From the Desk of John Rourke – November 5th, 2015


It looks like Conservatives had a big win in the Tuesday elections. Matt Bevin won the governor’s race in Kentucky easily defeating the Liberal Jack Conway. In over 40 years Bevin’s will only be the 2nd Republican to be Governor. In addition to Bevin Kentucky Republicans won four out of six elections up for grabs.

Additionally legalized marijuana was defeated in Ohio and a LGBT ordinance was voted down in Houston, Texas.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Just a thought…….

It is a felony to destroy eggs from an eagle.

It is a felony to destroy Sea Turtle Eggs.

Destroy an unborn baby? Perfectly fine.

There is something wrong with this picture.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Well folks – it appears that ISIS planted a bomb on that Russian passenger jet that broke apart in mid-air and all on board were lost.

But wait – they are “JV”, right?

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Here you go…..


“The Bumper Dumper”




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  1. Grin- the bumper dumper is a riot !!!! I like to buy American made but $99. for jeans is too rich for my blood even with the discount -but thanks for all the research you do Rourke !!!
    I finally got the house winterized !! Just in time for the cold front arriving on Fri.
    Be well fellow Preppers and Patriots.Yes it does my heart good to know that Houston has declared that we woman do not want those with
    “male equipment” in our rest rooms unless its little boys with their Moms or sisters.
    Good for Kentucky voting in a Rep.

  2. I definitely agree with the vote in Houston – the “equipment” (as Arlene so eloquently put it) should dictate to room you go into, not the way your brain is wired.

    That Virginia vote by Dems McAullife / Bloomberg has to hurt them as well – feel the burn baby !

  3. For a few moments it kind of left me in stuper when Houston’s current mayor went on tv and said the campaign against the bill was all lies, hate filled propaganda, and based on intimidation. I was like, whhhhaaat?! talk about a socialist dumocrat who’s on one of bummer’s panels. This is the same lady who broke the law to get (vomit) what they call marriaged before the evil SCOTUS changed what the law means, to her gay partner. She tried to make the preachers in Houston turn over their sermons at one point and the lawsuits that smacked her down still weren’t enough. So she forced an illegal bill called “hero”, but the people raised enough signatures to put it on the ballot for a vote. So her and her crooked people had the signatures invalidated. *Poof*, just like that out of thin air. Said, their invalidated and tried to intimdate the people by bullying them, because she new. The Majority of people would vote down. This of course resulted in more law suits in which she lost. As a result it was put on the ballot and the bill was voted down.

    Now, this lunatic gets on TV and says what she did. Like I said…literally left me in a stuper for minute of disbelief. Something to be learned from this everyone. She is a Perfect example of what’s going on in America right now. The main stream media, the rhinos in congress, the evil terrorist running this country. They are STILL the minority in this country. This is why the evil people in office are trying so hard to flood our country with illegals and refugee’s. Muslim refugee’s. For those that didn’t see the movie a Bug’s Life for whatever reason. A story about an independent ant that will not go with the flow, thinks outside the regime, and stands up to an evil threat. Listen, I know this is a carton, but this video will help the most normal person understand what we and why we stand up for America.

    Well said Arlene

  4. Back in the mid to late ’90s, the Coalition for Families celebrated a ‘win’ when the supreme court decided against gay marriage. In 2015 the supreme court overturned their own decision. As things continue to change (one degree at a time, Mr. Frog) it is only a matter of time and the pervert in the bathroom issue will be no big deal because the man-boy-love group will be fighting to legalize pedophilia.
    If the fashion conscious that pay $100 or more for designer jeans would put America first, the cost of those jeans would drop because of volume, you know – economy of scale.
    The fetal murder issue is one of those knot-headed situations – people hold two opposite thesis as truth at the same time. In some cases, a baby is delivered alive at 22 weeks and incubated to term. In far more cases, a baby is aborted, alive, at 30 weeks so the body parts can be sold. Oh yeah, for science, to enhance or extend life. How long will it take us to get it thru our thick skulls that eagles and sea turtles are not JUST people.
    Of course CNN says ISIS did it. Let us be slow to react on this information and maintain a love for truth. The Russians have not come to a conclusion but have established: #1) the fact that the airline company has had some documented questionable behavior in the past, #2) the fact that this model of airplane has a history of ‘dragging it’s tail’ when landing, #3) the fact that this particular plane had damage to the bulkhead from a rough landing and proper repair is uncertain. Now, ISIS claims they shot it down with an anti-aircraft missile (wonder where they got it) but witnesses deny seeing any contrail indicating this. And residue testing on the wreckage and passengers shows no sign of such explosive material. Then there is the extremely remote yet possible, because it HAS happened, theory that it was struck by a meteorite. Nobody knows for sure what happened, yet. But we owe it to ourselves to sit back and consider why CNN or any other media source would be anxious to plant a seed of hysteria. Be cautious of all, Will Robinson!
    Does anybody know how to attach the bumper dumper to a ball hitch?

  5. This morning’s liberal media take on the election results was fairly expected. I’ll sum it up for you: “stupid, racist, homophobic hicks don’t know what’s good for them.” “Aren’t smart enough to listen to their better’s.” Still clinging to their guns and separate restrooms.” “This is a minor hiccup, progress will continue…”

    On the last part I will agree, progress will continue. It’s to late to stop it. If we were younger perhaps we could, but we are not and the future belongs to the young and our young are weak, pampered, easily frightened, helpless milquetoasts. Yes I know, there are exceptions, millions of them. But they are out numbered by those who need “safe spaces” where they won’t hear any word or idea that upsets them. They view any opposing idea spoken to them as a “micro aggression”. They call the police when they see a mouse and then protest the police when they show up and kill it. I hate to piss on anyone’s cornflakes but…..we are doomed. But cheer up, its going to take awhile……..

  6. All Texans know Houston is the NYC of Texas. Austin is weird as well. When I went to UT Austin my dad shoved his hat back on his head, spit tobacco juice (together the two were certain harbingers of deep thought) and asked why on earth I’d want to go to that hotbed of liberals and radicals.

    When it comes to public bathrooms, one rule should be ironclad. Men to the left women to the right, because they are always…


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