From the Desk of John Rourke – November 6th, 2014

Just found out I am going to have to travel to Buffalo New York in December. Crap.

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If I had to choose between a big knife and a small knife I would go with the big knife every time. Luckily that is not a real world choice that has to be made.

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Football season is over for Jonathan – my 15 year old. This means I can get back to my Balintawak class – aka stickfighting – on Thursday nights.

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One of the best books to be included in any preparedness library is A Failure of Civility“. The subtitle is “How to Defend and Protect You, your family, friends, neighborhood and America during a disaster or crisis”. It appears the book is out of print now and is selling for around $60 on the Internet. Actually – it is worth it. If anyone knows how to get in touch with the authors let me know. They used to follow MSO – so maybe they will contact me.

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I may have mentioned this before – I have become infatuated with a Daniel Defense AR – the M4 V7 LW. Expensive – just under $1500. Very lightweight and I love the furniture.

I can dream…..


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  1. Regarding the knife question…

    My EDC is is a Benchmade Griptillian wish the modified sheedsfoot blade and plain edge. Never really needed a serrated edge with what I do because it tends to get in the way. I tend to keep it shave worthy anyhow. This knife passed the USMC testing for folding knives….
    For my survival/camp knife, I use a Becker/Ka-Bar BK9 combat Bowie. The blade itself is 9″ long and comes with a decent sheath. At almost a quarter of an inch thick, the blade can handle anything. From throwing into a tree, using with flint or a ferro rod to start fire, the obvious combat/self defense uses and many others. Will baton a 7″ piece of dried hickory with flying colors!

    So a small knife has it’s uses, but a big knife does as well


  2. Really Rourke????
    I live in the buffalo area, hit me up and I’ll give you a tour of our fine city, heck I’ll even take my sons season ticket from him and take you to a buffalo bills game


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