From the Desk of John Rourke – May 26th, 2015

Risk Assessment – something apparently I need to improve on.

A tree limb fell and pierced the roof of my shed. I decided to climb up on the shed, remove the large limb, and place a tarp over the area to protect it during rain storms. The ladder I own I found was just a bit short. Did that stop me? Hell no I am a man and I must conquer!! I climbed the ladder, placed my foot on a nearby tree to give me a boost – and up on the roof I went.

…..and down on the ground I fell.

Sometimes risk assessment escapes us. I was told that most men fail to develop the ability to assess risk until around age 25. We believe we are invincible and nothing will happen. As we get older we value our life more and our experiences tell us that we are fragile beings. I guess I reverted back to my teenage years thinking nothing would happen – but if it did no problem! I would simply do a double backflip, bounce off the tree and gently land on my feet due to my years of ninjitsu training.

Oh well – some soreness and a minor headache.

Hmmmm…..wonder if I can still skateboard?

Here is the view I had laying on the ground:



Be safe out there folks……






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13 thoughts on “From the Desk of John Rourke – May 26th, 2015”

  1. Risk management is a part of the executive functions, which are located in the forebrain. Until a person is about 25, give or take, the brain is not completely developed, which lead to your misjudgment. I fractured a vertebrae when I fell 20 feet from a tree and landed on my back. I was 14. Fortunately, until the last few years it has not been a problem. Now the nerves that lead to the outer side of the upper left thigh are being squeezed, and the skin feels like it is on fire, a reaction named “causalgia” (sp?). Not much fun and it always feels better when it quits hurting. Be glad.

  2. Rourke and dhconner- I wasnt aware there was a biological compenent to age and risk taking.I knew some people have more of the need to risk than others. Exp. is a tough teacher. I hope Rourke that you will get your head checked for a concussion and buy a bigger ladder or hire someone next time !!We gave up the roof thing many years ago -the ladder is no longer safe and we are no longer young enough or agile enough.
    To all in the Texas and Florida flood areas-our prayers go out to you-another reason why prepping is so important…… Arlene

  3. I call it superman syndrome, that big S one thinks he has on his shirt, nothing but Kriptoenite can stop you until you grow up that is. I hate pain, which is way I always look, but with two younger brothers calling me a big baby, I just smile because I knew better. Now we are older they now knew better, I still hurt from my stupid days of youth.

  4. Men don’t develop the ability to assess danger because that part of the brain hasn’t developed. Sometimes it takes men into their 30’s. Surprising how the species survived.

  5. Arlene, I agree with you. At age 67 I attempted to trim some branches and should have known the sort sand here in FL would not support the ladder and me without sinking which it promptly did , sore for a few days but learned a lesson. Glad you did not get badly hurt.

  6. Arlene, your right I saw the news reals here in Texas and thought the same thing. I purchased a couple of whole chickens for a little over $4 each and a couple of pounds of ground Bison and canned them up for the pantry. I live in North Central Texas DFW area (Bedford), I feel like I am growing webbed feet now. Had to peal myself off the kitchen ceiling do to a large explosion that was Lightning bolt, sounded like a 155mm howitzer in my back yard.

  7. My sister’s in laws got wiped out in San Marcos Texas. There farm is under 5 feet of water, House, tractors, cars and some livestock.

  8. Hope she has insurance on her farm equipment and is okay Bagder. San Marcos, isn’t that where the teenager coming home from the Prom lost her life too? Here is a pretty good link with information mixed in. The 10th picture on the this page you will see all kinds of cars, trucks, and “SUVs”, but one of many reasons. You wont find a Land Rover in that picture.

    And here’s why, these come stock from the factory like this:

    The mysterious “They say” a Land Rover breaks down, and “They say” stuff is like arm pits, everyone has one. I’m sure some Land Rovers can be screwy or come off the assembly line breaking down like a lemon just like any other vehicle can. However, I always do a lot of research. In fact I spoke to a mechanic who literally worked for Land Rover for 10 years at the time. He told me Land Rovers always seem to have a gremlin in the electrical system due to all the electronics in them and to make sure I got a warranty/extended warranty. Otherwise, you don’t have to always use Land Rover oem parts all the time either. At the time he went on to explain he was trail driving and after pulling a 2010 Tahoe out for the second time using his 1999 Land Rover. He told him if he got stuck again he could call a tow truck. I also spoke to several Land Rover owners before I bought mine. I wanted a real SUV that drove like a car and that’s what I got. An awesome tank that drives and handles like a BMW. I bought it used, because I’m not rich. However, the rich cats that do buy them always get a new model each year. Therefore, they don’t have a high re-sale value. People unknowingly or knowing buy a Tahoe, a Yukon, or Expedition, for a lot of money. Especially a new one for over $50,000 when you could buy a one year or two year old Land Rover for half that price, still with a factory warranty and an extended warranty for a better vehicle. Which is what I did. I got the extended warranty and haven’t looked back. In fact since the warranty has expired we had a few repairs needing to be done, but we didn’t take it to the rip you off dealership. We located a Land Rover mechanic who only charges the average repair price. Also, I can attest to the Land Rover myself. 3 months after bringing my LR3 home some physcho driver tried to run my off the interstate at 60 mph, with their Explorer “suv” and when they rammed me. The next thing I remember thinking as the Explorer was flipping end over end was..”is that the bottom of the vehicle?” I pulled over in my vehicle. After the ambulance took the other driver away,..I drove away in my LR3. You can buy a used Land Rover really cheaper than you think. Just like any vehicle you have to check the VIN against accidents and repairs. Sorry for the rambling plug. Just wanted every one to know that if this guy on a budget can afford a great bug out vehicle…you can to.

  9. Badger, sorry to hear about your sister’s in laws, I will say a prayer for them. Capt., if they are using Lucas electrical components I can see why. I remember they did not have a good reputation and wonder if things haven’t changed?


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