From the Desk of John Rourke – November 11th, 2014

Just got finished watching the movie “Dragon’s Day”. Low budget and so-so acting but pretty interesting. The premise is the United States is attacked by China as most all electronics stop working due to an internal “virus” that is included as part of the manufacturing process. China is able to activate the virus through the use of a top-secret radio frequency. The story covers a family who had gone to a mountain cabin and finds the world falling apart around the. Not bad.

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Putin is enhancing its relationship with China – and new military documents outline the United States and NATO as targeted threats.


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As time permits I am going to start building a couple of chicken coops out of scrap wood. Once complete I will just need to fence them in. Looking at this as a winter project to get done a little at a time.

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Really enjoying The Walking Dead this season. Graphic, gory – great story with surprises around every corner. My favorite character is Michonne.


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  1. For your coops, Might I recommend that you raise the coops about 3 feet off of the ground with a ramp down to it from the coop above? This gives you a space that will be protected from snow and rain that they can go to, but still be outside of the coop itself. Then surround the lower part with chicken wire. Also if you put a hinged door along the wall where the nests are, it will make egg retrieval easier. Keeping water and feed under the coop also makes it easier to refill, and keeps other animals out of it. Just my two cents from my experiences. Good luck and God bless.

  2. Thanks to all of our veterans on this day as well as happy 239th Birthday to our Marines yesterday.
    I would have thought that would be some mention of this here.

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