From the Desk of John Rourke – May 6th, 2015

I just watched the movie America: Imagine the World Without Her again. This was the 5th time and was still excellent. It does an great job suggesting how the world would be a much different place without America. The movie also displays several myths that are known and taught in public schools as fact. Recommended.

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Not sure how long this will last but Amazon has the standard Kindle on sale for $59.00. This is $20 off and ships free. I am a huge Kindle fan. There are tons of survival and preparedness books and ebooks available for free and close to free. Super long battery life and quick charging. Great stuff!

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I like Ben Carson for President. You’ll never find a candidate that is perfect or that can be agreed with on everything. For everyone who ever said they are sick of career politicians and wants someone different he is certainly a good option.

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I will be seeing Avengers 2 this weekend. Can’t wait looks to be great.

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Recent trip to SAM’s I saw they were selling a 3D printer. Looked really cool and useful. Costs are coming down. The ability to make a variety of parts and tools…..fantastic technology.








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  1. Rourke- WE recently got the DVD America : may watch it on our next rainy day.Spring was such a long time coming that I am working outside as much as I can.
    Yes we like Ben Carson also.Hes honest,brilliant, faith filled, A refreshing change !!
    Emergency Essentials is having some good sales this month.and they have a monthly payment plan if one wishes to
    purchase food on one of their plans. Arlene

  2. Another good DVD on the founding of America was “Monumental” with Kirk Cameron. I really enjoyed it and it too shows how a lot of perceptions on America’s founding have been twisted into fallacy. Especially in regards to ‘freedom OF religion” that many now think is “freedom FROM religion”.

  3. Rourke, please, please, please buy that printer! In fact, buy two. My stock in the manufacturer is in the toilet.

  4. “No” on Carson. . . . he is too nice a guy . I don’t think he will be able to slug it out when it gets down and dirty. . . maybe as HHS Sec.or Surgeon General.

  5. I believe that several of the Rep candidates would be good Pres.material- but Ben Carson is different.He was raised very poor and he knows the struggle and the success that comes from very hard work. He may be nice but hes also very aware and is a fierce supporter of the Constitution. Arlene

  6. “hes also very aware and is a fierce supporter of the Constitution.”
    Except for the 2nd amendment. Carson is OK with gun control which he should recognize as unconstitutional, in all it’s forms.
    He also appears to be in favor of forced vaccinations for children against parents’ wishes, which is another problem.
    He has a lot of good stuff to say, but things like the above cause me great concern.

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