From the Desk of John Rourke – May 20th, 2015

Sorry for no “From the Desk of…” post yesterday. Just ran out of time especially with the troubles from Sunday with the website.

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Appreciate all the positive comments on my “What I like about President Obama” post. I put a lot of effort into it and glad so many enjoyed it.  🙂

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I schooled my 16 year old, 6 foot son in basketball Monday. My knees are reminding me I should have let him win.

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Anyone have an experience with Apple TV?

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Appreciate the support for The Patriots. Membership is growing and I am looking at several new ideas for the program including video’s and a members forum. The first video should be shot this weekend. The members forum is in the early planning stages. Would be great for like-minded folks to get together and share thoughts and ideas.

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The Boy Scouts have banned water gun fights for all troops.


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  1. Rourke- Ah youth re: basketball.Good that you and your son have fun though. If I were a boyscout I would quit- thats ridiculous re the water guns.One year we put water guns in the kids Easter baskets and some “Christians ” told us we were teaching violence.The kids loved them. and they ate a bit less candy.

  2. Re 299 Days.I am into book one and like it so much that I just ordered book 2 .The author really incorporates a lot of good prepping inf. Arlene

  3. Have an Apple TV (Rev 3 or however they call it), and it’s great. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

  4. Have always loved Red Dawn! – The boy scouts “sheesh”, sadly a dying force! – Once again love your obammie article. Have a great day. Keep those knives sharp, powder dry, but out ready and most of all Keep Looking UP – that’s where the help comes from.

  5. I am a Scoutmaster and when I started over 20 years ago it was expected that you use a modicum of common sense, but the activities were not as restricted. We could go rappelling with 11 year old scouts (double down lines, and a belay line) with no issues. Now they have to be 14 to go rappelling. We used to be able to take them shooting and teach them things like handgun safety, now they have to be 16 to handle let alone shoot a handgun. Now days things like Airsoft, and Paintball are also out of the question for scouts. It is very sad.

    It’s twelve o’clock, America, another day closer to victory. And for all of you out there, on, or behind the line, this is your song. (Battle Hymn of the Republic begins)

    • Bob – no questions really. Years ago I had bought a bunch of movies and TV shows from Itunes and thought of getting one to access them. I saw the Apple TV at Sam’s for under $70.

  6. I was a boy scout, it sure has changed since my days in the 60’s. I remember camping in Ca many years ago and they had a mixed troop of boys in girls.

  7. comingstorm, you are right on the roku would hard to beat but I did read that if you plan to use Apple products with the device, you are better off with Apple TV. I mirror movies and tv from my ipad to the Apple tv it works flawlessly. I get the movies and tv shows from or
    there are many channels loaded on the apple tv as well.

  8. Awesome..”the chair and the mustache” The remake of this movie was pretty weak. Me and my friends have laughingly talked about this one. And seriously discussed how we will communicate in the same manner.

  9. Just another step in the direction of defining “men” as “could have been’s”, and the destruction of another American institution. Homosexuals do NOT belong in the company of boys and young men – the Scouts have always been a “happy hunting ground” for them, and there are many grown men today who still bear the emotional and psychological scars of being taken advantage of by the “gay’ community. I have never understood how they commandeered the word “gay”. I see nothing “happy” in being part of a population that has the highest rates of drug and alcohol addiction and suicide of any cohort in our country. I hope that dysfunctional, distorted, and destructive life-style IS genetic. Then we can root out that genome, and have no more adult males who live the roles now affected by the homosexuals.

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