From the Desk of John Rourke – November 5th, 2014

I do most of the grocery shopping in my home. This past weekend I took my wife with me and she was constantly complaining about the prices. Since it had been quite a while that she had been in a grocery store the increase in prices were shocking to her. In particular bacon, beef, milk, and some fruit especially noticeable. I have said it before and I will say it again – food storage is a cost savings investment.

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I have had so many tires gone flat due to nails I now carry a plug kit in my car. Plugging a tire from a nail puncture is very easy to do and may mean the difference between walking and riding.

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Went in to my local guns hop and found they had the largest selection of .22LR I have seen in quite awhile Prices were better as well. Federal 325 round boxes for $19.95. Not bad by today’s standards – or yesterdays.

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Everyone needs a good joke once in a while. If you know one let me know. In the meantime – here you go:

Bartender says, “You want them both now or one at a time?” The guy says,” Oh, I want them both now. One’s for me and one’s for this little guy here,” and he pulls a tiny three inch man out of his pocket.

The bartender asks “He can drink?”

“Oh, sure. He can drink.”

So the bartender pours the shots and sure enough, the little guy drinks it all up.

“That’s amazing” says the bartender. “What else can he do, can he walk?”

The man flicks a quarter down to the end of the bar and says, “Hey, Jake. Go get that.” The little guy runs down to the end of the bar and picks up the quarter. Then he runs back down and gives it to the man.

The bartender is in total shock. “That’s amazing” he says, “what else can he do? Does he talk?”

The man says “Sure he talks, hey, Jake, tell him about that time we were in Africa and you made fun of that witch doctor!”



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  1. If you have ZAYCON in your area, they are a great source of EXCELLENT meat products. You have to buy in wholesale lots…. 40 lbs. of hamburger (93% Lean), boneless, skinless chicken breasts, etc. I get them and break the meat up into 1 lb. portions and vac pack them and freeze them. No antibiotics, no growth hormones. Meat is alive the day before they deliver at pickup points in your area. Check out their website…..…… Their pickup points here in GA are parking lots of local churches. Nice, honest people.

    They have superior meat at below supermarket prices and have excellent customer support. It is one of the ways that we keep our food budget in line. Meat seems to be skyrocketing these days and we are a carnivorous family.

    Only thing I didn’t like was breaded boneless wings… to salty for my family.

  2. I still have questions about some things. I’m on the right road. Was amazed to find out that I’m moving on the right road. Is there an area to ask questions?

  3. I too do most of the shopping. I tell my wife regardless of price now, it will cheaper then tomorrow. In addition to the bulk stores I like Sprouts. When I can buy veggies at around a buck a pound and it’s ones I eat, I pull the trigger and can it, pickle it, dehydrate it. Sweat Equity is free. Not a weekend goes by were I am not putting somthing up.

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