From the Desk of John Rourke – November 10th, 2014

A Liberal friend of mine recently showed me a graphic that someone made up that promoted an opinion related to the voters who gave Republicans control of both the House and Senate. The graphic suggests that the Obama Administration has been a tremendous positive for this country and provides “facts” as supportive evidence. So frustrating to come across smart people that believe the propaganda and fail to educate themselves.

Here is the graphic itself:


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Related to voting as co-worker came up to me and saw my “I voted” sticker. He said he was surprised that I voted. I asked why and he said he thought I knew better than to believe that my vote would make any difference. I know there is a lot of corruption in Congress but I can guarantee 100% his non-vote didn’t make a difference whatsoever.

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The colder weather is making an appearance here in the South. Low’s at night have been in the 30’s while days haven’t been bad at all. I am hoping we get snow this year. I hate the cold without snow and I love to drive in the snow. Other parts of the country are getting hit hard by winter weather already. Good to always be prepared(like I have to even say that).

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I started downloading the TV show “Z Nation” off the Internet (remember – no cable or satellite).  This is a Zombie show by the Syfy Channel. Entertaining so far but not up to par with The Walking Dead.

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  1. Rourke, as someone who studies political doings on a granular level, the postcard above is, in my mind, another justification for transforming the “right to vote” into an earned reward. There should be a litmus test, the results of which will decide whether you are qualified to vote. A nation that allows the ignorant, misinformed and feckless to decide its future doesn’t have much of one.

    As for your co-worker, he is one of many who believe voting makes no difference, so they don’t. Have they convinced themselves that their non vote makes more of a difference? or do they simply not care enough to try and make a difference?

    I believe I support wholeheartedly your co-worker’s not voting. We would be better off if many more would join him.

    I have it on 1st hand knowledge that (at least in the southeast) last year’s cold snap taxed the power companies to the max. They hovered near 100% output multiple times. If you understand power supply, you understand that if demand exceeds output capacity the power companies initiate rolling blackouts to prevent the breakers from tripping, which would mean lights out for many connected. Imagine thousands without heat when the temps are in single digits. Imagine your family being among them. It’s understood that power companies are connected by contracts and wire, no power company stands alone, but when thinks turn frosty the grid gets fragile.

  2. I can guarantee 100% that whatever your coworker did with his time instead of voting made no less of a difference than your vote did, and probably did make more of a difference, even if it was just catching up on sleep.

    In addition to that, your coworker did not join you in giving the impression that he consents to the rule of the illegitimate regime that resulted from the election.

    • That’s your opinion Eric and as sure as you believe you are correct – I know you are wrong. So – voting my local Representative or Senator was a waste of time? I happen to think Mick Mulvaney and Nikki Haley are well worth my vote. Every person that holds there vote back from voting for someone who can help move forward a Conservative agenda is a vote for the Liberal one.

  3. If you don’t vote, then you can’t bitch.
    I told A friend who drove me to the polls and did not vote, that he ought to be ashamed of himself.

  4. Rourke, would you think his non vote hurts America less or more than his voting for the side you are not on? Voting has always been considered a civic duty, and rightly so. But isn’t it also a civic duty to understand what you are voting for, and the possible consequences of that vote? I understand that there are many who believe differently than I, who want the country to go in a direction other than what our founders intended. As much as I dislike their intentions I realize they have a right to vote and they may win. But what I have zero tolerance for is our future being decided by the uninformed, ill-informed, the stupid, the “gibs me dats” and the brain dead zombies rounded up and herded to the polls each election cycle. We should all prefer that they join your co-worker in believing that voting is a waist of time and busy themselves with other things.

    • Mr. Gault – When people voted this past Tuesday numerous people – and things – were on the ballot. For those that believe everything is one giant conspiracy, well, get out the aluminum foil and cover thy head. If someone wishes not to vote for a particular candidate – that is their right and I am totally supportive. I decided not to vote for Lindsey Graham and voted for the candidate I felt would better serve this country.

      My coworker – in my opinion – is just as uneducated as those you referenced. He lives in a fantasy world that his vote – ANY vote – makes no difference at all. You have no tolerance for the ill-informed deciding our future, well, my co-worker is one of those ill-informed and his non-vote is helping decide our future.

  5. John Gault, I agree there should be a litmus test given before people are allowed to vote as the uninformed can make difference in the outcome of an election. In 1989 if memory serves me in central Florida we had rolling brownouts just before Christmas when the temp in my area dropped to 19 degrees at night and into the mornings, the power plants were not big enough to supply the demand made on them.

  6. Rourke, this sounds almost like a disagreement between us, there isn’t. You are right, your co-workers non vote does have an effect. Whether that effect could be defined as damaging to the country may well depend on the eye of the beholder, and what your co-worker would do with his vote if he were to use it. In our resent midterms they say that just 41% of eligible voters voted. This doesn’t include the dead, who vote almost exclusively for the totalitarians (the left). Had turnout been similar to 2012 the results might have been very different.

    In the America of my dreams everyone would be honest, informed, civic minded and good looking. Each would celebrate their vote only after a long period of informed debate based on known facts and educated guesses. There would be no shortage of bar graphs, pie charts and spread sheets to study.

    I understand your disgust with “those” who won’t celebrate their own chance to lever an educated vote. I on the other hand have resigned that, at least for now, we are better off if “those” don’t vote.

  7. John,

    I certainly don’t heckle my associates to vote. Why dilute the great pool with even more of the unwashed? Litmus test for voters? An IQ test? Better yet something like the old poll tax or at least to those on the tax rolls?

    Many of us have read the old Heinlein novel Starship Troopers (which is much much much more better than the cheap trashy movie by the same name). Amongst other things the novel advocated a voting citizenry composed of those who have served the state. In addition one had to be a citizen as a prerequisite to holding public office. Let’s see, I think President Bush the latter was the last president to meet that requirement.


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