From the Desk of John Rourke – May 7th, 2015

I am excited. Looks like I am going to hold a small preparedness “seminar” at a local gun store. Looking forward to it. Well – gun store is an understatement. This place is an outdoorsman’s paradise. It is basically a family owned business that has been around for decades and has grown from a small bait and gun shop to an outdoor emporium.

I will do a featured article soon on the business. No big secret – just want to do it justice.

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ISIS is threatening to kill US citizen Pam Geller. Pam is the woman who was in charge of the Texas cartoon contest where two Muslim extremist opened fire – and were killed. Don’t mess with Texas. ISIS is stating that they have 71 trained terrorists ready to strike and carry out Jihad.

Chances of being involved in any kind of attack is extremely small. Regardless – be aware and if possible carry concealed.

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If you play “8 Ball Pool” on your phone or tablet – feel free to add me. My ID is 146-558-276-3.

I’ll stomp you like a narc at a biker rally.  😉


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The Kel-Tec PMR 30 continues to perform extremely well. Hornady 45-grain Critical Defense is my ammo of choice for it. Extremely accurate. Very reliable. Great trigger.





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  1. Rourke, Let us know how the presentation goes, and maybe even share your outline so we can see what you cover. I am always open to learning anything that can be added to my ready repertoire of available facts for immediate use.

    As for the PMR-30 I would love to see how the .22 Magnum rounds perform with ballistics gel, watermelon, and even small carbonated metallic cylinders of infiltrating beverages. Video would be very ‘insightful’ (read as both educational and entertaining). I do believe that a .22 caliber round can be useful, but have never used one other than plinking…well except for when a Gunners Mate 1st Class took me out and showed me what happens to a 4×4 post when you drill out a hollow point and then fill the hole with liquid Mercury. That was a fun day.

  2. Its interesting that 4 of the 5 states the ISIS nut jobs listed in their rant are all ranked “Top10” of the most anti-gun states…hmm…too many “Gun Free Zones”? I also loved their reference that two shooters “gave themselves up to be shot”…seriously? God Bless the retired (traffic) cop!

  3. The .22 Mag fired from an 18″ rifle barrel has as much power as a .38 Special at the muzzle. But that’s comparing Tyrannosaurus Rex to the common shrew. Where it does shine is the fact that it will penetrate the chest cavity, and do what all small bullets do once in a cage: bounce all over the place tearing up whatever tissue is in the way, until it runs out of energy. It may exit through the heart, spleen or liver, in that order of choice if we are lucky, since that is how much blood each organ maintains in itself. But we cannot accurately predict it’s path, so we use lots of them, being partially right in that shock will set in spon, or better yet, a 2 to 5 minute bleed-out is caused. In any case, that many rounds to the chest cavity WILL make the mutt wonder if all this is really worth it.

    I will say, although it should go without saying, that if you can make all 30 rounds enter the skull, you’ll have the scrambled brains that many of the tribes on Papua-New Guinea so dearly loved as a celebration feast.. John Rockefeller’s plane was finally found just a few years in the mountains there, and the Aussies didn’t have the control that exists (most of the time, anyway) now. Overkill? Never heard of such a thing. Nothing evil can ever be TOO dead.

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