From the Desk of John Rourke – November 17th, 2014

Pretty impressed with the landing of a spacecraft onto a comet. I mean – if man can do something like this we should be able to solve any problem.

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Getting ready to order some more antibiotics for my 205 pound “fish”.

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I have watched the movie America: Imagine the World Without Her several times – excellent. Dinesh D’Souza takes the viewer through a history of the United States which not only provides so many reasons to feel proud and Patriotic – but dispels the myths proposed by the far Left. Dinesh discusses TRUE history rather than the watered-down pseudo-history often taught in public schools today. While some politicians apologize for the actions of this country – AMERICA: Imagine a World Without Her defends her.  Highly recommended.

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I saw a guy wearing Google Glass a few weeks ago in a restaurant – it irritated me.  I am a big believer in Freedom’s of all kinds but having people walking around video taping ME while I go about my business. Well – I don’t care for that at all and although I may be in public I feel it is an invasion of my privacy. Some may say that people have a right to video tape whatever they please if they are in public – but I liken Google Glass to personal space. How would you feel if someone followed you around like walking in your footsteps – and when standing looking at something they got right next to you – constantly. Although that person has a right to go wherever they wish we should have an expectation to do the same with a certain amount of personal space and freedom.

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These record breaking low temperatures that much of the country has been having may be a sign of things to come. Need a reason to prep? Well….there you go.


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  1. Rourke, would you have a list of what antibiotics you stock and how much of each? I want to get started on storing some, but I don’t know where to begin.

  2. Oh, boy…I went to your source website, and it said this:

    Restructuring to comply with FDA laws

    I guess now we’ll have to prove that we’re fish.

  3. It reminds me of the Olympics a few years back. The Europeans calling the USA fat, stupid, uneducated…..we landed on Mars then kicked their asses at the Olympics!

  4. Rourke –

    How would one find out the appropriate does for the 185 man fish, 160 pound women fish and then the lesser weight children fish?

  5. my brother sent out these chitarmss cards . the front was him and his wife wearing matching v-necks each holding their babies also wearing .. matching v-necks . phot shopped across the bottom was a tag that said *LagOnnis (our last name) like he is trying to brand our family name and have exclusive credit for the family name . On the back of the card . He has four paragraphs talking about how many vacations he went on this year, all of these amazing job offers pouring in and states He likes where he is working right now very much but still enjoys the amazing job offers that are pouring in. He says despite the economic downturn he moved into a much bigger and better house in a more family frienddly neigborhood . We live in an area where every house cost about on million and up . it’s not hard to find a family friendly neighborhood here. When facebook isn’t enough he created a mind blowing blog page so you can find exclusive details all about him and his family at their very own website. He also says how his two kids aged 11 months and two years old have a personal chef. Just upscaling everything Like honestly I hope those two infants have a personal chef they would die if nobody cooked for them. They are expecting another child and they said We are expecting a new child Next year our family is going to be bigger and better! And at the bottom they signed they’re LagOnnis And didn’t say they’re names or anything . Just the corporate brand idea they’re projecting out. Is this to much? I feel in the economy we are in right now saying how many vacations they have been on, the bigger and better house they moved into while other people in my family are facing forclosures or are struggling month to month, I feel it is just very unsensitive and rude. And, I am not jealous either. I have things I can brag about but I don’t believe in this bahavior so I don’t do it. What do you think? Also, my other brother installed solar panels on his roof, and this chitarmss card brother took all the credit saying he installed all the solar panels and never mentioned any help from my other brother . And I get it, my other brother didn’t help seeking any praise or approval but clearly this Christmas card brother is seeking praise and approval so it is annoying to me .. And . Matching grey V-Necks? Come on. Lifes not all rainbows and butterflies stop faking it.Ok so I was pretty irriated when i wrote this. It’s not a million dollar and up area it’s more like $900,000 and up but all the money aside . Just the way he is being so formal with his family and talking about how great he is IN THIRD PERSON point of view . So you think it’s it’s to much? You think I would get away with it? lolI agree with all of these responses .. The one person that said there is a lot more going on then what they tal about Agreed. It seems picture perfect on the outside but deep down inside of that family structure there is clearly insecurity. I agree everyone has one of those in the family And yes Matching V-Necks. What the hell.I have to admit .. I sent out my own Christmas card this year . After getting this years chitarmss card and seeing that it is bigger than last years I decide to send out a card that looks similar to theirs but I am mocking the **** out of them. On the front I am holding my dog, I am looking really good but I am making a funny face and under my picture (I am awearing a grey V-Neck) I wrote See reverse for exclusive details all about me!!!!!! and I on the back I ran all over them I hope next years card either 1) Doesn’t come at all or 2) Is drastically tuned down. The back clowns them pretty bad. I sent it to everybody The opening sentence to my Christmas Card is Hello Everybody, I know you all have been waiting for this years status report and I thank you all for being patient. I’mdoing extraordinary. Last year, (despite the ecomic downturn) I went on so many vacations. And when I say so many, it’s relly an understatement. lol.

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