From the Desk of John Rourke – November 3rd, 2015


Enjoying this season of The Walking Dead. I thought the first episode was terrible the way it kept going black/white to color. Since then it has been very good. If you are an avid viewer – Glen is alive!!!!

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My new Kindle Fire 7″ just arrived. What a bargain. I need to do a write up on it so those unfamiliar will understand how it can not just be a useful survival tool but an all around multimedia device. Cost? Only $49.99!!

One thing I like about this model is its ability to take microSD cards. I am in the process of organizing one card into folders of information – gardening, medical, homesteading, military manuals, weapons, etc.

A lot of books, guides, manuals – and even audio and video can be stored/organized on the SD card.

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This looks pretty cool. Hunting blind made from mirrors. From this angle it looks very effective but I wonder in person just how well it works.


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Looks like Jeb is all done. He seems like a nice guy – just not for President.

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Think I have mentioned this before – I have been watching the new TV show Blood & Oil. This is my favorite show on television right now. Don Johnson is back as an oil tycoon and really pulls it off.

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  1. Avid Walking Dead follower also, but if Glenn is alive, he pulled off some straight up ninja stuff. I think he may be, but it’ll be interesting to see how he pulled it off. I noticed from the previews of next week, looks like Maggie is going to look for him. I hope she doesn’t find him as a walker and has to finish him off.

      • I’m with you Rourke–he’s under the dumpster–gore was from the tard that offed himself–also, no mention of glenn on the moratorium boards–he’s not listed–at least not yet. One interesting side note–The actor that portrays Glenn was also not listed in the shows credits last week–keep your fingers crossed–one other note–Ricks hand injury 2 weeks ago–was it the blade that broke–or did he get bit–in the graphic novel Rick loses that hand–that would indicate bite to me–and a soon missing hand–your thoughts

  2. Yep, Jeb was done before he started. Just another of long line of socialists with an agenda. His grandfather, Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush as well as his son and both grandsons, were all inducted into the Yale Skull and Bones society. “Bush later on, was a founding member and one of seven directors (including W. Averell Harriman) of the Union Banking Corporation (holding a single share out of 4,000 as a director), an investment bank that operated as a clearing house for many assets and enterprises held by German steel magnate Fritz Thyssen, prior to and during WW2. He played both sides of the fence during the war.
    With a background like this, why in the world would I vote for anyone with the Bush name? Even if the individual were a master brewmaster out of St. Louis.

    I noticed that Carson is now in the lead.

    • Prescott bush has quite an interesting (and QUITE treasonous) history for those who wish to look it up. It should come as no surprise to anyone how his offspring turned out.

  3. Great actor that he is, I never forgave Dimwit Johnson for destroying my most favorite show of all time: MIAMI VICE. He hurt a lot of good, good people that depended on that show for their income. But that is what ‘egoruptcy’ gets us. As far as Jeb goes, he is a crook of the highest/lowest order and people have figured this much out about the entire Bush family. Their dad, Herbert Walker, is without question the most dangerous and powerful man on the planet today. thanks for your time.

  4. That blind may look great in the shadows, but I wonder what it looks like when the sun starts glaring off of it at mid-day. Could get mighty bright. And yes, I hope Jeb is done, we don’t need another Bush. Carson worries me. I just don’t see him coming on strong enough to be president.

        • I shot a deer (crossbow) at 7 yards last weeks–on the ground–in a ghille suit–he had No idea I was even there( a fantastic wind that day). With that said and never using something like this–(a stationary enclosure) It looks like a good concept and for long range stuff (rifle–muzzle loading) I would bet even in mid day placed properly–it would function great. Edge of a cornfield–edge of a good size opening in the swamp–both scenarios tucked into the edge under the overhang(shade). I have often thought how nice it would be to be out of the elements, not freezing your ass off, during late rifle and muzzle loading season (late November, first couple weeks of December), with a little heater going, in a shack much like this. Gets cold up here in northern Michigan that time of the year. (apparently except for this year, lol)

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