From the Desk of John Rourke – November 24th, 2015

Over the past few months it has been a struggle in the gym. A real lack of motivation has been plaguing my efforts. Crossfit has been the mainstay of my fitness system however a few injuries have sidelined that type of workout intensity. Shoulder issues and muscle spasms are not real motivational to go out there and lift stuff up and put it down. I have been a member of the YMCA however my partner changed his work schedule and he could no longer make it at 5:30am for weight lifting.

Feeling the serious need for a change I just joined Gold’s Gym here locally. Place is really nice and they have all the equipment the YMCA didn’t. Feeling like I am back in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I will continue to go to Crossfit mostly for the Olympic lifting and occasional HIIT class. At Gold’s? It’s time to lift stuff up and put stuff down. Heavy stuff that is.

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Heading out to shoot my new-to-me Winchester Model 70 in .270 Win. Will report how it does. Scope is 6-18X. Curious to see if point of impact changes as magnification changes.

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Good News: Cruz #2 in Iowa.

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…….and he has.

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For those willing to answer –

Do you prefer to have your loadout on a vest with pouches or on your waist?

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Two days till its time to stuff myself to the point the Post Office will assign me my own zipcode. Looking forward to it.

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Emergency Essentials is having some special pre-Black Friday sales. One example is their Heirloom Seed Combo Pack. This is for long term storage. On sale for $24.99.


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11 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 24th, 2015”

  1. Padded, suspendered, Battle belt for nine mags, two pistol mags, drop leg holster and Ifak. Pending load out: opposite drop leg, mask in pouch. Tested both on tactical ranges. On the vest it is cumbersome and you can not really get prone with all that crap on your chest. Plate carrier has minimal items: Camelback, Knife, notepad, pen, flashlight, backup CAT and secondary cross draw holster depending load out.
    Regards, D.

  2. I like the battle belt. I can go prone without stuff on the chest rig in the way. I think you can get into a situation where you have to many straps on you shoulders. For example you have slick plate carrier on, pack, chest rig and finally a two point sling. It gets crowded on your shoulders. I like to shoulder my rifle as natural as possible. Just my preference. My thoughts are based on having all my stuff on my person and being mobile during an event. The battle belt concept Max Velocity talks about on his blog is well thought out. You can load a belt down with a very good load. Now if you are mobile in a vehicle then a chest rig helps. Or you could always unload your rear belt pouches and store them in your pack until you arrive and are back on foot and then reload your stuff back into the pouches. I do have a chest rig but not being able to really prone out is my issue. Just my thoughts. I welcome feedback.

  3. Rourke, I currently prefer and use a vest.

    I’m very interested in how the .270 works out. Give us the distances you shoot and any effects that has….

    I put a Remington 783 chambered in 300 winmag on layaway, can’t wait to get it out. It’s a no frills bolt action but its great for getting into some long range shooting.

    Have a great thanksgiving 🙂

  4. I like my mags on the vest/plate carrier. My load out centers them at about the belly button. As I shoot 7.62×51 these magazines are shorter and a bit thicker than the current issue in 30 rounds. I keep only those items on the front of the vest that are low profile for prone conditions. Pistol, pistol mags, dump bag, and other items are on a separate belt riding below vest/plate carrier.

    There are good reasons for almost any popular configuration belt/vest. I think it comes down to using what you train with.


  5. I prefer my load out on an LBE with an “H” harness, or “PLCE”

    However, most of my rigs are structured to weapon type and mission, so I have Chest rigs, vests, Plate carriers. Looking into the battle belt.

    Most systems employed represent the change in tactics and deployment, these days troops are deployed from a vehicle being mechanized or motorized or even helo-based. which is why there gear is on chest, front waist and sides with a clean back, save a H2O pack.

    When I was deployed to Central America, more then a few times I was wearing a Rhodesian chest rig (it actually ran across my chest at arm pit with), I had no problems drawing mags from a prone position, unlike most chest rigs with the pouches at mid torso. With the (LBE’s/PLCE’s) you usually have to rock right or left to pull mags, and yes getting a good prone position can be a tad uncomfortable, even if you decouple your your belt. On the flip side I can carry more mags then a chest rig and stay in the fight longer, at least back in those days. Ask any veteran who’s been in a fire-fight, you will burn through mags in quick order!. IMHO, a 3-4 mag set like I see some wear, is not realistic, but I guess it’s better then nothing.

    Quick Home/Apartment response response here is the 3-4 mag set works.

    more important is to use what best works for you or what you feel most comfortable with and understand all the dynamics of your system, your skill set, threat assessment,

    Sorry for getting carried away.

  6. Seeing that you spend a fair amount of time outdoors and are experiencing “shoulder pain and muscle spasms”, you should get screened for Lyme Disease and all other tick borne infections. These are two of the many symptoms that can present with those illnesses. I am only speaking from personal experience and claim no professional expertise.

  7. Rourke- I can a LOL with your description of being full from Thanksgiving day !!! Enjoy every
    delicious morsel….. smile !!! Arlene


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