From the Desk of John Rourke – November 23rd, 2015


Here is some interesting information. Ever think about the very first Thanksgiving? Wonder what it may have been like? I have listened to this short podcast from Jason Akers several times. Check it out HERE.

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Recent picture of me and Jake. Bella is too sophisticated to jump up on a recliner. Jakes up to 64 pounds. Bella remains at 50. My Beast!!

They both shed horribly and get hair on everything. I could care less. We clean it up frequently and enjoy their company.

IMG_00002078 (1)

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Check out each day this week as they are having some great Black Friday sales.

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The debate on refugees coming into this country from my perspective is a simple one. There is no way these people can be vetted to ensure our safety, thus, they do not come. Additionally these people – at least the Muslim ones – are not compatible with our culture and our way of life. This can be seen easily by looking at the issues that England, Germany, and France are having as these people WILL NOT assimilate into their hosting countries. I have no issues with the United States assisting with humanitarian aid although there is much that needs to be done at home first(fix the VA).

Regardless – our Administration continues to allow porous borders and exceptions for illegals to stay and now risking catastrophe by importing a problem.

It is not going to turn out well.

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Question: Anyone have any experience with the Paratus line of gear – backpacks, pouches, etc? I am looking at the Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack. Has great reviews on Amazon and looks to be what I am looking for. At around $80 not a bad price either.


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Have a good week folks……

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  1. I have one of these packs, yes it’s got great separation packs, but do yourself a favor, get a real military issue, these things look great but pack like your the mule, it’s a joke , go for a marine surplus issue, you’ll be happy you did

  2. Everything I’ve seen and read about the refugees wanting to come into Europe and the US shows me that the majority (73%) of them are males between 18 and 35. If it’s so terrible over there then where are their wives and children? Personally, my first act would be to save my wife and family then I’d come later after they were safe. Are they telling us that they aren’t married? I doubt it. Do we really want Refugee Cowards amongst us? If they won’t even put their families first how will they feel about putting our country first? I think it’s a scam. I would like someone, maybe one of our Presidential candidates, to ask the current President how much an American life is worth. Is one life worth his “feeling good” about himself when one of these “unvetted” refugees decides to take out a mall full of US citizens? Who will he blame then? I’m all for helping them but I think our money and safety can be better spent supplying aid for them to countries in their own region who are willing to house them. Just my 3 cents worth.

  3. The world is a dangerous place. Not just because of the people committed to evil but also because of the people who refuse to do anything about it. There was a time when students put down their books and set about saving the world from Nazi totalitarianism. Today students demand “safe spaces” to spare them from “ideas”. What is happening in Europe is coming here, shrieking single mothers on welfare and droopy drawed shoelace draggers aren’t going to save us, nor do they want to. Fortunately we are still the majority, so there is hope. Soon the leash holding us back will slip and perhaps we will save ourselves.

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
    ― H.L. Mencken

  4. Good grief..that’s a big dog! Good picture brother, you actually look comfortable.

    Based on the comments I’ve been reading recently. I was a little hesitant how to share my thoughts. So here goes. The refugees? I don’t agree with what’s happening at all. I’m not saying we shouldn’t protest either. My question is why are the current govt’s pushing them onto their own people? Why are these refugees not re-settling in other stable parts of the middle east? I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on here. I also have a strong feeling Germany may be the first to “set it off” This may be the catalyst to set things off. We shall see. I’m not saying I’m for or against what may happen here or what may very well need to take place and I’m not trying dissuade anyone. However, I am saying…let’s be VERY SURE what we are saying here and the commitment of what is required. Please forgive me if I offend anyone my next comment, but BS or talk is cheap. commitment speaks louder than words. Just so we have precise understanding of what is required… Watch the whole clip, but for sure pay VERY close attention to what is said at the 3:25 mark. I’m NOT saying I would not fight, but people need to have a very clear and understanding of what is required.

    On another note. Our group has been diligenty going back and forth and brainstorming over the means of transportation that we would use in the after math of an EMP. It’s bounced back and for between crating and putting a 4 wheeler in a faraday cage, to gasification vehicles to other options like replacement parts. We’re going over every scenario to reach the cheapest, but most reliable means.

    • Capt.Michaels, that movie-and especially that part-became my anchor to the reality of what it cost those who came before to establish this American life. All the history taught to us in school never came close to portraying the cost. Thank You again for making sure we don’t mistakenly perceive possible future events through the sanitized view of TV news and imaginations.
      Rourke, you have some gorgeous companions in Jake/Bella….Also great to have on your side when things are uncertain. Panhandle Rancher, i had a coworker who swore by her Roomba! She set it to run every day when everyone was at work….took care of the cat hair and cut down on the dust-she had carpet mostly. Great idea 🙂

  5. Capt, H. L. Mencken’s quote is a metaphor and by no means used in a literal sense. There is no revolutionary army squirreled away awaiting a signal to “take our country back”. If there were it would have acted already.

    The decline of our nation hasn’t and won’t be announced to us, but more are starting to notice it. This offers opportunity for change. But if our people are to self absorbed and to feckless to take ownership of their nation then it will find itself unable to stand against the march of men who will.

    A strong nation doesn’t fear the enemy at it’s gate, neither does it invite the enemy in. A weak nation falls to its enemies. Defeat or surrender, makes no difference.

    The defeat of Rome by the Goths and then the Vandals was the result of a dying and defective society. Rome was riddled with problems of its own making which it wasn’t willing to solve. The Roman Empire did not so much fall as it was instead fixed. It was not the barbarians who were the problem, but the Romans themselves. The barbarians were the solution.

    If we are not careful we will soon be fixed as well…..

  6. John, I appreciate your follow up. Nothing negative was received from you to me and wanted to let you know it was not directed directly at you brother. Things really are getting that bad and my point was just to make sure everyone that might be thinking about it, but not saying it. What will be needed if something sets off, so to speak. As we share what I believed your doing, your free speech. With everyone chiming in it needed to be said.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your fire. In fact…there are those in this country doing exactly what you and others have already said. They literally already stood up to the government and put themselves in the line of fire.

  7. I have this backpack (Paratus 3 Day Operator’s Pack) and really enjoy it. My wife bought it for me last Christmas and I have used it extensively. The pack is well built and has handled everything I have put in it. The pack travels with me everywhere. I have set my pack up in case of emergency and it stores everything in a very organized manner. Only thing is….I over packed it and it became very heavy. It handled the high weight load well, but I had to rethink my options and repack it. It also works well with my body armor. I will also add that the company has excellent customer service. I liked the company so well that I purchased another bag for my daughter to have as her emergency pack. I highly recommend the pack and would purchase another one if needed. While there are higher quality packs out there that are more expensive, I like this one. I have used it extensively over traveling around three different states and it is well made. Cant beat it for the price.

    • Thanks Chuck. I have seen it mentioned in a few forums and it looks like what I want. I had a Marine backpack that was basically one large compartment. I want to have at least a few pockets to separate stuff in. My current packs are a bit too small for a bug out bag or a longer distance get home.

      • I left my BOB in Kalifornia, I use my Large Alice Pack.

        In my Vehicle I carry a (Yukon Outfitters – Tactical Bug Out Bag) it’s 26x13x11.

        Nothing like the Holidays to put a new one together

    • Hi, Chuck
      Regards pack weight, one school of though is this

      If your not in good shape, your pack weight should
      =/< 15% of your weight

      If your in moderately good shape
      =/< 15% of your weight

      If your in good shape
      =/< 20% of your weight

      Just sharing.

      • I like that Badger. Have never heard this but I agree. Hey – I am in decent shape but I won’t be carrying a 90 pound pack any distance. 30 pounds? Yes. I try to take a somewhat minimalist approach to gear to reduce weight but still have needed equipment.

  8. My family is doggy with six in the pack. As winters get cold in the mountains our dogs are kept inside and the largest (Rhodesian Ridgebacks) sleep under our king sized bed. We have hardwood and tile floors, no carpet. Everyone with a dog and hard surface floors should read this: GET A ROOMBA! Awesome on hard surface floors and get 90+% of all dog hair. We named our Roomba, Rosie – which should be familiar to anyone of Jetson vintage. These things are about 3″ in height and easily clean under the couch, recliners, and of course, beds.


    Folks if you have dogs inside, this gadget will cut your clean up by a large margin and all you do is dump the dog hair in Rosie’s dust bin every day. They even find their way automatically back to the charging station. Don’t know how well these things would work on carpet but with hard surface flooring they are awesome!!!


  9. Badger,
    Thank you for the info on the weight amount. I have done martial arts for about 25 years so I am in decent health. I just have some chronic injuries from practicing the arts and don’t like a lot of weight on the back. With my body armor and pack, things get a little heavy. I like the pack a lot and try to plan the packing of it as if I had to walk home from work which is about 30 miles. I don’t think anyone buying the pack would be disappointed in it. The pack works well for me even though I certain areas of the body are starting to creek and groan more.

  10. Chuck,

    Creak and groan I know. Moved from flatland Texas to a mountain top a few years ago. Had been swinging the ruck, hiking down and back up the mountain every day. A hip was really hurting and told the wife I might have to get a replacement hip. Shortly later I was down at the gate and a neighbor stopped to visit. Looking at me in the heavy ruck, he commented that I must be crazy. Thought about that all the way back up the mountain. Set the ruck off for a few days – and the hip quit hurting. Age is hard to get used to. Once was a time when I could have hiked the ruck for days on end.


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