From the Desk of John Rourke – November 3rd, 2014

Last night I watched The Grey on Netflix for about the 10th time. Great movie. Now – I am not talking about it being great because of its story of survival and the characters doing all the right things. No, in fact the story has the characters do some pretty stupid things when faced with a terrible survival situation. Pure entertainment. Highly recommended.

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So – the CDC admits that it is possible for Ebola to be contracted via sneeze “droplets” and then retracts the information off the website. I’ll tell you – my confidence level for the CDC to handle any kind of outbreak here in the states is just skyrocketing. Yeah – right.

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I think I will buy myself a crossbow for Christmas. Have always wanted one but it just never happened. Looking at a Barnett Recruit Recurve as my first.

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I have written on the Ruger BX-25 25 round 10/22 magazine previously. It is an excellent product. I can remember for years and years it was a struggle to find a reliable higher capacity magazine as an alternative to the factory 10 rounder. From Eagle to Ram-line to Butler Creek – I tried them all with limited success. Several years ago Ruger came out with the BX-25 and provided a long overdue solution.

I own eight of these and they work fantastic.


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4 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 3rd, 2014”

  1. Rourke… you have to do a review on that bow. The price is…. good. I have been shopping for some time and have not found a compound at that price that didn’t have mold edges and other faults. I read a few of the reviews. Quality issues came to the front of the list of ‘No’s. If yours will put it on the pie plate at 50yrds, that will more than challenge my skills with a bow of any kind.

  2. Wow, glad I didn’t buy that same crossbow at Dick’s this weekend. Amazon always has the price to beat! Was nice to take down and hold it though, seemed to be reasonably well put together… but I’m far from an expert.

  3. Bought the Barnett Jackal Crossbow and took it out the first time sunday. Didnt get alot of shooting time in as we were trying to beat the sun set and getting tree blinds set up. At about about 60 yards could group about the size of a briefcase with the Barnett scope it comes with. This was shooting from a small tree blind in an uncomfortable position. Im sure the group could be tighter if I was in the proned or could had rested the weapon. At 150lbs of pressure would certainly suggest wearing gloves and stretching your back out if you plan on doing alot of shooting with it. Light, smooth 3.5lb trigger pull but safety catches every now and then. After fidgetting with it a little it works properly but malfunctioned twice that day and certainly was frustrating. Ill try and write a better review when I get more time in the field with it.


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