on the use of HAM, let alone realize what you accomplished. I need baby steps on this stuff to even know what you did. SORRY!

    Father of 14 year old girl castrated the *astard that raped her and then tortured him as he bled out. Sounds about right to me. This in a culture that blames the female for the rape and shames her family. How messed up is that judicial system? People are trying to get together money to bribe the judicial system to look the other way and let the dad go. Wish I knew how to help him. Instead of keeping women powerless, worldwide women should be trained and armed to kill these attackers. Would free up the judicial system and would eliminate the desire to rape and beat women if you as a perp knew the victim might shoot you or beat the poo right out of you if you tried. Keeping women helpless and then failing to protect them is and never has worked.

    GO DAD! He has my admiration for sure.

  5. The problem is you need a ham with lots of Experiance with the radios you want to use. I have a Kenwood mobile radio that has repeater functions but they are well documented in the manual and I talked to several other hams, who confirmed it, before I bought it.
    With a mobile repeater you can park on a hillside and hit it with a ht from the other side of the valley to extend your range a lot.

  6. I agree with you Karen. I have often thought girls should have gun safety classes around the 9th grade to help with the problem and combat the gunphobia that is never addressed and plagues our society as well as others.

  7. I extensively used radio communications during my service years and when CB was in vogue. RF communications are not in my prepping inventory as my desire is to remain that rock underwater. My opinion will probably bring shouts and screams of outrage from some but here goes. Like the CB phase and now cellphones, I see the use of said radios as a form of entertainment and will likely cause the same amount of distress in a SHTF situation as the disconnected cellphone users who blithely cruise through red lights and stop signs so engrossed in their conservations or other entertainment their unit is providing as to become a hazard to themselves and other unwitting people they so often violently encounter. In the ten years in this location I have seen the accidents increase exponentially at the four way stop on the next street over with most attributed to cellphone usage. Some few happen in winter since it is a down slope and they come speeding over the iced up railroad bridge and slam on the brakes skidding through the stop sign generally taking out a few cars. For this reason, during such a SHTF situation I want no one near me divulging their location recklessly and making me collateral damage.

  8. Totally agree with you Rodney. Trouble is that almost all of our public education system (which people entrust their children to) is liberal or ultra liberal and gunphobic. Trusting these people to make our children safer when they teach our children to huddle under desks and windows when an intruder is inside a school in a “gun free zone”, is never going to happen. We as parents need to take responsibility for training our children to defend themselves.

    My daughter earned her fist degree black belt in karate at the age of 8 and her second degree at 12. She is currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and even teaches other children Jiu Jitsu. She took shooting lessons and gun safety courses starting at the age of 14 and is currently a better shot than either my husband or myself. She enjoys Philippino Stick Fighting (as does Rourke). She does martial arts with adults and has done so since the age of 8. I of course will cringe as would any other parent as she gets out more and more own her own. She is getting her driver’s license later this month and will be going to college soon, but I worry less about her safety than I would if she just trusted the world to be a safe place and went on her way as if nothing would ever hurt her. I want her to live a full life and a safe one and hope that I have done all in my power to help make that happen.

  9. I bought a Baofeng 5r HT about 6 months ago. I bought extra batteries, antennae, mic, programming cable etc. I have been studying for the tech and general license. I have postponed my testing so I could test out for both at the same time. Saves money and driving for me. I have used free study materials and bought books too. Before study I tested out at about 50% pass score. I am now testing about 90+. I expect to test out this Saturday.
    I used the ht to listen to the weather channel. With luck in about 2 weeks I can start transmitting.
    You might buy/borrow another brand of ham radio to set up your repeater. I know it is not supposed to be impossible to do. You can buy a repeater new or used. I have seen some fairly reasonable units. A mobile transceiver would probably work at much higher power for a few hundred dollars.
    One aspect of communications I read about makes sense in Without Rule Of Law. The control operator (ham) can transmit on an unused weather channel. The most common kind of receiver is likely to be cheap weather radios. The CO /scout/lookout etc could just transmit to notify those close by of danger or important info. The CO would be in a gray area using this method but I believe in an emergency/life saving situation it is lawful to use any method to preserve life or property.
    Using a or several repeaters would widen your listening area. Just be aware that everyone with a receiver in range can hear you! You can figure out a way to pass intel without the wrong people being privy.
    I am considering some other options for ham comm. such as building a low power transceiver a.k.a. QRP.
    I seriously doubt I will even try to learn Morse code. I have enough trouble typing 25 wpm much less keying it. Using a laptop, sound card and software (using digital modes) might be a an option for reaching out to more contacts.

  10. Rourke,

    I confess not having access to the direct cite but my first thought in reading about the father in India was the belief that under Texas law, one defense to homicide was catching one’s wife in flagrante delicto with another man. It would be a small stretch to the poor father’s situation.

    This defense seems to arise from old Texas Article 1220 (repealed in 1974). Texas Ct of Criminal Appeals in Shaw v State, 510 S.W. 2d 926, 927 n.1 (Tx Cr Apps 1974): Homicide is justifiable when committed by the husband upon one taken in the act of adultery with the wife, provided the killing take place before the parties to the act have separated.

    Of course we are more modern and forgiving these days even in Texas, but there are still certain conditions that can modify the charge of homicide one of which is passion. Just think, before 1974 the silk stocking lawyers in Texas’ Legislature thought it would be incredible for any Texan upon catching his wife in such a condition not to murder the other party to the action. Oh, how we have evolved.



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