From the Desk of John Rourke – November 12th, 2014

I have mixed feelings with the Seal coming forward and talking about the killing of Bin Laden. I was not able to watch the Fox News special – but will likely catch it on Youtube or download a bootleg copy off the Internet. On one hand the Seal and other veterans make incredible sacrifices for peanuts. If they can benefit themselves and their family by telling the truth – so be it. On the other hand if he provides intelligence in some way to the enemy that may endanger those currently serving. Regardless – he and his fellow Team members are hero’s and I thank them for what they did.

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Those out there getting hit by this incredible winter weather – stay safe. Mother Nature doesn’t fight fair.

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Another instance where Putin makes Obama look like an amateur. At the Beijing Summit Putin approached Obama, was personable, tried to make small talk – and Obama looked like fragile kid that was talking to the school bully. The icing on the cake was when Obama emerged from his limo chewing gum. Many may see this as not a big deal. In my life I have had opportunities to be in the presence of important people – owners of companies, God in church – and even my martial arts instructor. It is flat out disrespectful. Embarrassing.


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My buddy showed me his AR pistol with Sig Sauer Hand Stabilizer. Simply awesome.

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  1. I saw that today, he looked like a timid school boy who was about to get his lunch money stolen. Then, China releases their stealth fighter, hmm, hacking is a good business since it looks just like ours.

  2. Senior right on. To make matters worse Obama is inviting a tremendous number of
    Chinese students here-hoping that China will stop hacking.He is delusional or just out to ruin America. God help us as he has two more years.Hopefully the Republicans will be in majority soon and will be able to stop his destructive behavior. Arlene

  3. If you would have some measure of peace in all the mess – past, present and future – you might read and connect these:
    Proverbs 21:1 with John 6:44,65 with Isaiah 55:8,9. Then all of John 10.
    As the God of the Bible reaches into us to give His hope of Heaven by and through Jesus the Christ the previous scriptures have proven many times to give that hope to the hopeless. I have witnessed this in those who survive in the garbage dumps of Matamoros, the streets of Port au Prince after the Haiti earthquake and after having to explain (the death of or) a terminal diagnosis to patients and their families.
    Nothing else has made such an effort to give us that hope.

  4. With all respect, delusion is hoping the Republicans will stop destructive behavior (of any kind), majority or not. It’s this sort of thinking that keeps the machine fed and keeps a false sense of hope that it’s going to change.

    I would love to be wrong, but the Republicans have already sold everyone out. They won’t repeal the Affordable Care Act, they won’t seal the border (although it will be harder for Americans to travel), they won’t stop the data collection, they won’t reverse same sex marriage, etc. Any type of platform the ran on has already rotted away.

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