From the Desk of John Rourke – November 18th, 2014

Why does it bother me that a Muslim IMAM was allowed to praise Allah on the floor of the House of Representatives on November 13th? You probably know why.

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I am needing an upper for my New Pioneer AR lower. Would like to buy complete as saving time has value. Looking to finish this budget build.

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Had a situation where my wife was leaving the house to run an errand and taking my youngest son to drop him off at a friends on the way. She yelled up stairs that she was leaving and I said “Bye – drive careful!” I watched TV for awhile and then got up to go take a shower. I thought I heard a door shut downstairs but questioned it as my TV was on. I shut the TV off and listened – and I heard a door shut. I knew my wife shouldn’t be home yet. I grabbed my shotgun out of my gun safe, walked over and looked out the window – my wife’s car was not there. I heard footsteps downstairs. I was puzzled as my little “yippy’ dog usually goes ape-$h-t if a non-family member comes around. I went down the stairs quietly looking, slicing pie’s. I went into the main living room and sure enough – the garage door opened. I had my muzzle pointed down a bit with finger off the trigger but ready. My youngest son – Christopher – walked in.

He had decided not to go to his friends.

The wife and I will have a talk when she gets home.

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The stock market is tremendously overvalued and a large correction is just a matter of time.

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I am probably not the only one telling their kids that there will be a smaller Christmas this year. Disposable money is just not at prevalent as it has been in the past years. Regardless – the kids will have a good Christmas and we are very lucky. One thing I am going to bring to the forefront of this season with the kids is the true meaning behind Christmas.



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  1. Rourke-if the Imam was denouncing terrorism(which I doubt he did) thats fine but if he were praising Allah for the current issues then I am appalled-as are you and
    Rev Graham and any other red blooded American !!
    Your story re home safety reminds me of when I was a child and we were told to go to bed-I realized when I got to my room that my sister and I had forgotten our pajamas so I crept into my parents room to get them from the chair where the clean laundry was kept and my Dad had his billy club raised when I yelled it was just me=close call. -we laughed about it later. Arlene

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