From the Desk of John Rourke – November 28th, 2014

Hello folks – hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We ate around 1:30pm and it was fantastic. I am writing this at 9:00pm Thursday night and getting ready to go cook an apple pie. – Mrs. Smith.

I started Thursday by going out and working on my HAM repeater build. Trying to get it up as high as possible I have been using a small compound bow and fishing line. This worked for lower elevation(40 feet) however not for upwards of 80 feet. The fishing line would not hold the weight of the paracord being pulled up and over a branch. I went from a 10 pound test to 25 pound however as amazing as it may sound the additional weight of larger fishing line stopped the arrow from getting up to the tree limb being aimed for.

Looking to buy myself an inexpensive crossbow. One reason would be to assist with the project above and the other is – I want a crossbow. As of this writing Amazon has the Barnett Recruit Recurve for $129.98. This is a great price. May order it tomorrow if I can convince the wife that the impending zombie apocalypse is close at hand.

For those of you traveling in bad weather over the net few days – be careful out there.

I am stuffed – but must go make my pie.




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  1. It’s your birthday, Lord bless you – I hope it’s happy, happy, happy!!! Thanks for sharing all the good information and time you share with us.

  2. Maybe one of those gyro-copters to carry your line up and over a limb? You get about 15 minutes of flight time on a charge and if the tree isn’t too bushy, you should be able to fly between the limbs and then drop your line. Another option would be to train a Aggie Raptor/Hawk and see if you can get it to fly straight into the tree……

    • As stated Thomas – it was $129 when the post was published. Amazon changes their prices often and I believe that was a Black Friday special.

  3. Try a 50# superbraid line–like spiderwire. It is very limp, has no stretch, and is about the diameter of 8 lb. mono. Only disadvantage–it isn’t cheap. Lay it in 5-6 foot dia loose coils on the ground. It will offer very little resistance to an arrow.

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