From the Desk of John Rourke – May 8th, 2015

Almost every time I adjust scope crosshairs I go the wrong way. Am I the only one?

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FBI says ISIS is ever growing in their influence inside the US. What is being done to counter this trend?

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Check out this video just under 5 minutes. It pretty much sums up the dangerous and violent nature of radical Islam. The Imam states openly that Pam Geller should be killed for supporting the drawing of cartoons of Mohammad.

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I have mixed feelings about the effort to pass a law in South Carolina that any citizen eligible to own a gun can carry concealed. No permit would be required. I know, I know – the 2nd Amendment. Believe me I know. I also know many idiots that should not be allowed to own a gun because they are totally irresponsible.  They are not criminals – but they would be dangerous to themselves and their kids if they started carrying. I hate giving the anti-gun crowd an inch because they will take a mike but some form of common sense should be prevalent here.

There certainly are pro’s and con’s. People should be able to defend themselves….period.


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Hope everyone has a good weekend. I went and saw Avengers 2 Thursday night. Great movie – action packed.




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  1. The carry situation reminds me of a quote that a very proper lady said years ago. ” My dear if you have an affair you will regret it and if you dont youll regreat it.”

    Another not sure who said it ” An armed society is a polite society”

    I do understand your concern Rourke- but you dont want your state to turn into NYS where a carry
    permit is nearly impossible to get. Arlene

  2. I agree with the “Carry Options” Lot of idiots out there with out proper training for safety. I once commented on a UTube ad was harassed with name calling. Gun safety Nazi and such. Fortunately there were more on my side then against and the UTuber is actually showing safer handling on his site.

  3. I for one believe in Constitutional Carry. If I am legal to carry a gun, I should be able to carry it any way I wish to. I also believe that if you carry you are an idiot if you don’t educate yourself in the laws where you do so, and an even bigger idiot if you are not proficient in the use of the firearm you do carry.

    As for the video, nothing surprising or new there in my humble opinion. I don’t understand when the left will pull their heads out and realize that Sharia is a form of GOVERNMENT with its own laws and courts to interpret those laws, which are not Constitutional here in the US. Makes you think that if it all fell apart you would at least have a chance, or some small hope, of rebuilding this country under the ideals that it was originally founded on. Not these perverted ideals that create such a government dependent and entitled populace that we have today. I am not hoping for it to all fall apart, but I try to be prepared for if it did.

  4. wow well that show quite clearly what we are up against in other words if you want defeat a brutal enemy you must be MORE brutal

  5. I must say that when taking the SC CWP, the 8 hours of classroom was very informative. Legal issues I had never considered were brought up, it was very good stuff. The stories of real situations were the best. I tend to agree that there are definitely folks out there who are a danger to themselves and others due to improper gun handling knowledge and skill. (Hec at the CWP class, one guy had an accidental discharge right off the bat before the 50 round test) Safety classes are great for beginners, then regular range time to polish accurate firing. Beyond that I encourage all to shoot local matches such as IDPA, USPSA, steel, etc. I wored as a USPSA Range Officer and ran a couple matches (as Co-Match Director) in the 1990s and it was a great learning experience to regularly shoot matches. People learn to handle the adrenaline over time and get comfortable with safe gun handling but also shooting fast & accurately. Returning to the same shooting club 20 years later, they now require all new club members to attend and pass a safety class in order to become a member. And if you haven’t shot a 3-Gun Match, then you should sometime. You learn a lot about your equipment and yourself.

  6. If I can legally buy a gun I should be able to carry without having to have a carry permit – the only thing a permit does is track me and tax me.

  7. It seems like a one size fits all type of law will allow irresponsible people to think their foolish acts are okay. We all should have training, but how many don’t, or even practice safety? Think of how many deaths are caused by drivers and they have to pass a test at least once.

  8. If you carry a firearm you should get some training in safe handling it. Check around at local gun ranges and clubs to see if they offer classes our with the NRA for local clubs that do.

  9. John, I think it is a common sense item that if you are going to own a weapon, much less carry, you need to have at least a minimum of training for your own safety, not to mention others around you. Fortunately, I grew up during the 50’s and early 60’s in a family who instilled gun safety in me. I was very fortunate to have a family where if I were not out with my Dad, I would be my uncle. Couple this with my time in the service thru the Vietnam experience, I think I have a fairly decent appreciation for weapons of all types. However, there are many today, who want to own and carry who did not grow up with firearms in the family and have had little or no training, nor have they experienced the responsibility of doing so. To me, a brief 8 hour training session is little to demand from those who want to carry a weapon. The willingness to participate in the program shows a degree of maturity and personal responsibility needed to carry a weapon in public. Besides, you just might learn something.

  10. Oren, the club I belonged to in NH up to 2003 had four basic pistol courses a year and one was for rape and sexual assault victims of which only felt safe with a female instructor which we provided, we also had three personal protection courses a year and the cost was usually & 45.00 for the course which covered use of the range, ammo, targets and NRA manual, the instructors were volunteers. The course after some refinements ran about 16 hours and we always had more people signing up than we could accommodate, so I believe most people would take a course if they could be shown it was worth the time and effort.

  11. Ask yourself – Do you think you have the right to defend yourself using whatever tools are at your disposal? Answer should be emphatically “Yes!” No government, no agency, no one has the right, moral standing, or legal power/authority to deny anyone the right to defend themselves in whatever way they deem necessary.

    So, I think everyone should be able to carry without a permit. Those who are irresponsible will be eliminated from the gene pool in fairly short order…

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