From the Desk of John Rourke – May 1st, 2015

Picked up a pellet rifle Thursday night. Guy was selling is used locally. This is a piston model rated at 1000 fps with .177 cal pellets. Will play with it some this weekend.


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The issues with visiting MSO and it setting off alarms with some anti-virus softwares should be over. I did find that a “hosted image” from an advertiser was pulling from a website with an expired “certificate”. Hey – I don’t understand all this stuff but I removed the link and it seems to be fine now.

If you still experience any problems let me know.

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CHICAGO (Reuters) – Bird flu has been identified at five new sites in Iowa, including a commercial egg-laying operation in Buena Vista County that houses an estimated 5.5 million birds, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship said on Thursday.

If highly pathogenic avian influenza is confirmed at the egg-laying site by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the total number of U.S. cases would surpass 20 million birds, the most in U.S. history.

Not good news folks. This situation has been getting worse and worse over the past few months.

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Anyone handle the Glock 43? I like my Shield 9mm.

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Going to finish planting the garden this weekend and hope to get started in a chicken coop. Weather is supposed to be nice.

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Ruger has come out with the Mini-14 in .300 Blackout. I like the Mini-14 however it is WAY overpriced. If you could buy one new for $500-$575 the gun would make much more sense to me. $825+? I don’t think so.

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Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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  1. Hi John….I could not agree more with you on the mini 14…way over priced.I got mine way back so I think I paid $500 for it and thought it was a little high then. But it has never failed me. I will be interested to see the new 300 but price will tell if I buy it or not. Thanks for all you do.

  2. I would really love it if someone could offer an accurate and objective comparison between the 5.56 / .223 vs 300 blackout. I would love to know the good and the bad.

    Rourke, I have checked out the Glock 43 and find it to be true to the Glock family. I have always found Glock’s to be reliable, but having a large hand I do not much care for the thinner profile. I also find the angle of the grip to be less comfortable and not as natural feeling when obtaining a rapid sight picture. That is why I went with the Springfield Armory (Croatian designed) XD family. The 43 feels small in my hand, as did the 42, and I have found that the magazine finger extensions to feel a little ‘wobbly’ when taking aim. With all of that being said, Glock has a large following and a ton of aftermarket options from third party vendors. So I am sure it wont be long before we see a lot of accessories for them. Anyway that is my take on them for what its worth.

  3. I got my Glock 43 yesterday and love it . It shoots great and is light weight and carries well on my belt .Plan to shoot it a lot more this weekend .
    Hope that helps .
    Robert W

  4. Rourke, be very careful with this type of gun, they are extremely addicting. I know, I am a recovering pellet plinker (.177 and .22) who has never fully recovered. In fact, my Benjamin is a born squirrel-killer….

  5. @Rourke, fist bump for fixing website. Pellet rifle? Oh man… I was so thinking I needed to get one or two of these. They are perfect for small game, i.e. food, killing snakes or other small undesirables, the ammo is bountiful, some decent ones can be bought cheap, and the are very quiet for use. Crazy how you brought that up and it’s been heavy on my mind for a few weeks.

    I’ve have not been keeping a eye on that bird-flu stuff. However, each time I did it seems to be getting worse. I wonder how that impacts us? Does this mean they have to destroy a lot of birds and eggs are about to hit an all time price hike?

  6. Leave it to Ruger to screw up a good thing. They jumped on the hi cap magazine ban like a fly on shit. Now they bring out this overpriced gizmo. My 1917 Enfield .30-06 will do anything it can do and do it better. People, this bird flu is not contagious to humans. If it were, we’d have bodies dropping like rotten apples all over the NW part of Iowa like rotten apples, and we don’t. Use your time and energy more wisely than worrying about a non-existent threat. Hell yes prices will go up. We produce more eggs and chickens than any other state. If 30-40 cents is going to break you, you’re already broke.

  7. I have no experience with the Glock-43, but have some with Glock-36, 19’s. They shoot pretty good, I was surprised. Feel, sight acquisition, balance were nice. They belong to a friend of mine, we went shooting before I moved from California to Texas. He also had a SA revolver in .45LC.

  8. RE: .177 pellets – If your primary purpose is pest control/hunting, you may find them a bit light. They are great for recreational paper-punching, but you may want to upgrade to a .22 pellet gun – especially if you stretch the range with that scope. Keep the range short and you may be able to make do – but retained energy falls off fast with .177 pellets.

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