From the Desk of John Rourke – November 4th, 2015


Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to write this up tonight. A lot of issues at work and thought I had to go into the plant to deal with some things but will wait until the weekend.

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Capt. Michaels sent in a link to a story about the US Government plan to deal with a massive solar flare/storm.  The government should prepare for such an event and work to harden numerous non-government entities. This is common sense. What Capt. suggested and I agree is that this government action may be cloaking their real concern which would be EMP.

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Hillary Clinton met with the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown and then went on an anti-gun tirade. Interesting. Has she visited the mothers of victim of the Fort Hood shooting where victims were killed by a Muslim terrorist? How about the victim of the Chattanooga shooting where another Muslim terrorist killed innocent people?

Not likely.

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We are running out of time. It’s not fear mongering – it is a fact.





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  1. Rourke, My Lady and I were just talking about the near future possibilities, about HEMP and how we feel dread if Hilary became President. I agree that we are likely to stumble fast down hill if She is elected( since She has been talking gun confiscation) and still stumble down hill(just slower)if any GOPer gets elected. Take care and Thank You for your work here!

  2. I agree with “Duncan”. If Hillary becomes our next president, we’re screwed. It’s going to be REALLY interesting to see what happens when she tries to confiscate this country’s guns. I think most of the “sheeple” will actually TURN THEM IN !! People TALK, but they don’t WALK. We saw how they “fought for their guns during Katrina”.., didn’t we !?!.

  3. Interesting, I was thinking the very same thing Duncan posted, but was like nah. Don’t go there. Apparently, I’m not the only one that wonders if she gets elected somehow. It’s going to be go time, because the people will not bend any further. Katrina? Good point. Quite a few people gave them up due to the initial shock of a massive death and destruction a lot of people had never seen. However, things have changed..a lot. Not to mention not all people gave them up. Some people literally told the police no. That would even include troops that went on scene and said no..we will not take them.

    When I read billary visited those people the other day. I actual thought, she’s so pathetic and desperate she’s going to visit non-important people trying to win them over. It was disgustingly disrespectful, stupid, and yet pathetic on her part. I really and truly don’t think she’s going to win. The amount of dumocrats, even women think she’s a lying, untrustworthy *Beep*

    Agreed, Time is getting shorter.

    • Capt – Good video. I think a lot of law enforcement and military folks would refuse to do Killary’s bidding.If she actually gets elected I agree with many that the end – or the beginning of what is coming will be close. BUT – I still believe she is going to be elected. Boy I hope I am wrong.

  4. I agree that if shrillary gets elected, we’re really doomed then; she will speed up the decline. I don’t think there will be gun confiscation because she will not find anyone to do the confiscating, and neither will obamski. Regarding ‘firestorm’…ever seen movie ‘Knowing’?. Just my two cents.

    • I agree extexanwannabee about the gun confiscation. I struggle to believe that it could actually happen however with knowing I could be wrong and if I am what THAT would mean I must prepare.

  5. Scary thought–Killery in office–I truly believe we could not, as a country, survive the first term–I really can’t believe there are people that actually listen to the swill that spouts from her mouth–she is a disgusting individual to anybody that does any research on her. BUT–If they can ignore all the committed criminal acts I suppose the rest is a moot point. Her old man did the same thing in Somalia (operation enduring freedom), lots of dead rangers and delta because of his refusal for support–as she did in Benghazi–abandoned our boys in their time of need–disgusting and frankly treasonous in my opinion–commander in chief my ass–just as I can picture her tenure should the dolts of the country elect her. Lying, distorting and misdirection seems to be prominent Clinton traits–No more Clintons—ever–never–forever. PLEASSSE–

  6. Gun confiscation, if we last long enough as a nation without P.U. Tin taking us out, will probably go something like this. Turn in your guns, or no tax refund: higher interest rates on student loans, or no loans at all: no driver’s license renewal because you have guns in your home: maybe even turn off the electricity: no new vehicle registration or license plates: doctors not allowed to treat gun owners: no voter registration: no marriage license: children not allowed to stay in home with guns: felony charges if not turned in within one calendar year: no farm loans: no loans at all: Well you think I’m getting long winded, but the government employees that call themselves ‘government’ have proven many times that they relish in bringing sanctions against people that hesitate to drop to the knees and do their bidding. Government employees murdered millions of children in many different countries around the world through sanctions and embargoes. And they won’t hesitate to do it to you and I either. Always remember, there is no such thing as government, just people calling themselves government employees, masquerading as government for the people, by the people, and of the people. Thanks for your time.

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