From the Desk of John Rourke – November 30th, 2015

I sincerely hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! Mine went very well. As usual I ate too much and the tryptophan in the turkey knocked me out.

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Reader C.D. sent this in – CMP WIll Get 100,000 1911 Pistols

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I have not had cable or satellite for a couple of years. This affords me an opportunity to “tune out” of current events at times. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I watched no news and stayed away from Drudge Report or any other news site. This provided some very stress free and welcome days. Think we all need that once in awhile.

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I found that the trigger was adjustable on my Winchester Model 70. What a difference!! It was extremely heavy and by making this adjustment the accuracy should improve dramatically.

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Pet Preparedness – something I hardly ever see anything about. I have started stocking up on dry food for my dogs. Both husky’s eat Rachael Ray ZERO Grain dog food. They are packed in thick plastic bags with a expiration date close to a year away.

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  1. I could live without Cable/Satellite, as I prefer watching the local news in the evening. Newspapers provide news that is already 24 hours old, but more in-depth reporting is provided. I have heard that our current president keeps his thumb on most of the major networks not allowing them to broadcast the truth. Wish there would be a news source that only broadcasts good news. I really don’t care how many folks are killed on the highways everyday, or protestors looking for justice by attacking businesses and bystanders, etc…

    • If you like satire and farcical puppet plays, then you are absolutely correct about MSM “news”. My son-in-law interned at a local TV station years ago during his junior year. He came away with a different view after seeing how the news is “prepared” before broadcast. This particular station is known as the feel good station. All news is sanitized…you know…censored. Only the items consistent with the station’s policies will be broadcasted. I’ve found that if you want a better finger on the pulse locally, use the social media jungle telegraph. You may see a topic on the TV newscast, then see if you can find it on social media. After sorting thru some of the posts, you probably will come up with a better perception of the story. Maybe this why so many cops don’t want you videoing them.

  2. Pet Preparedness is an area I think needs to be worked on. He may be just an “ol dog” but if he keeps you alerted to any intruder coming on the homestead, then he’s worth taking good care of. I try to keep at least 50 lbs of dry food and two cases of canned food for “Tucker”, the Beagle Boxer mix. But this won’t go far if we have an event. My 120 lbs of sleeping terror will chow down on this pretty quickly. Gotta come up with a better way of stocking and storing his preparedness food stash.

  3. A Timney trigger should be a pretty-much drop in mod for your Model 70, and they are great adjustable triggers if you have any continuing issues.

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