From the Desk of John Rourke – May 27th, 2015

Not sure if was just me or maybe where I hang out and the people I am with but this past Memorial Day seemed more celebrated than past ones. I saw more American flags and colors than usual. Either way – it was good.

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Anyone have experience with Rock Island Armory 1911’s?

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Via“Republican Party 2016 primary frontrunner Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told Breitbart News exclusively that if the invasion of illegal aliens that’s currently swarming across America’s southern border were coming in via America’s sea ports, the government would be sending in the Navy to stop it. Instead, the federal government—despite not having to at all—chooses, he says, to leave the U.S. border with Mexico wide open.”

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Garden is well under way. I planted a little less than normal however I may throw in some additional tomato plants. The long growing season here in the South make food production from gardening plentiful.

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ has a huge sale going on today and tomorrow. They carry a ton of unique electronic items including some awesome flashlights. The Sunwayman C22C which had a review article published here today came from there. Really interesting website. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I am looking.

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Here is something maybe we should be stocking up on:






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  1. In reference to your question about Rock Island Armory 1911s which I took to mean Filipino 1911s in general.

    I own a full sized Metro Arms, American Classic ll 1911 in .45acp. It, like the Rock Island Armory is made in the Philippines. My example has been 100% reliable and I have heard the same thing about the Rock Island 1911s as well from their owners. Several of which I’ve known professionally since they’re career LE as well.

    I have many other 1911s, including original Colt military 1911/1911A-1’s, Kimbers, Randalls, ODI viking, Paraordnance and modern Colt variants, to the tune of over thirty different examples.

    My Metro Arms 1911 is as pretty and has as many upgrades as my Kimber Combat Custom Carry Model, with the exception of night sights. It has been just as reliable on the range as my Kimber former duty weapon. In fact more so, since it hasn’t jammed yet in 300 + hundred rounds of 230 grain Winchester white box hardball.

    This is coming from a retired LEO FBI trained police firearms instructor with thirty years on police firing ranges. For whatever that may be worth to you…

    Here’s a link on my Metro Arms1911 under discussion here in all of her glory. I bought mine used but still new in the box for $400.00 out the door at a local pawn shop. Some guy bought it new but soon fell upon hardtimes and needed ready cash, so he sold it back to the place he’d bought it. I immediately bought it when the shop owner pointed it out to me in the display case. I wasn’t even in the market for another 1911 at that time but the thing was just so lovely laying there unwanted and unloved… And it kept calling my name, saying take me home with you…. 🙂

  2. Struggling a little with my raised garden. I can’t seem to figure out why quite a few of the plants leaves are turning yellow. Could be not enough nutrients, to much rain here in Texas, or both. I’m fixing to place chicken wire around it. The birds started attacking the strawberries.

    Still trying to figure out how I’m going to sneak this one through or ease the impact when I tell the wife I just bought another I agree that one looks awesome. How much do the batteries cost and last?

    Squirrel Helper..nice.

  3. I shoot a pair of Rock Islands. One is a government model with no frills, the other an officer model. I shoot the govt model for 3-gun and both models have functioned perfectly. I also shoot a Kimber and they are very comparable as far as reliability and function. Both RIs are steel so are heavier than the Kimber, but that means less felt recoil and quicker follow on shots. the RIs are classic 1911 designs that could say Colt or Springfield on them and you wouldn’t know the difference other than finish. They aren’t fancy but work all day long and eat anything you feed them. Hope it helps. You can email me if you want to know more or have specific questions.

  4. Capt.Michaels- sometimes yellow leaves can be a sign of low potassium or low magnesium.You could add a 1/2 teaspoon of bath salts around each plant -but I agree withTJMO its best to test your soil first.Also with the extreme weather you are having in Texas that may be the problem.My prayers go out to Texans and those in Ok wow-monumental flooding. Arlene
    We are getting a little rain and some high winds and hail.We are extremely dry .

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