From the Desk of John Rourke – November 12th, 2015

Hope everyone’s weeks is going well. Had a few minutes so wanted to touch base.

Yesterday was really touching to see the outpouring support for Veterans. I have mentioned this before but I did not serve. It is a regret I consider often. I have always appreciated what men and women of the armed forces have done for this country. My father was a Vet and I loved hearing stories of his time in basic training and the camaraderie he had with fellow soldiers.

I saw comments rolling in here and checked Instagram and Facebook periodically. Lots of stories, memories and appreciation shared.

Throughout social media there were also lots of comments regarding today’s generation and the degrading respect for the country itself, the American flag, and all that many brave men and women have sacrificed for. I agree. The entitlement minded today lack the understanding and respect for the country that should be there. The reasons are many and that is for another day.

What I do know is most everyone I have ever met and know now respect the hell out of the military and all those that serve and have served. While many things about this country are screwed at least the respect for the military hasn’t totally dissipated.

As Capt. Michaels provided  – this video is very fitting……


To all those that serve and have served…..a sincere “Thank you.”







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9 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – November 12th, 2015”

  1. Thank you Rourke! Here is a video that should motivate you. As this is a military video for the Army. It’s nooot quite the Marine spirit, but it’s so close to it that you will understand the Warrior/Patriot spirit within. This video is being used by the National Guard of CA, but it’s universally shared among us. Similarly, I would dare to say this is the fighting spirit within you Rourke, all of you on this board, and all preppers.

    Semper Fi!

    • Agreed ! ….Rourke, we never intend to discount you when addressing our military. You DO share their spirit/heart-was pretty surprised the first time i saw you post that you hadn’t been….you bring us together, Thank You for YOUR service….you will never know this side of heaven the results of that service.

    • Capt.Michaels….inspiring video! The music adds the exclamation point to it’s power…Thanks !
      Having that connection….priceless!

  2. Rourke, like you I also did not serve. And I too have deep regrets that I did not contribute as a member of our armed forces. But although I grew up in the late 60s I ALWAYS appreciated the soldiers, sailors and marines who fought in Viet Nam. I have see this video before but it still brings a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye every time I view it. Thanks to all who have served our country and also to those on active duty today!

  3. JFKs “Ask not…” and a history of John Paul Jones and the “Bonhomme Richard” navel battle with Marines in the rigging in which the ship was lost but the battle won…..led me into the Marine Corps and on to Vietnam in 1966.

    • I have the UTMOST RESPECT for those who volunteered for the military during the Vietnam War, D! In my opinion, your courage overrides those who burned their draft cards or ran to Canada. I’m not sure that Americans realize the significance of Carter pardoning those “draft dodgers” years later. I fear a legal precedence was set that renders Selective Service impossible. I was part of the “all volunteer” force, enlisting as a senior in high school in March 1980. The guys that I entered the military with had different reasons for signing up, but very few would credit a poignant quote or event in US history. My motivation was specific. Iran seizing our Embassy and holding our personnel hostage convinced me to join the Army. I asked the Recruiter: “How do I kill those heathens burning our flag in Tehran?” He replied, “You need to be a paratrooper, son. They go everywhere first!”

  4. You should not have regrets for not serving. You are serving the people now and that is enough. I remember coming home from Viet-Nam, the reception was not so welcoming as it is today. I have no regrets for volunteering to go over there. It was my duty (at the time) but times have changed. We now have an even greater enemy and our present regime does not see the danger, or it does not care, seems that they want to welcome terrorists across our borders. It is now more than ever (Paris) that we should be more vigilant. I go nowhere without my handgun and an extra mag in my pocket. You never know. 1000 refugees were just brought into Mi. as if we didn’t have enough Muslims here already. Just drive around Dearborn, nothing but Arabic signs on most of the buildings and shops. They even recognize sharia law there. Sad but true!


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