From the Desk of John Rourke – May 15th, 2015

This will be a short one today.

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Several people have mentioned that they can see a small green box in the lower right-hand corner of their screen when coming here. I am experimenting with some chat functions to allow me to chat with you periodically. If it says “online” feel free to say HI.

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Imagine how great it would be if everyone grew some of their own food in their front or backyards. My garden is located in my backyard however I also have a plot under the kitchen window on the side of the house. Technically it is the front yard. To most everyone driving by it looks like a flower bed except mine produces tomatoes, squash, and peppers.

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Most exotic thing I have ever eaten:


How about you?

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Picture for today:




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  1. My daughter caught a rattle snake while visiting her mother in Wy. Called me on my cell in Ca at the time an asked me how you prepare to eat. Not realizing she had actually caught one because she didn’t say that. A moment later I realized what a strange question to ask and began to freak out. I called her back and yep she got one and sent me a pic. She liked it and now her sister is jealous, lol.

    For me grubs, scorpions and wood ants, during survival training many years a ago.


  2. Garden
    I too have a garden, with all the clay here i use simple raised beds filled with compound soil (Peat moss, perlite, compost).
    Each bed is 2ft X 8ft and spaced 3ft apart.

  3. Both our front yard, back yard and one of the side yards have food growing in them. We have taken out all grass on our 50′ by 150′ lot and integrated fruit trees, vegetable gardens and chickens. Fun to watch and good to eat.

  4. window. Now I can totally get distracted…lol :o)

    The clintons…pfft. *Preface..not a plug for me or to lift myself up.* My brother worked and still does, up the food chain. He has gone through a few presidents as part of the protection team. He is a Christian family man that is only “working” for the position, but not a sheep. Anyway, when bill was in office one of his men complained about all the porno mags being left on Air Force One by the scum bag and his staff when bill was in office. His guy was kicked out of the Air Force soon after. That family is disgusting, vile, and evil.

  5. I just noticed the chat box, for the first time.

    Exotic animals? Maybe an elk; I loves me an elk. Oh, possibly a snake we tried one weekend.

    Gator, Buffalo, ostrich, from time to time.

    As far as food goes, we have blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and a ton of mint. We also have small apple and pear trees. This year, we plan on adding 4 more blackberry bushes, and a Fuji apple tree, in honor of my puppy Fuji, who we lost last June.

  6. In Japan:

    Sea slug / pulled from a tank, live, sliced up with a sauce added / really strong flavor. Also, live fish in quail egg and soy sauce (Small, kind of clear, like 1/2 size minnows). Really, quite a bit of ‘live’ or recently done in but extremely fresh food in Japan while I was there over a few weeks.

  7. Ah ha thats what that little box is for-I will say hello next time.
    Nothing exotic for me ….. We have a large garden -and two raised beds and several potted veggies
    plus an herb garden, berry bushes and a small orchard.
    I am going to try to grow lentils when I can find seeds to do so.Arlene

  8. I really like your site first of all, secondly I have a radio show called The Awakening Liberty Show on and would love to have you on the show as a guest. I really appreciated your post about lies regarding e foods. I have several questions for you if you have the time. Would you please contact me. Thank you

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