From the Desk of John Rourke – November 14th, 2014

I went to a meeting at Christopher’s Middle School. The Assistant Principle was talking about a trip to Sea World that was being offered and a parent asked about fund raisers to help pay for the trip. The Principle stated that there usually are fund raisers such as selling Krispy Kreme donuts but with the Federal Government now keeping unhealthy foods out of the school the successful program was off the table. The government can’t allow kids to eat or sell a donut because it’s bad for them but its OK for a mother to kill an unborn child. Wonderful.

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I’m a gun nut. Not sure how obvious it is. I suspect that including everyone that visits here I am far from alone with my infatuation.

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Just joined my local YMCA. I still do Crossfit but Jonathan – now a Sophomore in High School – wants to work out to improve his football. So we started hitting the weights last night. I figure getting in 3 Crossfit workouts per week and 3 weight lifting workouts should really help me towards my goals.


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Putin is now sending long range bombers to patrol in the Gulf of Mexico. This is something that was not even done in the Soviet-era Cold War. I would say that Putin must have balls so big he has to carry them around in a wheel barrow but he knows Obama and the West will do nothing.




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  1. My mother in law works at an elementary school and they do a candy bar sale and have done a frozen cookie dough sale and are planning doing them again this year. so there should be ways to keep the fundraiser.

  2. Monroe doctrine… what ever happened to that slice of history… we nearly went to war with the USSR in 1962 to enforce that scrape of paper. It this fella in the white house so self centered.. absorbed.. egotistical.. or simply an enemy of the state elected to office by the mass of uninformed electorate?

    Rourke… is the world tipping over or has this Nation lost some.. thing .. that made us what we .. used to be?

  3. Rourke,

    Most people either do not know or have forgot.
    Russian Prime Minister Putin is NOT a politician. He is former Russian special forces.
    Do not expect him to play nice!!!!
    The Coach

  4. Putin knows obama is a weak sister. . . . and there is no other country that could stand up to Russia right now. . . so the schoolyard bully does as he pleases.

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