From the Desk of John Rourke – November 19th, 2014

I managed a 275 pound squat. This is pretty good for me and I think a PR(personal record). I felt like I could go heavier but didn’t want to push it. Actually – proud of myself considering a couple years ago was told I would never workout again due to back pain.

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So – Charles Manson is getting married to a 26 year old women while in prison. Luckily – they don’t allow conjugal visits. That’s just what we need – a generation of Little Charley Mansons running around.

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I remember when Ronald Reagan ran against Walter Mondale and he said the following at a debate- ” I want you to know also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”   He exuded leadership and confidence.

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The doctor who recently died from Ebola in Nebraska had a false negative Ebola test. Comforting.

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I’ve got the ability to barter for an EOTech 552 Holographic Sight. Always liked the reticle and reputation for reliability.


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  1. Congrats on your PR! I changed to front squats a year ago, it seems to have helped my core more than regular squats. I haven’t gone over 225 on the front just yet, honestly it’s hard to get a spotter consistently who can actually spot the heavy stuff. I am ready to step up to the 115 dumbbells for the flat bench press. Lifting heavy things and setting them back down = fun!

    Keep up the good work! If you can get the EOTech, get it, we love ours.

    • Thanks Max. I usually perform my heavy lifts at Crossfit where if I fail I just drop the weights. I did this one at the YMCA and was ready to make one heck of a racket if I dropped it. Well – I saved my embarrassment by making it. I like front squats better than back squat and always have for some reason. 115 pounds for a flat bench using dumbbells – wow.

  2. Rourke- way to go but please be careful.
    Watch the Weather channel if you get it because western NYS and Michigan has been on a lot with the record breaking snow falls.-more coming .

  3. Thanks. I once dropped some 100# dumbbells at a hotel gym in Orlando. Unfortunately it was staffed and it was requested I not return. I suspect you would have gotten the stink eye at the YMCA! 🙂

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