From the Desk of John Rourke – November 2nd, 2015


Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Reminder: Next week I will be AFK so my daily “From the Desk of….” will likely be absent.

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A few years ago I started a monthly series called “Call to Action“. These served as a reminder to look at particular areas of preparedness, grade your level of readiness, and take action to improve it as necessary. I am going to restart this series soon and will republish these original posts as part of the continuing project.

Hope it’s useful.

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IDIOT OF THE WEEK: A Fort Brag soldier wore a suicide bomber costume for Halloween. This created a response from the bomb squad. Wow.

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This past weekend I picked up some pinto beans and Mylar packed them. I am on a food storage kick right now. As I go over more scenarios in my mind and read more books I am emphasizing food more and more.

Food. Food. Food. FOOD!!!

Variety is key. Staples such as rice and beans play a big part. Common canned foods are a major component. Freeze dried and dehydrated round out my food supplies.

Favorite foods stored away? Campbell’s Bean and Bacon soup, Bush’s Baked Beans, and Mountain House Chili Mac.

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Have a great week everyone!!!!


Oh…..and if you are a fan of the classic Christmas Story movie you might like this………



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13 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 2nd, 2015”

  1. A soldier that feels safe enough to make fun of his profession is just being I naïve , he as obviously not seen enough of this real life scenario to make it a scary thought for him the guy just trying to have a little fun try not to judge him too harshly

  2. Good point Doomsday. All I could think was, stupid “boot”. Term used to describe a Marine fresh out of boot camp and not exposed to reality in any way or form. Similar to FNG in the civilian world.

    Agreed. The scenarios you ran us through Rourke completely made my whole group re-evaluate a lot of things. Have you opened and tried the Campbell’s bean with bacon recently? Don’t know if they changed the formula. Split pea was always my favorite until they changed the formula and process. Now it looks like a squished can of yuck and tastes like it to.

    Wheat…we are storing everything to grow and process wheat which provides a base to many other foods. Certain food providing trees don’t produce food right away. For example Pecan trees take up to 4 or 5 years….before they start producing pecans. I one can sustain themselves long enough then you can reap the rewards of not only pecans, but the squirrels they attract. Naturally bait for squirrel meat. Small, will need quite a few, but worth it when there is no steak. Speaking of worth it. We are storing back massive amounts of coffee beans. Grid down, things looking rough, decisions and hard work ahead, but with a fresh cup of coffee,…everything will be just fine.

    Among the numerous luxuries of the table…coffee may be considered as one of the most valuable. It excites cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it occasions…is never followed by sadness, languor or debility.
    -Benjamin Franklin

  3. That is definitely a costume someone should have told him , “um, no dude, take that off”. I can only hope the guy had too much to drink. Doesn’t excuse it, but maybe a momentarily lapse of reason due to clouded mind judgment.

  4. He didn’t get shot .. so good on them .. He’s young.. I was 18 and stupid once, I expect everyone else has stories, many of mine I should not have survived .. Now I am older and umm less stupid .. I hope.

    On food
    My daughter is in basic and they went on a particularly long march (overnight) this past week for a training exercise she said. She looked around while they marched to identify terrain and trees she knew (we live out and away and took them out often). When they halted, she found a Pecan tree and started collecting nuts, cracking them and eating them as a treat to add to the MRE. When she was asked what she was doing by her battle buddy and friends, she explained and showed them. The comments she got were pretty funny. They come form all over right? None of those kids knew what the tree was and most did not know that pecans came in the shells. That is kinda sad,, But it does say something good to think about .. You guys and Gals are WAY out front in the knowledge area.. and so we keep digging… To the point John made a few days ago .. talk to and bring someone along.. teach em… even if they are grand kids.

    Did any of you see CBS Sunday Morning on (Nov 1st, 2015 CBS). He researched and wrote a book that is VERY critical of DHS and our government about Cyber attack and the Power grid.
    “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath”
    “There is no plan” he said talking to former DHS heads etc .. and when asked if he thought is was serious he said he and his wife bought freeze dried food for themselves and their families ..
    One of the officials when asked if it was necessary said (and I paraphrase) .. “People need to plan for taking care of themselves, because the government will not be able to”.. along those lines..
    I may have to read it ..
    Have any one of you ? I mean that kind of coverage on a “most” watched A list show has got to net some attention. good and bad likely

    Didn’t mean to Hi-Jack the feed .. you were talking about food and this seemed to fit ok..

    • Goinggray58,

      I’m reading Lights Out by Koppel now. It is an eye opener! I knew there would be minimal response after something as devastating as an EMP, but I didn’t account for a cyber attack.

      I would definitely recommend to EVERYBODY, get a copy and read it. You can pick it up on Kindle from Amazon or hard copy. I first got the kindle yesterday morning. By yesterday evening, I also bought the hard copy to pass around to the extended family that don’t have kindle. If you can read this book and not ramp up your prepping activities, then you must be already there with your prepping, or you must be blind.
      The 18 months of research Ted Koppel put into the preparation for the book revealed the fact to him this country is NOT prepared. It scared him to the point that even with his liberal uniform still on, he purchased enough FD food to take care of his family for one year. I’d say it had an impression on him.
      Thanks for bring this up. I’d planned on it, but you presented the forum.

  5. Oh by the way, not only should everyone read Ted Koppel’s book “Lights Out”, but read another book he mentions in his book….”One Second After”. All available on Amazon.

  6. Yet another great book I have to read now. Food is always needed to be built upon, but I will always stress water more, even if you have a well or other water source, start planning to have at least a months worth of drinking water. Without water, you’ve got three days.

  7. OK, I just finished reading Ted Koppel’s book. If you are looking for a book that will tell you what to do, then this book is not for you. If you are wanting to read a book that reveals the absolute void of preparedness by our country, and the impending results of such inactivity, then you need to read this book. Don’t expect it to lay out a plan of action of you. That is left up to the individual. Suffice it to say, we have the possibility of ending up back to the 1850’s without a moments notice.
    The take I get out of this book is this. The government is approaching this with the eye on prevention. They can’t. The power industry is approaching it from the aspect that their systems are robust and resilient and can withstand an attack. Security experts have told them that the hackers have probably already penetrated their defenses and have inserted sleeper programs simply waiting for the button to be pushed.
    My take on all of this is based on a comment made by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) last week when he found out Obama is sending 50 Special Op’s troops into Syria. Graham said of Obama…”Russia and China have measure Obama a found him weak. They are mopping the floor with him.”
    That statement had me already re-evaluating my activities. Maybe I am a doom and gloom sort, but if our adversaries view our president as an empty suit, then we are much more at risk than any other time. I feel that before the end of his presidency, we could see an attempt on out power grid. Based on this supposition and against the loud objections of my wife, I am ramping up my prep activities. Like John, I’m concentrating on food, water, security and shelter. Not necessarily in that order. My target is to have my preparations complete no later than June of next year.

    • Oren,
      Yeah I saw Graham and listened to Koppel .. I agree… and If you are a little dark its a balance for those who assume the best of intentions of our administration. The soup would be bad if you only had one ingredient .. So let me join you for a minute if you will.
      again I agree with the premise.
      If they COULD prevent .. why haven’t they? and if they decided to it would be in committee for money and defeated because they are pretty busy giving the money away to less useful programs than infrastructure reforms.. everyone has a pet so I do not name any I think are not useful..
      They effectively can’t deter anyone, even if they have the smarts because they lack the will politically.

      as to the rest of it .. I think he is an empty suit or worse, on their side.. Even if it is not true, they only have to think it is to do it and think they will get away with it .. either way the outcome is exactly the same once done. We do not project strength or will ..

      I had to ask myself something though.. Why?
      Why allow it on CBS who is arguably a liberal media advocate?
      Why write it to begin with, the author having lived as a liberal media Nazi his entire career?
      What purpose does the book and the many, many spots it is now touted in serve?

      The administration wants to be open about the risk? Unlikely.. the current admin, DHS, and DOE declined interviews.

      We are free to speak nationally about it? .. Unlikely. The topic could easily have been excluded from the show.. so it deliberately included?
      If you wanted martial law and you wanted a reason then how ?
      Bait an enemy that can do exactly what you want. Knock down the grid.
      and in which case your preps can be confiscated for redistribution as you have no constitutional rights.. neither first, not second amendment nor any others.. It was only done once fro part of the US under Lincoln .. so maybe not.
      Is that TOO conspiracy theory on it ?

      I am clear about what to do .. and faster than I was .. but not clear on why the topic is being allowed to be exposed in that way.
      I do not think it has to do with freedom or freedom of speech… at least not completely. IMO
      bah .. I need to go buy some stuff and then get a drink ! 🙂 (the smiley is to LIGHTEN UP )

  8. ref suicide bomber suit… lighten the hell up people, you gotta keep your sense of humor. another troop got arrested for walking down the street in battlerattle to go take a hero picture. they tried to charge him with an 1865 law that had been dropped from the book. no humor? sounds like the taliban won. don’t let them win here too.

  9. One must be very careful about harmless pranks
    when there is a war on terror . A friend of mine with a great sense of humor was fired as a hospital Chaplain several years ago because he left envelopes of powder on peoples desks-when the anthrax scare was on- he was fired.
    Please read One Year later .( same author as One second after- I intend to read Lights out .
    When we drove through a very safe small town near us on Halloween night we saw droves of parents and children out-by the hundreds.(people bring their kids to this town from all over) I commented to my husband-imagine what this town will look like when the SHTF.
    We can all prepare as fully as possible but we will still all be in shock if a major disaster occurs because the magnitude will be overwhelming.
    From last weeks comments-yes I believe we are in Tribulations -the terrorism is horrific-
    the issues are coming together with the Middle East and Israel .We will need the mercy of our Lord and the strength of HIS grace for the future.
    How I wish we could create a real community from this in fine blog community.

    • True Arlene….on every point. Our imagination can’t frame the possibilities of the coming collapse no matter what form it takes, we have only the reference point of what we’ve been told. Magnitude of crisis beyond our comprehension since life will change completely, not just part of it. Even when i try, my mind inserts many normal bits from now that won’t be there i’m sure.
      Mercy and His grace….can’t live without….don’t leave home without them and His armor 🙂
      Community of you all….would be priceless! Praying for and thinking of you all will be a bright spot when the time comes….


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