From the Desk of John Rourke – May 22nd, 2015

I have enjoyed Expendables 1 and 2. Action packed movies full of action stars from over the years. Expendables 3? Not the greatest.

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Been slow responding to comments this week. Will catch up this weekend. Appreciate those leaving comments sharing thoughts and getting involved. You rock!!

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I did not put together a “Steals and Deals” post this week however I do want to mention something. has their Sunwayman C22C flashlight on sale for $41.99 while supplies last. Never heard of the light? That’s OK because I have been testing it for the past month and I am extremely impressed.

Oh – use coupon code: SunwaymanC22C  and the price will be reduced to $36.48. Great price.

Here is a preview of some of the pictures I have taken:

1000 lumen Sunwayman C22C in my backyard
220 lumen Nebo LED flashlight for comparison


Compare the 1000 lumen Sunwayman C22C (top) to the 220 lumen NEBO (bottom). What a difference!! The C22C is incredibly compact and super bright.

Detailed review coming soon……

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Hope everyone has a great week!!!! Be safe!!



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  1. You + lights = awesome. THAT!…is a And so affordable to. Gosh, every time you post one of these I get in trouble with the wife, because I’m buying one. She’s always smacking me with the truth. How many of those do you need to see with? All of them? Saw all the Expendables except the last one. Love how Chuck saved them all in that town…to funny. The youngest one in the 2. As soon as I saw him at the start of the movie..I was like, “red shirt”…lol

  2. Saw all three and I agree with JR, #1 and #2 were better. Here are a few oldies I like
    #1. 1978: Wild Geese (Richard Burton,Roger Moore,Richard Harris)
    #2. 1980: Dogs of War (Christopher Walkin,Tom Berringer)
    #3. 1964: Zulu (Micheal Cane,Stanley Baker)
    #4. 2002: We Were Soldiers (Mel Gibson,Sam Elliot)
    #5. 1982: Task Force Z (Mel Ginson)
    #6. 1981: Gallipoli (Mel Gibson)
    #7. 1968: Dark of the Sun (Rod Taylor,Yvette Mimieux,Jim Brown)

    • Appreciate it Badger –

      As crazy as it sounds I have not seen any of these so guess I have a “watch list” now.

  3. I agree Rourke and Capt.A flashlight in every room, in every vehicle,in every shed…,extras in case one breaks etc. Arlene

  4. I really like your site first of all, secondly I have a radio show called The Awakening Liberty Show on and would love to have you on the show as a guest. I really appreciated your post about lies regarding e foods. I have several questions for you if you have the time. Would you please contact me. Thank you

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