From the Desk of John Rourke – November 26th, 2014


I guess my hopes for peaceful protests in Ferguson was a dream. Pretty pathetic the violence, property destruction, and flag burning. Those US flags the “protesters”  are burning  – – hundreds of thousands of people died for that flag. Show some respect. Pathetic. Half the protesters are there just to cause trouble and the other half are taking selfies on their Obama phones so they can post on Facebook that they are there. Going to be another long night.


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Here is some interesting information. Ever think about the very first Thanksgiving? Wonder what it may have been like? I have listened to this short podcast from Jason Akers several times. Check it out HERE.

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Hamburger has gotten ridiculously expensive. Chicken continues to be the main protein source in my household. Bacon is not eaten nearly has often either due to the price increases.

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I wonder at one point will Israel strike Iran’s nuclear sites. Seems way overdue.

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I have recently rediscovered my love for French Toast. Had not had any since I was a kid. Wow!

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HAM Repeater Update: I have continued work on my homemade HAM repeater. I have purchased a ADX-SR1 Simplex Repeater and so far it works very well. I am trying to get my radio and the ADX up as high as possible for testing. Regardless – my previous frustrations have given in to hope. Once I have completed testing I will write up a complete report.





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  1. Rourke,

    One of the ways I would get my antennas up high is very simple.

    Remember those high powered Wamo sling shots that used the surgical rubber tubing we played with as a kid.

    Try tying a round fishing weight, one with the hole in the center, to a full spool of monofilament fishing line.

    Shoot the fishing weight with the fishing line attached as high over whatever you want. Like a high tree limb.

    Give it a lot of line when you shoot.

    You want the fishing weight to go over your target and fall back to the ground.

    Tie a piece of para cord to the fishing line.

    Pull on the opposite end of the mono fishing line and pull the paracord over you target.

    All you the have to do is tie you antenna to the paracord and pull it up.

    The Coach

  2. When ever the American flag is burned I feel very angry and sad and more determined to protect this symbol .

    Yes Rourke meat prices are rising. Lentils are a good source of protein -makes exc. soup.
    We stocked up on turkeys which on sale. We will have one for Christmas also.

    May you all be blessed this Thanksgiving. I am grateful for you all and to you Rourke for
    our site.

    Rourke- re Bill Cosby- many famous and average people are sexually addicted and sadly the
    child porn is rampant. Many times victims of sexual abuse do not have the self esteem to make this public =especially when they will be doubted -the fact that so many women are coming forward and that a FEW CASES were previously “settled out of court” tell me
    that he is most likely guilty. I have had manhy years of exp. counseling people and many with sexual addictions and the victims of sexual abuse.
    Some of our most outstanding men in our average communities have a very dark side re sexual abuse. Arlene

  3. Rourke

    I forgot!

    Another way to get you antenna up high is the same method as above but use a bow or cross bow with a fishing attachment.

    Just watch you impact area where the arrow is going to come down.

    The Coach

  4. As a Veteran, when I see the flag burned I first feel anger that they would burn the symbol of what our nation, what has been sacrificed for our rights, and what those who burn it are willing to give up for our future just to achieve their short term desires. In the end though I have to remind myself that I also fought to defend their right to express themselves in such a way, no matter whether or not I agree with, or like it.

  5. Re: Meat prices

    I go to a local butcher every couple of months and buy a ‘package’. Yes, their prices have risen, but still much more reasonable than the grocery store. The only way I buy meat at the grocery store is from the ‘managers sale’ rack. It might not look so pretty, but as long as it doesn’t look totally spoiled, and the markdown price is fairly reasonable, I’ll pick it up. If the kids were still home and I had a larger freezer, I’d do the half a cow deal.

    Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving, and stay safe out there!

  6. fishing line , this way and that. How about on a fishing pole. Cast over the tree where you want your line to be and let the line out so that the hook goes to the ground. Hook on to it and real it in (up)?

  7. Fishing pole is a no go for me, every time i cast near a tree the line stays in the tree along with everything else attached. Just saying (tongue firmly planted in cheek).

    Happy Thanksgiving
    Stay Safe

  8. Hope to have something completed for the contest before too long. My granddaughter attends a beauty school in St. Louis. She won’t return there until after the holidays. My high school friend and cousin’s daughter teaches in Ferguson. I worry about her. I live about an hour from Ferguson and don’t plan to go to St. Louis for a long, long time. Besides the cost of the insane burning and looting, the whole St. Louis metro area (both sides of the river) will lose millions more in revenue from Christmas shoppers who will go elsewhere.

    I hope all site readers will have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  9. Beef prices have skyrocketed. I was getting some really good hamburger in a 40 pound case from Zaycon. Since it has also gone up, and my wife has told me that I’m GOING to cut back on red meat, we have now foresworn off of the hamburger. Chicken, fish and dairy.

    Seems like it’s time to expand our little farmlet to raising our own meat…rabbits first, later maybe goats.

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