From the Desk of John Rourke – November 18th, 2015

Everyone bought their turkey? Picked up a 23 pounder last Friday. Going to take advantage of the sales and buy 2-3 more – smaller ones.

Looking forward to Gobble Day. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade bread, corn – and FRUIT SALAD. “Fruit salad?” you ask. A recipe that my family has always used on Thanksgiving and usually at Christmas. Basically drained fruit cocktail and whip cream. Will have to ask the wife if there is something else in it. Awesome!

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Pictured above is a Winchester 94 that my father passed on to me years ago. I have only shot it a few times. I checked the serial number and it was manufactured back in the 50’s. I am going to go hunting this weekend and will take the Winchester along with me.

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Came across this diagram on lacing shoes and thought it was interesting. I guess I lace my shoes up pretty normal and never even considered trying something different.

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Have a good rest of you week.




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17 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 18th, 2015”

  1. Classic rifle the ’94 is. I am assuming 30-30 Winchester or is it the .32 Special ? In any case, those pre-64 production Winchesters are more valuable.

    Have a good hunt, just getting out into the peace and quiet of the woods is well worth the effort.

  2. Nice rifle and potent medicine for deer.

    I have broken toes that despite being taped never healed in the correct position. As a result, the tops of the joints usually rub raw without moleskin. Will try one of the lacing alternatives. Where did you find this interesting bit of shoe trivia?


  3. we ate a similiar salad, but mom added shredded coconut. . . . .had a 94 Win in .32 special that my Dad had. . . . in a moment of stupidity I sold it, for way too little. . . . been kicking myself hard ever since. . . . . getting to the point of “never sell a gun once you bought it”. may seem like a good idea at the time, but hindsight always changes perspective.

  4. My best friend now passed had a .32 cal Winchester, smoothest lever action I have ever felt, it was passed down from his folks, he was from Penn. He also had a 30-06 BAR, pass down.

  5. Would love to one day own a lever action. I grew up with the same fruit salad, sliced apples and bananas added. When I moved south my girlfriend (later my wife) took me to her sister’s for thanksgiving. They to had fruit salad but to my horror they had replaced the whipped cream with mayonnaise! Why! How! Who!…. To this day I still can’t imagine…..

  6. John P.- Sadly, whoever re barreled your ‘pre-war .32’ (.32-20)reduced it’s value by 90%. It is however more practical now.
    I have a Model 73 in .32(mfg’d in 1886)and a pre-64 in .30-30, Not my main rifle but great utility gun (unassuming and non-threatening and very ‘Gray Man’ as far as BOB rifles go…)and fairly cheap to shoot too.
    This being deer season, I’m getting Remington Core-Lokt .30-30 on sale for $14.49 a box with a $5 mail in rebate (for 2 boxes max) from Remington (time to stock-up on about 10 boxes like I did last year)

  7. That…is a rifle. Is there really anything else needed but one of those? I bet it kicks like a mule though? 30-06 BAR? Wow..gosch. Here let me pull out Ma deuce and they can talk to each other. I wish. That’s what we called it in the Marines. When duel MG’s would alternate fire with each other. It sorta seemed like they were talking to each other.

    Mayo…? in fruit salad?…Yuck! Sorry for those that like it. Not this egg.

  8. Great little rifle, all I’ve used for the last 30+ years.

    Fruit salad, haven’t had to eat that since my great aunt passed 25 years ago. Miss her but not the salad.

  9. I have one of those .. Dad gave me mine as well.. 30-30. Good close and in the brush.. 100 yard gun.. maybe a little more.

    I tie em they stay on .. so I’m good 🙂

    On gobble day. well had a week of deer hunting planned. My daughter in basic called today.. She may have broken her hip on the O course. We’ll see after the eval. So she either has to repeat part of basic if she heal, they let her go on to AIT school and heal there .. or they discharge her with a medical. I am sad for her.. and pappa bear wants to get in his truck and drive to Oklahoma. She said don’t and they would not let me anyway .. she wants to stay in and tough it out.. good for her .. I raised a tough girl. Give her a thought tonight. and we’ll see what happens. Either way Turkey day will be more about her than deer .. Hey gotta do for her if she needs it.. I’ll kill deer out back if I need one ..

    Later gang!

    • A tough girl, a dear girl-her father’s girl. Blessings, seen and unseen, for you both were yours before you asked….may you feel them mightily !

  10. Might have broke her hip in basic..Good grief! She’s tough for wanting to stay for sure. Kudo’s to you and her. I will be lifting her up. It’s good she can still go through AIT. Most recruits, in any branch, are recycled…meaning they have to repeat the whole process. Fortunately for her, that does not seem to be the case.

  11. Goinggray58- my prayers are with your daughter.
    How did she break her hip? Family isnt allowed to visit when someone gets hurt in basic?
    Our daughter broke her pelvis in 4 places from a farm accident and she is doing well but she still has pain in the cold weather.
    We have a few winchesters and they are the best. I bought one at a garage sale for my husband years ago.

    • @Arlene

      She fell during an obstacle course run .. no details really .. since the DS was there next to her allowing her the call so she coudl tell me ..
      in her words .. Dad,.. hers’s what going on and we don’t do emotions over here .. so we’ll talk later
      That’s the Sunday call unless they give her leave to call
      she tested later after they gave her meds and put her in her rack .. she was not feeling pain then for sure ..
      nope no visitations .. I asked .. I told her I’d drive to OK and Ft. Sill .. she said nope

      Thanks for the support guys


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