From the Desk of John Rourke – November 16th, 2015

Just released a new article in Patriots Members Area. Members – check it out HERE.

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Interested in fighting ISIS. TrackingPoint is offering up 10 of their rifles to those willing to go and get the job done.

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Did some shooting in Georgia this past weekend. Seemed fitting after the attacks in Paris to send some rounds down range. I wonder how many millions of American’s inspected, cleaned, and lubricated their guns after watching the coverage on the Paris attacks.

Image-1447553679764-e1447558118568 (1)

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ has a fantastic deal: 500 rounds of Wolf 55-grain .223 ammunition for only $124.99. That is less than $5 per box of 20 rounds.

As a sponsor of this website they are there for me so I can be there for you. If you do business with them please let them know you heard about them here.

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Just completed Book 6 of The Survivalist series written by Dr. Arthur Bradley. What a writer! Can’t wait for Book 7 to be released.

For those that have read the series – my favorite characters are Tanner and Samantha. Their relationship has me laughing often. Mason and Bowie are awesome as well.


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12 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 16th, 2015”

    • I have had the same issue…..but found if i click on “Join the Patriots” under the header(left side at the top) then choose”Log In”(second option i think) i can log in and then access all that is available. Hope this helps….

      • Hi joyce – not sure what is happening as on my end no issues. Though – going to “Log In” is a foolproof way to get where you want to go.

        Thanks – Rourke

        • i am thinking this issue comes up when i do a hardboot with my tablet to resolve a different problem. i seem to need to”sign in”to apps that didn’t need that step before. It is fine till i go through the hardboot process…..again, but now that i am aware of this i just sign in…i also noticed my comments show up from”joyce” when i am not signed in and from “joyce e” when i am. Doesn’t look like i have the option to change that so i always am”joyce”….do i?

    • That is correct PR. I also have not shot any Wolf. I would only use it for plinking and training myself. I have shot lots of Tula and Monarch both of which are also steel cased and Berdan primed. I have had VERY few issues with either and saved a lot of money.

    • Wolf Gold is brass (reloadable) w/ berdan. Have not had any problems with it but I do shoot it in AK’s that don’t care what they shoot–accuracy wise–wolf gold will not let you down–1″ group at 150 meters (in a lead sled)–not bad for a run of the mill, nuttin special AK, I also shoot tula, not quite as good as wolf gold but close–2″ group at 150 meters consistently ,which as rourke says, shoots fine–but then again, it’s in AK platform. AR’s are a totally different animal and are at times finicky depending on the build your running. Wolf Gold shoots fine in several friends AR’s–and is reasonably priced (around a buck 30 for 500 rounds at Classic last week) Wolf Silver–I might pass on if your using an AR platform–steel with polymer coating. Friends have had problems with this in their AR’s (ejection issue’s after prolonged shooting). My stockpile–70-30 wolf gold and tula. Hope that helps

  1. Thanks Rourke.

    I buy commercial mainly for the brass casing and prefer nickel plated brass over straight. Using the RCBS Chargemaster powder measure/trickler and electronic scale combination, one can quickly weigh each charge which makes assembling highly accurate rounds a pleasure. See:
    Hence the interest in whether Wolf was steel cased and Berdan primed.

    For those of you who have never inquired as to the difference between Boxer and Berdan primers, Boxer primers have an integral anvil holding the priming compound against the primer cup and are used with cases having a central flash hole; Berdan primers are intended for cases with an integral anvil. Those cases generally have three flash holes making decapping more difficult and hence most reloaders avoid with a passion.

    I’ve often thought Berdan primers were a tool of governments to control reloading and thus better control the supply of ammunition. They tend to be used wherever gun control is rampant, especially by totalitarian governments.

    Steel is cheaper than brass and as it will rust, is often coated with a shellac type compound inhibitor. This coating can make cleanup a chore or worse yet with hot chambers can even induce jams. Brass will corrode from just fingerprint residue and more so when in contact with leather. Hence my preference for nickel plated brass cases.

    Wolf ammunition is made in Russia, hence my question.


  2. Woodtick,

    Do you have a US supplier for Berdan primers? What type decapping process do you use? When I was much younger, I decapped a few Berdan primed cases hydraulically by filling the case with water and driving a tight fitting ram down the case mouth. Messy and slow for sure.



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