From the Desk of John Rourke – November 4th, 2014

Folks – it’s important to get out there and vote today. I will be standing in line at 7:00am.

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Never ceases to amaze me how it seems that every time there is a scandal with the current administration something happens to distract the populace. Illegal immigration and thousands of illegals streaming across the border is not heard of nearly to the level it was. Ebola took care of that. The recent killing of two police offers by an illegal immigrant who had been deported twice before is terrible and was totally preventable.

It is a ridiculous notion that this country – The United States of America – cannot build a frigging wall to secure our boarders. Remember when there was a East Germany and a West Germany? You know what separated them? A wall.  The lack of border security is a failure of our government to fulfill its obligation(Section 4, Article 4 of the US Constitution).

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I change “Get Home” bags more than teenage girls change their clothes. Just haven’t found one that gets me to that “Oh yeah, this is the one” point I want. Wanting to look at a 5.11 Rush backpack and the Maxpedition Falcon II or the Typhoon. My biggest criticisms of bags I own: Too big or too small.

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My oldest son – Jonathan – is 15 and will be turning 16 in January. Nope – no learners permit yet. I am going to allow him to get his learners permit next year, take drivers ed, and then his licence in 2016. I am on the lookout for his first car though and considering a Jeep Cherokee or a pick up truck. Wow – seems like yesterday he was building a fort out of a cardboard box.


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5 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 4th, 2014”

  1. Right on Rourke. Yes we always vote !!! -its a freedom and a responsibility.
    Yes toy cars in the bathtub on day and the next … they wish to drive. You
    are making the correct decision. Then before you know it in life we are grandparents- and what a joy it is !! Arlene

  2. Rourke

    I never could understand what part of illegal in illegal aliens people do not understand.

    How do illegal aliens immediately qualify for all of our social services and protection under our Constitution.

    If you want to come to the United States, follow our long established laws that have worked for many of years.

    I bet we still send back a Frenchman or German that tries to get into our country illegally.

    Just follow our well established immigration laws that have worked so well!

  3. Ebola,Ebola,Ebola,Ebola! I’m sick of hearing about it. It has taken over the news. I guess nothing else has happened in the world for the past month but
    Ebola. Yeah…Right.


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